As one of Scotland’s most unique arts venues, the Arches is undergoing a major renovation at the cost of £4 million. As a List reader, you could be an important part of its development plans. A few minutes of your time could win you a holiday to Greece or even

some stylish new gear.

Great prizes to be won courtesy of Virgin Clothing, Direct Holidays, Tower Records, Carlsberg, Arnette sunglasses, DLC, Strata & Collective Hogmanay.

Simply fill in the following questionnaire and return it to the Arches by 4th December The Arches, 30 Midland Street, Glasgow, G1 4PR

You and the Arches About You When was the last time you came to the Arches? Tick box as appropriate What was it for? Age: 18-24 El 25-29 El 30-34 Cl 35-44 [3 44+Cl r J Occupation: How often do you come to the following events [ J g Which town/city do you work? J a: ‘2 5.; Salary: Up to ElOk El £10,001-E15k E] 215,001-925k D 5 g g; g g Xftagnzvé £25,001-235k El 235,001+ El :3 g g g g a" flies; ' What newspaper/s do you. buy? . Daily Record El Evening Times C] The Sun El C'Ub N'ghts '3 D D D [:1 Yes BM [3 The Herald [:1 The Scotsman E] The Daily Mail [:1 Fashion Events [:1 E] [:1 D C] Yes NO ‘3 The Scottish Express [3 Other (Specify) Theatre [:1 [:1 Cl [3 [:1 Yes El/ No [:1 { I 800k LaunCheS D E] D D D Yes END [:1 What magazines do you buy? (give 2 favourites) Live Gigs C] [:1 C] D [:1 Yes Cl/No D ' Exhibitions [:l Cl El El [:1 Yes [:l/No E] r . , , , Conference D C] D D D Yes [:1 /No D What are your favourite clothing brands? (give 2 favourites) Do you use the Arches brochure to find out about events? { I Yes D/No C] What are your favourite bars? (give 2 favourites) Where do you find out about other events? I’ l l The List E] Word of mouth El Posters around town El

What's 0 f 't d' k? ' 2fa r'ts Flyers around townEl Other magazines (please specify) I y W avour'e "n (g’ve Vou’e)

I . , . J We will be doing more detailed research over the next year. What IS your most favourite thing about the Arches venue? Would you be interested in being contacted again in the

[ I future? Yes El/No C]

What is your least favourite thing about the Arches? Title; Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms r ' J First Name: r

What would you like to see more of at the Arches (in terms of entertainment)? surname: r J - Address: Did you know that the Arches was a charity and that all F J money made goes back into the arts programme? r J Yes Cl/No [3 Postcode [ J . Tel No: r J an“ E-mai|; r J V We