cussrrrt-zu PERSONAL

I Bespectacled beer-swilling bike-riding, gig-going, shy, sensitive type Glasgow guy 31, WLTM intelligent, easy-going, attractive, witty girl for civilised diversions. Closet extroverts preferred. Box No 373/18.

I Anybody out there? Willing to take a chance on this attractive, likeable, 30$, Glaswegian man into music, travel, cinema, wine, long conversations and laughs. Your self portrait gets my letter. Box No 374/1.

I Quiet male, 28 realistic but honest, seeks unattached female for friendly fling. No promises, no expectations, no point pretending otherwise. Loves food, and listening to other people talk. Photo appreciated. Box No 374/2.

I Miserable bastard (50, male), Glaswegian devoid of humour, sense, charm, taste art Or wit seeks contrary female for learning experiences. Box No 374/3.

I Adult woman, 34 tall, slim, fit, healthy, sociable, well- adjusted, intelligent, politically informed, sensitive, creative, pratical, eats plenty of vegetables, seeks similar man, n/s, 35—45 for some adolescent silliness. Box No 374/4.

I Japanese Phd male student, 29, 5ft Sins, into cooking, reading, visiting art galleries, WLTM genuine female with GSOH, 20—35, for fun and games and possibly more. Photo please ALA. Box No 374/5.

I Bit mad, genuine female, 35, seeks fun, intelligent, sincere, n/s, guy 28-38, with somthing to say and lots to laugh about for fun times. Box No 374/6.

I Handsome. brilliant witty etc, etc, Glasgow based male, 30, into films, pubs, clubs and other late night alcohol orientated pursuits, seeks female with GSOH and a sense of adventure. Box No 374/7.

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mttttusr 18 Nov-2 Dec 1999

I Still young late 30s guy, professional, tall with hair and teeth, keeps fit, seeks lady friend who is easy-going, maybe slightly unconventional. Let’s have fun. Box No 374/8.

I Unconventional, handsome dynamic, humorous, solvent, unattached, patient but demanding guy, (48, 5ft llins, slim, very fit) seeks passionate D/s consensual control of a slim, intelligent, actively participating woman, up to 45, with her own style and assertiveness in her everyday life. Worth an initial enquiry, with email if available, to Box No 374/9.

I Ever think that being single would be more fun with two? Intelligent, warm, curvaceous, raven-haired lovely 29, into long walks, red wine, books, films and having a laugh, seeks appropriate male. Box No 374/10.

I Smoker wanted 35 year old male, would like to hear from female of any age. Yellow fingers, smokey breath and a cough like a two stroke on a cold morning an advantage. Let’s be anti-social together. Box No 374/11.

I Roamin' candle, 40s seeks wild Catherine Wheel wax passionate, meet our match, jingle bells, bang drums, flood the sky, rehearse howling, Hogmanay fireworks. Alternatively, crochet, cryptic crosswords blind-folded. Edinburgh/Ecuador. Box No 374/ 12.

I Still haven't found what I’m looking for. Male, 30, n/s. Likes cinema, arthouse, mainstream, Lynch, horror, comedy, Simpsons, friends, theatre, gothic, Listy things. Loves indie music, gigs. Hates dance clubs! Adores ice cream, snow, beach walks, dark nights, Scotland, football, sport. Seeks intelligent woman, 20-30, GSOH, Edinburgh/Fife with similar interests for love and romance. Pic if poss. Box No 374/13.

I Witty woman wanted NSOH man just wants to have fun. Would like female (30-38), with stars in her eyes and feet in a groove. Go for it! Box No 374/14.

I Attractive, slim, female mid 30$, sensitive, artistic and affectionate into film, theatre music, weekends away etc. WL'I‘M, Glasgow guy, similar interests for fun and laughs and snuggling under the duvet at weekends. Ability to make me laugh esential. Photo and long letter appreciated. Box No

374/ 15.

I Friends say I am an attractive, fun-loving, intelligent caring man with lots to offer. Would any average or smaller sized ?hirsute man, NSMK, be interested in friendship plus? Me, 35, fit, creative into travel history and sciencey things. Box No 374/16.

I Glasgow handsome, 33 5|, 5ft 10/ llins, dark hair, sa, fit, NSm, honest, genuine, reliable, seeks similar, manly guy who may enjoy hill walking or other sports as well as other pursuits and is preferably NSC. Glasgow/Edinburgh/Scotland? Photo appreciated. Discretion assured. Thanks. Box No 374/17.

