O I saw you Eddie B, Pip and UB at the Bongo Club 7/11/99 you rocked our world. Fffwwwooooaaaarrrrrhhhhh! Box No U/374/numero uno.

O I saw you (all of you), on the hill, Sat 30 Oct, 3.30am. You tasted of cigarette, I didn’t like the light. Shame you rushed off. Would like to see all of you again. Box No U/374/1.

O I saw you Ladders and snaking smiles happy making saddened to walk without a talk of you, I am fond, may you please respond. Box No U/374/2.

O I saw you Jane, All Bar One, Tuesday 2 Nov. You, lovely enough to fall in love with. Me, hoping and wanting. Px. Box No U/373/3.

O I saw you Traverse, 28 Oct at Atomic City, outstanding jacket, very Hamlet. Want to talk more, me, 5ft 9ins, dark and all man. We have to meet again for unfinished business and explosive times. Box No U/374/4.

O I saw you KPMG consultant from Clydebank on Birmingham - Glasgow flight, Thursday night 4 Nov. You very foxy, middle seat. Me very impressed, window seat, never got your name damn! Think we should consult. Box No U/374/5.

O I saw you bloody gorgeous Afro-Caribbean girl, Grange Rd, Strathearn Road, rush hour. Me, scruffy oik on bike still out of breath for seeing you. Resuscitate me! Box No U/374/6.

O I saw you too and sparkled warm inside. Parachute in place (friends first? House rules?) but could you still keep a torch? All other potions an imitation of life . . . Box No U/374/7.

O I saw you the sexiest Australian drummer ever, in Yo- Yo eyeball, and wanted you. Now you’re mine and I’ll love you forever. Bic-bic. xxx Box No U/374/8.

O I saw you evening shift woman, Thins computer books till 18/10/99. Beautiful curvey smile, lovely eyes, grey top, long skirt. You showed me sec- ond hand shelves. Coffee? Drink? Chat? Take a chance! Go on. Box No U/374/9.

O I saw you sexy Norwegian, every morning when waking up for the past six weeks. Why don’t you come over to my pink room for some performance art and pour some melted chocolate on my belly? Let me snug up to your chest-hair - you’re the cutest elk I’ve ever met! Box No U/374/10.

O I saw you on Saturday after- noon, 23 Oct @ the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. There were many exquisite works of art there, but you were the one that took this chap’s breath away. With you striking long, blonde hair, burgundy trouser suit and black moschino bag, you sat gazing at the ceiling contours; I couldn’t help but admire yours. . . Let’s get together and see if we have designs on each other. Box No U/374/11.

O I saw you Marion, at the Garage on your birthday. I can’t seem to get in touch with you via email so please, please reply! Box No U/374/12.

O I saw you Jamie in Gap on Argyll Street. I had trouble find- ing jeans, 11/10/99. I had on a black coat and short dark hair, size 10. I’ll be in again, talk to me, Laura. Box No U/374/13. O I saw you Carol, you rocked my socks. You were both in the bedsit and one agency. I love you. Box No U/374/50.

O I saw you in luvely, guy with blonde dreads and wearing kilt. Hey show me what’s under there. From girl in glittery dress and cowboy hat! Box No U/374/51.

O I saw you kissing a horse in a field at midnight. You virgin maiden. Me sex starved farmer. Come on baby, light my fire. Box No U/374/52.

O I saw you helping me over a bad day. We’ll be supping gin and tonic in Delhi sometime. See you in scanner world brown eyesOBox No U/374/53.

O I saw you sexy French Connection man in Bennets. You fitted me for my trousers and then they didn’t fit. Box No U/374/54.

O I saw you Paul and after the dodgy start fell in love big time. Barcelona Giants Causeway, even Lush and the toilet queues: I’m all yours always: Miss Iceland. Box No U/374/55.

O I saw you Paul Ragatto di Trastevere’. I met you at the Yand and you promised me a dinner. When? Box No U/374/56.

O I saw you on the Sabbath day. You looked like a goat. I like goats. Box No U/374/57. O I saw you on Byres Road. It must be nice to be beautiful. You look like a cat, I want to stroke you, you smiled. Did you like my bunches. Box No U/374/58.

O I saw you red headed vixen in Boots, Buchanan Galleries on Saturdays and Sundays. 1 buy shaving foam from you every week fancy getting frothy with me?! Box No U/374/59.

O I saw you kissing your friends outside Bar Oz and then queueing outside Clatty’s on Fri 29 Oct. Me, voyeur passerby with blond streaks. Box No U/374/60.

