Scotland‘s first ever iWERKS

motion simulator and large format iWERKS ‘Extreme Screen‘ that gives Fountainpark something out of the ordinary.

The 295-seat Extreme Screen projects larger than standard film onto a huge flat screen. resulting in sharp images with rich colour saturation no grainy 35mm blow—ups here. Kicking off the programme will be two films that capture the splendour of the Earth‘s highest

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Heat of the moment: Red Rock Run

operators of the Fountainpark Turbo Ride. ‘You‘re not just watching the movie you're there. clinging on for dear life. And because there‘s a story. which is set up in a short pre- show film. it allows you to become part of the action. Your emotions are much more involved in what‘s happening. and so you're not just taking every thrill and spill as it comes. Red Rock Run is more of a death-defying. white- knuckle ride. This is something that most people. unless

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success of theme parks the world over. Los Angeles-based company iWERKS has been responding to the demand for the theme park experience transferred to smaller environments. such as cinemas and shopping malls. Forget memories of small trucks on hydrolics showing blurred rollercoaster rides: the Turbo Ride lets the audience feel the action like never before. It‘s not just the size of the screen itself which almost completely fills your peripheral vision but the state-of-the-art seats that pull you into the ride. as they dip. sway. shudder and jerk in perfect co- ordination with the on-screen image. Visitors to Fountainpark will be able to crash through a volcano in Red Rock Run and discover a lost world in Dino Island.

‘Dino Island is the ultimate in dynamic motion simulator experiences.‘ says Mike Power of The Entertainment Team.

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These first two titles are only the tip of the iceberg. In America. iWERKS have recently launched a series of 3D simulator rides. including Dino Island I] where the pterodactyls stick their beak right in your face and even 4D rides with wind machines and a sense of smell. However. the next addition to the Fountainpark roster arrives in January when the specially commissioned Shaping A Nation takes the audience

skimming over the tops of

Scotland‘s castles. up hills. down glens. past the Finnieston Crane and over Edinburgh Castle. Gentler than the hair—raising thrills of Red Rock Run. it looks at familiar Scottish sites from the sort of unique viewpoint you‘d only achieve if you had your own helicopter. And a daredevil pilot to fly it.

Extreme Screen opens at Fountainpark, Edinburgh on Tue 23 Nov; Turbo Ride opens on Sat 11 Dec.

Reel around the fountain

What other attractions will be drawing the crowds to Fountainpark?

Virgin Cinemas Megaplex The thirteen screens range in size from the 89-seat Premiere Screen complete With reclining seats and its own private bar to the SZ7-capacrty Screen 7. The Kids Party Room allows parents to catch a mowe While their offspring enjoy a four-hour ’birthday bonanza’. Opens Tue 23 Nov.

Eros/Elite The largest nightclub in Scotland With a capacity of 2150 is actually two distinct clubs Within one. Eros is the larger of the pair, aiming at the l8-24-year-old market, While Elite is for the over-25$. The bars are decorated With ’the elements that sustain and create' - fire, Wind, water and earth While the mUSIC policy is finely honed to the party Vibe. And, because girls always go to the loo in pairs, part of the £Smillion development has been spent on 'twobicles' unique double cubicles. Opens Sat 20 Nov.

Megabowl Eighteen computerised lanes are supported by a sports bar, fast—food diner and eight pool tables. And for those literally in the dark about bowling, try Glo Bowling With its luminous balls, pins and lanes. Opens Thu 25 Nov.

Esporta Health & Fitness Club Early birds to Fountainpark can begin their workout at 6am or have a dip in the 25m SWimming pool. Opens Mon 3 Jan.

Brannigans The complex’s party zone houses a restaurant, three bars (including one With over 100 cocktails on offer), big-screen TV and live mUSIC five nights a week. Aiming for the over-25 crowd, the entertainment menu features cover and tribute bands, as well as gigs from the likes of Howard Jones, Kid Creole, Toyah and Limahl. Opens Fri 79 Nov.

De: alto Mediterranean dishes are served straight from the open kitchen. Seafood, pasta and pizza from the traditional wood- fired oven are available from lunchtime through to late evening. Opens Mon 22 Nov.

Old Orleans Sample the tastes and sounds of America's Deep South from a menu that combines French, Mexican and Caribbean influences for Cajun and Creole-style CUISITle. Opens Mon 29 Nov.

McCowans Scottish & Newcastle’s two-level breWhouse features a downstairs pub With its own micro-brewery producrng three different beers. The mezzanine holds a heritage bar With touch- screen displays on the history of the breWing industry. Opens Thu 2 Dec.

McDonalds Fast-food speCialists servmg up burgers, fries and the like. Opens Wed 75 Dec.

All opening dates are correct at time of going to press, but may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Are you sitting comfortably? The Turbo Ride seats