CLASSIFIED recruitment m

O I saw you Ian O’Gara you make my mascara run! Box No U/374/89.

O I saw you at the Tron Bar your name is Lou, you’re alredy my girlfriend but I know you will read this. Box No U/374/90. 0 I saw you Steve, sporting a spangly new duffle coat to go with your space shoes. Baldy, short and full of yourself. But we like you sometimes. Box No U/374/9l.

O I saw you fancy cute barman in Tron helping disabled man. There’s room for two in that cubicle. Box No U/374/92.

O I saw you Red Baron in Iguana with your toothbrush and yourjoke book You sexy thing. Box No U/374/93.

0 I saw you swirly burly Liz Hurley. Would you rather have a curly wurly or Shirley. Box No U/374/94.

O I saw you blond mullet, Moo Bar, 5/11 looking cute but con- fused and in need of a cuddle. You knocked over tables, spilt my drink. How about you buy me another? Box No U/374/95.

O I saw you on all Hallows eve eve. Leather trousered child- catcher - your sweeties enticed this bad fairy. Box No U/374/96. O I saw you I love you Gary you sexy boy. Box No U/374/97.

v I saw you in DHT sticking up Millennium Ball posters. You were all dressed in blue and the sun reflected off your blonde hair looking like a golden crown. Box No U/374/98.

O I saw you blonde guy with Eurohike backpack outside Waverley station bookshop on 29/10 around 2.15pm. We made lots of eye contact, but I had to leave - I was working. Please get in touch. Box No U/374/99. v I saw you cute boy with girl in Tron. You thought I was staff. I could be for you and show you to your seat. Box No U/374/100.

114 THE lIST I8 Nov-2 Dec 1999

. I saw you bar staff at Tron. We each had our favourite. What about you? 4pm, Sat 6th. Table at Theatre door. Yummy Yummy. Box No U/374/101. O I saw you Matt the birthday boy. Do that again and we’re going to have to spank you. Love from the kids from the yard. Box No U/374/102.


0 I saw you exchange student at Glasgow Uni International Orientation. You french, red jacket. Me - Indian, lip ring. Want to go out for a coffee? Box No U/374/103.

v I saw you drunk, stoned and naked putting the dishwasher on. Box No U/374/104.


O I saw you in the Filmhouse looking smiley. No jalapenos, no cress but a great piece of piggy natured goodness. Box No U/374/ 105.

v I saw you Simon R you are the most gorgeous man in Edinburgh. Come to dinner with me? Box No U/374/ 106.

v I saw you All. I think you work at CC Blooms. Let’s get our tounge piercings twisted. I promise it won’t be a tragedy. Box No U/374/107.


v I saw you in City CafE, you stunning blonde, your green vest fits your hair so nicely. I want to be in your arms. I think your name is Edda. Box No U/374/108.

v I saw you at the City CafE. Stoned Drew Barrymore I love you! I think your name is Siri? I want to be your nose ring xxx. Box No U/374/ 109.

0 I saw you I knew you’d get it blondy in the Peppermint. You can suck on my polo anytime. Box No U/374/110.

O I saw you DJ Mike with your two turntables and your microphone, however they weren’t state of the art. Your microphone just wasn’t big or loud enough. Box No U/374/111.

U I saw you in Baracoa. Sat 6/11/99 you were beautiful, with black ponytail and two mates. 1 was suited and too shy to ask you to salsa. Dinner? Box No U/374/ 112.

O I saw you speccy, smart and sophisticated with a pint of guinness in EH1, Friday 29th Oct. Do you want to play trick or treat with the lady in red (polo neck). Box No U/374/ll3. 0 I saw you on Halloween night at the City CafE. You were dressed as Alice in Wonderland and we were the two horny dev- ils. We’ll be your humpy rabbits anyday. You Irish babe. Grrrr. Box No U/374/114.

O I saw you drinking tequila at Planet Out. Beautiful woman of the crows. I want to fly with you. Be in water and forget swimming. Box No U/374/115. O I saw you ages ago in a cooking kitchen at Filth and where are you now Dragonette I miss you xxx. Box No

U/374/ 116.

U I saw you swishing your tail all around Edinburgh. Hello and thank you and have you shifted. Box No U/374/ 117.

