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AS THE STEEL TRACKS OF THE ROLLERCOASTER TAKE YOU deeper into the volcano. the rutnble of a river of lava sends a bone—judtlering jolt through your seat. Twenty minutes later. however. it‘s the smell of fear. not sulphur. that‘s in the air as several tons of dinosaur comes stomping towards your expedition jeep. Frantically you reverse over bumpy terrain. knowing that Steven Spielberg can‘t help you now.

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ll part of the appeal of cinema is that it offers a bigger. more spectacular take on lite. then a couple of new arrivals at Edinburgh's Fountainpark are about to set pulses racing. Built on a former Scottish & Newcastle brewery site. the massive leisure complex will house a thirteen-screen Virgin Cinema .\legaple.\. as well as bars. restaurants and the country's largest nightclub. But it's the opening of >

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