Rodeo Drive Madison Avenue Bond Street

Via Condotti


Gretna Gateway

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Not all factory outlets are the same. In fact, we're sure you'll find Gretna Gateway ()utlet Village very different from any- thing you've experienced tip to now. Gretna Gateway ollers you the chance to buy direct lrom some ol the world's top designers —- in their own outlet stores. lmagine Madison Avenue, the Via Condotti, Bond Street and Rodeo Drive all rolled into one. A glittering array Of world famous designer

fashions at outlet prices.


At Gretna Gateway you'll find so many names you'll recognise and want to buy, some of them for the first time in Scotland.

lior example three of the world's

Managed and o )erated lw ( )utlet (:L'lill't's International a l

.' . . . ,t'g“.’che;éqxomgtnal price. There's something for

most exciting fashion labels, all with'l'r' Bond Street flagship stores, have outlets at Gretna Gateway. Great Value - Everywhere You Look! And that's not all! Gretna Gateway is not iust lamous designer fashions! 'l'here's a unique collection of premium brand stores

designer and famous

Up to 50% OFF Designer Labels

covering house and home, as well as

leisure and sport - at up to 50% off

the whole" eat value every- where you look. :'

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Experience Gretna Gateway

Village for yourself. We're an easy drive'f'l from Glasgow or Edinburgh. You'll find us next to the M74 (M6), (follow the signs for Gretna).

We're open 7 days a week

from Want to 6pm.

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