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with Lisa Littlewood with Michael Kilkie


To get a taste of what might be played on Beat 106, we asked some of the station's presenters to name their

Listening in

_ '8


Album of the year The Cont/no Sessions by Death In Vegas

’When the track with Iggy Pop ["Aisha"] hit the airwaves and the dancefloors, it just struck me as this huge slum of very dark pop brilliant. Being a bit

Gina McKie


Album of the year The Man Who by Travis

'Travis’s second album was released at the end of May this year and is still selling by the dozen. I am proud to say

that I’ve been listening to it e

for months and every time I


Album of the year Trance Na tion 2

’It’s an excellent selection of current tracks, with some classic tunes from three or four years ago dropped in as -_

well. Trance has been the big '- .

sound of the year, and this

of an indie-head, and slightly hear a song, there’s always a ', , c I compilation has all the best suspicious of dance music ini- new line which hits my emo- . [4,. 4-7... tunes. When I was over in tially, I’ve come round to the tional G-spot. I listen to The fiL " Ibiza in July, I was playing

crossover stuff in a big way. The beauty of The Cont/no

Man Who in my bed. The lyrics on the album set you off

most of the stuff on the album and it’s good to hear

Sessions is the variation on the album. You thinking, and | end up drifting away all the have stuff like "Aisha", which is pretty scary time that's what I love about it. One of to be honest, beside the likes of "Soul my favourite lines has to be from Auctioneer", which adds an almost gospel "Driftwood": "Until you reach your shore feel to the Bobby Gillespie lyrics. If the new you’re driftwood". I’ve fallen in love with Primal Scream record is half as good as this lyrics like this and that’s why the album one, he’ll be on to a winner.’ “reigns” for me.’

the tunes again, remixed in a different order. Some of my favourite tracks are Paul Van Dyke's “Avenue” and John Digweed’s “Heaven Sent" and the best one of the lot "Destination Sunshine” from Balearic Bill because there's so much going on.’

12 THE lIST 18 Nov—2 Dec 1999