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Could vou or vour organisation henefit from arts

funding? Then we mav he able to help.

.-\t the Scottish Arts Council we provide funds. information, and advice to artists and arts

organisations throughout Scotland.

Through Government grants and National Lotterv funding we support crafts. comhined arts (arts centres. festivals etc), dance. drama,

literature, music and the visual arts.

For more information visit our website or contact the SAC Help Desk team and ask for a copv of Funds which contains a full list of SAC's

funding schemes.

The Help Desk is open between 10am - 12 noon

and 2pm - 4pm, Mondav to liridav.

The Scottish .‘lm Council. 1.) .llunor Place, 15t1i1717un/12 1:113 7013 Phone: (113/ 24024-13 or 2-144 1'L1.\': (1/31 235 9333 15-min]: he1/u1esk@ St‘UUi.\‘1)dl'I.\. on]. uh

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