I Interesting, educated leftish, together Edinburgh woman, 30—40, for movies, music, galleries, travel, holidays, shows, meals, conversation, fun by warm, secure, n/s, liberal man. Let’s live a little - or a lot! Box No 374/18.

I Successful, sometimes busy sometimes not, professional Edinburgh man seeks relaxed, easy-going, attractive, fun woman, n/s, to share time with. Arts, films, swimming, days out, nights in. Sensitive good, sensual better. Box No 374/19. I Shy guy, 29 into films, 805 music and walks in the park, seeks cute friendly chick, 22—32, to help me break out of shell. Box No 374/20.

I Smashing bloke, 27 tall, slim, seeks ceilidh loving, non- smoking goddess, 18—30, to strip the willow (or even each other!) with. I’m honest, warm and friendly. Hope you are too! Box No 374/21.

I Warm, intelligent, resourceful man (40-ish, tall- ish, non-smoking) sought by similar woman for nights out, laughter, conversation, cuddles and care. Currently happy - but who knows what a soulmate might bring? Box No 374/22.

I I am a slim, attractive woman 20. You are an intelligent, out-going, funny guy, 25—35, get in touch before 1 disappear! Photo please. Box No 374/23.

I Attractive, vivacious Reubenesque fifty year old female, looking for well built, sensitive, caring male over 45 as lover/companion. Love cinema. Rainy Sundays are for watching 405 films. 1 know you’re there. Box No 374/24.

I Attractive transsexual (post-op) M to F, 38, slim, 5’ 8” tall, good figure, intelligent professional based in Edinburgh. Likes art, music, cinema, good food. Seeks enlightened tall male for all the usual reasons. Box No 373/50.

I Glasgow Male, 39 S/A, 5’ 7” tall, attractive, slim/medium build, good natured, easy going, looking for similar S/A guy 28 - 38 for lifelong 1-2-1 relationship. Genuine replies only please. Box No 373/53.

I Attractive, 3S, 5ft 11ins dark, fit, gay male, independent out-going, humorous, likes cinema, food, travel, music. Seeks, ‘sorted’, genuine, similar for possible 1—2-1. Photo

please. Box No 373/55.

I Glasgow gay guy 29, tall, good-looking, very straight acting/looking. Likes nights in and out and enjoys occassional scene. Seeking that special mate for genuine friendship and hopefully more. Box No 373/57. I 32 year old good-looking, professional, into music, cinema, and nights out seeking attractive n/s, real man for fun, friendship and who knows? Box No 374/50.

I 24 year old sexually anorexic Edinburgh male. l’m, friendly, easy-going, love food, drink, smoking, music and shopping and you wouldn’t be embarassed to be seen with me in public. Seeking guy of similar age without beard, hairy chest, ginger hair or a bigger arse than my mother. Photograph or self- portrait much appreciated. (Not that looks are everything of course). Box No 374/51.

I Gay guy 38, medium build, good sense of humour. Likes theatre, good food and wine, seeks similar for possible, 1-2-1, photo appreciated, Fife/Edinburgh. Box No 374/52. I 40 something Glasgow gay woman looking for funny, friendly, affectionate soulmate and lover. Are you up for it? Let’s meet before the Millennium! Box No 374/53

I Very attractive tall, athletic, unaffected boy next door type, 34, seeks handsome, genuine, affectionate, interesting, non- scene, 305 professional man for cinema, meals out, conversation, maybe breakfast? Glasgow/Edinburgh. Box No 374/54.

I Glasgow gay male 27; non- smoker, medium height, slim build, dark hair, clean shaven. Likes books, cinema, music, theatre, eating out. Seeks friendship and possible relationship. Box No 374/55.

I Wanted, new pals by mid- 20s gay woman in winter denial. l’m sporty, love music, art, film and good conversation. If, like me, you fancy brightening November and beyond, make contact. Glasgow anywhere. Box No 374/56.

I Hunky sla, hillwalker required for Edinburgh male, 35, must look good in and out of goretex, have nice car and not too hairy body, for wild times in the wilderness. Box No 374/57. I Attractive professional gay guy, 36, 5ft 9ins, independent, enjoys socialising, having fun, eating out and being myself, would like to meet a genuine guy for 1-2-1. Photo please. Box No 374/58.