Wowing the masses

In the few months since its opening, WOW Restaurant and Brasserie has sparked a return to relaxed dining in Edinburgh's Broughton Street. Words Mark Robertson

'Hrgh quality fOOO shouldn't only be available to those who can afford it,’ declares James Lews body As proprietor of \\'O\\ Restaurant and Brasserie, the 'atest addition to Broughton Street's nou. bulging collection of fine eatzng nouses, he 'or' finally has the opportunity to make this It has not an 0ee" easy crown s YTCQ so \\ O\\. one"ecr 'r‘. t"e n‘ crst o‘ Fest.\.a The acfrn'rab'e principals he applies to ‘ever 0. August, t"e '0 t a .r“?c;x o‘ catering were born out 0" prev ocis trade was ‘rom, as Len". s crescr-oes it, entrepreneuriai struggles As proorreIOr not the K "d o‘ 0eon e you want you"

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Expression of taste: WOW in Broughton Street

her feeé as if she c0cild ‘lean over and krss passers-by' If that’s the effect of the decor, the fooc: has a fair bit to live up to but it's of similarly invrting aesthetcs.

Fresh, Simple food is served up on p;ates of colossal dimensions with a 't‘ertttl'cit“. of ceremony to give the

with a little fusion influence It h‘akes use of Scotland's plentiful suppry of game, and dips into Our coastal waters" supply of fresh fish and seafood, so the Odd prawn or quality ‘illet of fish. make an appearance too The vegg:es are 'lt)! ignored, however, baked goats cheese parcels and rnasc'arpo'te and en 0e00er

‘I want to be able to go into a restaurant and not feel over- or

under-dressed.’ James Lewis

of the Brougnton Street Brasserie, Lewis found that the competition for a '0.stro was incredibly high ‘Everyone was fighting for the same audience,’ he says. ’The advantage that we have ‘.‘\.'I.'t WOW is that, as a restaurant, t's a

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sa (1, the better, art: not: tl‘ s tre"c: "as diet: away, a 'owhc; t"e restaurant to attract Nev. 702'. 'oc‘a s as as t"e o'oxmr‘c; "undue" \.'."o traue' s0ec ‘:(a? y to

this area to eat The reo '0" cc xxa s, ‘urniture arc: cande- (3"(1 cornfort no, one are (()tYT"‘(.‘"'t(‘(l t"at the "age ‘.‘.i"(l()‘.'.$, "tsteac: o‘

{)(“"(} "it "‘(lrit 0" (“X008 "36:00

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50 Hope Street, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 248 4466 .

132 THE “ST 18 Nov—2 Dec 1999

restaurant a more relaxed ambience ‘No wn te linen,' states Lewis eritp'tatic‘a'ly ‘| low rt. I think it looks ‘ar‘tastrc, out ;t gixes a forrna'ity to the proceedings t"at I didn't want here. I want to be aim to go into a restaurant and '10: ‘ee oxer- or under-dressed These <ll‘iOS of things can make a big difference, and it means we get a much more \ariec: crowd in'

The con‘0.nes elernents of

r'ocilade being anxmg the ctist‘es on offer

'The personal toticl‘ :s all unpo'tar‘t,’ reckOns Lewis ‘I Like to welcome 0ec>0le in and, if they are n‘ade to feel welcome, tr‘eh l‘opetcnly they r cc>"‘e back agate. '

WOW, 2 Broughton Place, 558 8868, is open Tue—Fri from 12.30—2.30pm, 6-10.30pm; Sat noon—4pm, 6—11pm; Sun noon—4pm.


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lt's tne thirc competition in our

series of sx and if you can spot which Glasgow oar I'm azorcrrtg at this ‘-'-eek, you coat: yourse.‘ I‘.'.O tickets for a say out, cocr'tesy of J&B. A day as cowboy or a," .’ ".‘otor raczng are just two of the “\éfi‘m \ prizes from. a ;st of over 30 for you to choose from. The clues are .n the copy, ,iust react on....

Upon arriving at my new destination to serve up J&B and cola, long over ice, I was feeling very thirsty. lt must've been the waterfall which greeted me at the entrance that did it. It really great feature - behind a glass falling through the floors and illuminated from behind.

My shift went into full swing, serving J&B and cola's, and I began chatting to a group of semi-pro footballers. There was a print of a bullfighter on the wall which they were discussing at length and at the end of the conversation, I was in agreement that it was a great Picasso. FootbaFI, art and J&B lovers - my kind of up. three people.

As a final clue, this place is opposite a club with a name of a place unnere you get your car fixed.

If you are not our lucky winner this week, watch out for the next issue where I will be giving away two more tickets. To enter our competition just send in your answer with y0ur name and address on a postcard to The List, Issue 3,

22 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9AD.

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