O I saw you in Tinderbox sip- ping coffee and looking divine, your long dark hair you were drawing and l was watching from afar, l was too shy to speak. Box No U/374/61.

O I saw you on 29/10/99. Brunette, sex kitten, changing your red stiletto boots on Byres Road. You said hello sweet lassie from Skye. Me, shy boy from Lewis. Box No U/374/62. O I saw you Stephen Wolfe, out and about on Bonfire Night. You looked hot in flares and a tight yellow t-shirt. Be my Jarvis and I’ll make sure our Pulp Friction lasts longer than the fireworks do! Love Forever Kitten. Box No U/374/63.

O I saw you at Nightmares on Wax, Liam Gallacher lookalike with wine stained teeth. 1 think your name is Jean Paul. Sexy! Box No U/374/64.

O I saw you short black haired chick working in Tinderbox (Chris). I think I love you. Box No U/374/65.

I saw you Beautiful Brides dancing wilding, Art school and champagne cocktails - a lethal mix. Thanks for the best hen night ever. Love Joslin. Box No U/374/66.

O I saw you Mark Viduka at Parkhead on 30/10 and after you scored your second goad you turned to the Jock Stein stand, you kissed both your hands and sent that kiss towards me. I caught it and I then knew that we should be together forever. Mark Viduka show me your bazuka!! Box No U/374/67.

O I saw you dark, muscle- bound mysterious moody man sipping beer in the Tron Bar. Let’s work out each other. Box No U/374/68.

O I saw you Ross in Blue. Your wirey dyed hair and your hip hop dancing turns me on. From Bobby De Niro lookalike. Box No U/374/69.

O I saw you and my heart skipped a beat. You are so beau- tiful, so full of like. Jane, you make me be more forever. I will never forget the first time O I saw you gypsy woman with my godld earring in your belly but- ton. Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back to me. Box No U/374/7l.

O I saw you stunning, raven haired beauty who works in Tinderbox. Your name is Chris, but only you can discover this long time admirer by replying. Box No U/374/72.

O I saw you I guess it’s a girls thing but which way do you swing black haired girl in Tinderbox (you work there). You can swing in my direction anytime. Box No U/374/73.

O I saw you Jessica Rabbit fluff my puff and I’ll suck your teeth til they’re minty. Meet me at the Peppermint. Toby xx Box No U/374/74.

O I saw you bare arse as you seem to be my favourite porn actor. Nice choons too. Poof. Box No U/374/75.

O I saw you Colin in Favorit. You make my gonads jump with joy. Show me your caesar wrap big boy and make me melt. Go

on, be a smoothy and make my

day. Box No U/374/76.

O I saw you biggin’ up Sub City. That Glasgow Uni radio station sure rumbles my beats. I can’t wait for that time of the month. The Two Kates. Box No U/374/77.

O I saw you you vain cow incessantly checking this maga- zine for admirers. What, my sweet, would your psychology training tell you about thatO? Box No U/374/78.

O I saw you two handsome devils on a couch. I bet you both have great grooves - let’s make music. Traverse? Couch? Luise! Box No U/374/79.

O I saw you Bonnie lass, loos- ing your consciousness on copi- ous tequilas in Air Organic. Let me grow you back to reality. Box No U/374/80.

recruitment CLASSIFIED

O I saw you Peackham man. Where 1 least expected to see you on a Thursday night 28/10. You said hello. First saw you years ago in Paisley. Did you enjoy shaking your shammy. Box No U/374/81.

O I saw you sexy wee chef at the Tron 1/10 (Mungo?). l’m not sure if you’re gay or straight but I’d love to find out! Ginger Minger. Box No U/374/82.

O I saw you blonde, suntan in Tinderbox for coffee and caught a glance in the Tron Bar Thurs evening 4/11/99. Box No U/374/83.

O I saw you looking sexy across the bar in Tron. I know you were giving me a huge come on. Box No U/374/84.

O I saw you clasping the toilet handles this morning. You looked like you had a sore back. Box No U/374/85.

O I saw you at the Three Sisters someone of importance, possibly a manageress. Short black hair and glasses. Your cheeky smile melted my heart. See you soon J. Box No U/374/86.

O I saw you sexy German boy off to Australia. Where’d you get that goatee ol’ blue eyes. Box No U/374/87.

O I saw you tall blonde with a bhindi behind the bar at the Three Sisters. You gave me atti- tude. I wanted to give you so much more. See you on a Tuesday night. Caleb. Box No U/374/88.

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