O I saw you Toby looking very unhappy in City CafE. I want fun times, your body and your mind. Box No U/374/118.

O I saw you rainbow coloured sleeves. That top wasn’t yours was it? Massive in the area. Box No U/374/119.

O I saw you poison ivy at the VIC. Please poison me some more and I’ll take you to a won- derful place where little red men will stick pitchforks in us. Love always Satan xxx. Box No U/374/ 120.

O I saw you Shonagh, at CCA, blond suits you! Rehearsal with the Esplit wet beavers’ at my house. Spag 801 included. Box No U/374/121.

O I saw you puppies in the morning. Can I have the one with the pink nose please. I’ll see you on Friday night in time for the Simpsons. Button xxx Box No U/374/122.

. I saw you beautiful blonde princess in the Queen and I. Bed bath? Box No U/374/123.

O I saw you Neach: I’m so dumb. I saw you last Friday and I wanted to invite you to the Wednesday film and some booze. I wish there were lions in Edinburgh. Box No U/374/124. v I saw you Blondie 29/10 with huge blond guy and wee guy with specs. How cute are you! Box No U/374/125.

O I saw you being banished from Eden for helping a damsel in distress. We didn’t mean to cause you any hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Let’s kiss and make up! Box No U/374/126.

O I saw you this weekend and love you. See you soon. Love Mark. PS Smile Sally. Box No U/374/ 127.

0 I saw you Eddie B, Pip and UB at the Bongo Club 7/11/99 - you rocked our world. Fffwwwooooaaaarrrrrhhhhh! Box No U/374/numero uno.

O I saw you Ian at the wedding. Your turn next? Nice haircut, shame about the shirt. Box No U/371/1.

O I saw you Tu m’as pris pour quelqu’un d’autre, c’etait au Filmhouse. Le vent t’a emporter . . . trop vite pour te dire ce que j’ai moi “a la place du coeur”. Box No U/37l/2.

O I saw you flapjack, you’re so hot like curry sauce and your burn is tickly when your tongue is in my ear I get so hot and sticky. Booo! Rentaghost! Love Stevie Boy. Box No U/371/3.

O I saw you Sainsbury’s car park, Blackhall on Sunday morning (19 Sep, 11.30). You - dark, slim, short hair, me - same. You looked back, twice! Third time lucky? Box No U/371/4. O I saw you round my flat playing Pictionary (Sun 19/9/99). You were very taken by my angel wings which, in turn, made me very taken by you. Box No U/371/5.

O I saw you in Common Grounds (18/9), treating a handsome young man (your son?) to ice cream. Box No U/37l/6.

O I saw you Robbie, IT blokey drinking beer in Borders (heaven), Glasgow. I'm a curious lad who laughs at those questionable ABC prices. Fancy meeting by the Linux Shelves for a date? Scott. Box No U/37l/7.

O I saw you Duncan at Joy, 18/9/99. Seeing you after two years has broken my heart. I will love you till the seas dry up and the last star burns out. George. Box No U/37l/8.

O I saw you we spoke in the queue at Tunnel, Glasgow, Sat 21/8/99. You; dark jumper, blue eyes, light hair, alone, met your friend inside by video games. Me; English, dark hair, black dress with a friend. IOU a drink remember? Box No U/371/9. . I saw you standing in the hall and asked you to join us. At first a group, laterjust the two of us, I still don’t like

Pimms, but you’ve certainly ‘surprised’ me. Box No U/371/10.

O I saw you P17 Mat, heading north, Friday 17 Sep. You silver, me blue, where were you going? Box No U/371/11.

v I saw you leaving Lara. You were the disco king and you knew how to shake your thang. You can press my buttons and make me move my spaceship baby! Box No U/371/29.

O I saw you tiger, but you were too hungover! Sorry about sailing and France, I’ll be thinking of you - love Manfa. Box No U/371/30.

O I saw you at Pure, loverlips! I love you long time - the closet afro chick. Box No U/371/31. O I saw you Jenny, flat hunting in Byres Rd. You were the artist from over the Pharmacy. I was the book hoarder with the fetish for washing dishes. Do you exhibit collaboratively? Box No U/371/32.

O I saw you Downstairs at Polo Lounge, you were working and I was waiting for you to notice me. We were introduced just before I left. Speak to me, please. An admirer. Box No U/371/33.