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Showcase Cinema. Kilmamock: Odeon. problem here is that the elaborate digital mins. Not since Max Reinhardt's 1934 of hopeless harshness in provincial France. Kirkcaldy: ABC. Paisley: Showcase. technology employed to shoot the film version has any film sought to pay loyal Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Let's Get Lost (15) (Jonas Elmer, Denmark, seems less advanced than vacuously trendy, tribute to this classic tale of misbegotten Muppet Treasure Island (PG) (Brian 1999) idse Babett Knudsen, Bjame while the acting is either inert, or big romance and fairy magic. Until now. Henson, US/UK. 1996) Tim Curry, Kevin Henriksen. 96 mins. The Dogrne movies enough for opera, but too big for film. Hoffman, cautious that the text‘s classical Bishop, Billy Connolly. 102 mins. Young may be the Danish films everybody's talking Edinburgh: Lumiere. Greek setting might distance his audience, Jim Hawkins, along with his friends the about, but try checking out this low budget Man With A Movie Camera (PG) (Dziga has relocated to Tuscany at the turn of the Great Gonzo and Rizzo The Rat go hunting black and white first feature, a mellifluous Vertov, USSR, 1929) 90 mins. \’ertov‘s century and draws upon those changing for treasure with Captain Flint‘s map,

look at unemployment in Copenhagen. Not poetic account of the state of the Soviet times to highlight the conflict between the meeting up on the way with Long John

for Elmer grit and desperation; no, the dole Union employs various experiments with old and young generations in the story. Silver (Curry), and Fozzie, Kermit, Miss

in Denmark seems more like an easy going film form - superimposition, split screen Kline stands out in the role of Bottom, while Piggy et al as various Stevenson characters. lifestyle choice. With its tight close ups, in an exploration of the cityscape. the lush world of nymphs, satyrs, centaurs Faithful to the book, but hilarious in its minimum establishing shots and slangy, Edinburgh: Film Guild at the Filmhouse. and Medusas is a beauty to behold. Largs: extraneous details especially in the intimate dialogue, the film presents The Match (15) (Mick Davis, UK, 1999) Barrfields Cinema. opening section this is one time everyone characters who really seem to live in their Max Beeslcy, Laura Fraser, Richard E. Miracle On 34th Street (PG) (Les can enjoy llollywtmd‘s plundering of British own world. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Grant. 96 mins. In a Highland village, Mayficld, US, 1994) Richard Attenborough, literature. Glasgow: Grosvcnor.

Life Is Beautiful (PG) (Roberto Benigni, Wullie Smith carries the physical and Elizabeth Perkins, Dylan Mchrmott. 110 The Muppets Christmas Carol (U) (Brian Italy, 1998) Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta emotional scars of a childhood tragedy. llis mins. Kriss Kringle (Attcnborough) is a Henson, US/UK. 1992) mins. Michael Caine, Braschi. 116 mins. A comedy about the only way to salvation seems to be through department store Santa who goes one better Kermit, Miss Piggy and other bits of foam. It’s Holocaust? Surely not. Well, that’s what his childhood sweetheart, Rosemary who and claims he’s the genuine article. Only by Christmas time, and nasty old rniser Scrooge ltalian writer-director—star Benigni has done has returned from the Big City. Or he can winning a court case and convincing one (Caine) needs taught a lesson by three seasonal in fashioning a poignant comic fable about manage Benny's Bar football team to glory cynical little girl (Mara Wilson) can he put ghosts. Colourful version of Dickens' classic the resilience of the human spirit and the in their annual clash with Le Bistro, coached the joy and magic back into the festive tale that will please the kids and keep the power of the imagination. A humane and by the sleazy Gorgeous Gus. The result of period. A fairly unnecessary remake, but this adults smiling with its little irreverent spices. moving film. Glasgow: Grosvcnor. all this is not exactly a tale of the secular fable still sparkles with charm. , largs: Barriiclds Cinema.

Love Affairs Usually End Badly (15) unexpected. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Glasgow: UCl. East Kilbride: UCl. My Father, My Mother, My Brothers And (Anne Fontaine, France, 1993) Nora, Alain The Matrix (15) (The Wachowski Brothers, Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (PG) (Jacques Sisters (12) (Charlotte de 'l‘urckhcim, Fromager, Sami Bouajila. 85 mins. A US, 1999) Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Tati, France, 1953) Jacques Tati, Nathalie France, 1999) Victoria Abril, Charlotte de Parisian theatre usherette wants the best of Moss, Lawrence Fishburne. 139 mins. In the Pascaud, Michelle Rolla. 91 mins. M. Hulot, Turckheim. mins. Anne is a young woman all worlds and seems to be en route for all or future, reality is actually an illusion the the bachelor with the accident-prone touch, who has three different children by three nothing when she falls for an actor whilst human race is enslaved by a computer virus arrives at a jaunty coastal resort and different men, none of which know about still involved with a college student. which has taken over the world. Computer devastation very soon ensues. Comic timing each other. Until Anne’s wily mother Screening with Augustin, which introduces genius Neo (Reeves) is one of the few at its most irresistible, as Tati gets away with orchestrates a surprise and brings everyone characters from Fontaine's later film, people who doesn‘t believe his eyes, so it's a number of memorable, slow-burning gags, together in a Mexican resort. Part of the Augustin, King OIKung Fu. Part of the up to him and a couple more cyber all undercut by the stabbing notion that we French Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. commandos to save the world. Edinburgh: all have an uncle exactly like Hulot. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Edinburgh: Filmhouse. ABC, Cameo. Edinburgh: Lumiere. My Name Is Joe (15) (Ken loach, UK, Love Tangles (15) (Olivier Péray, France, Midnight Test (15) (Daniele Uuroux, Mother In Law (15) (Gabriel Aghion, 1998) Peter Mullan, [xiuise Goodall, David 1998) Bruno Putzulu, Vincent Elbaz, Smadi France, 1998) Julie Depardieu, Serge France, 1999) Catherine Deneuve, Vincent McKay. 105 mins. My Name IsJoe's blend Wolfman. 95 mins. A seducer of women, the Riaboukine, Francois Cluzet. 103 mins. Lindon, Mathilde Seigncr. 100 mins. of comedy, social drama, love interest and envy of all his friends, undertakes a bet to Offbeat, updated Cinderella-style tale in Romantic comedy in which Lindon‘s lawyer tense thriller makes fora more accessible make love to a woman chosen at random. which a young girl responds to a lonely rather improbany falls for his pregnant movie than we'd normally expect from

But she has other ideas. Part of the French hearts advertisement and arrives in a rural bride-to-be's mother. Or, perhaps not so Loach. Recovering alcoholic Joe Kavanagh Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: village expecting to marry a Count. Instead, unlikely, seeing as mum is played by (Mullan) meets and falls in love with health Filmhouse. she becomes involved with a series of Dcneuve. Part of the French Film Festival. visitor Sarah (Goodall), but his well

Lucia (15) (Don Boyd, UK, 1999) Amanda wannabe Prince Charmings. Part of the Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. intentioned scheme to get a young friend out Boyd, Mark Holland, Richard Coxon. 97 French Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl~'l‘. Mouchette (PG) (Robert Bresson, France, of the grip of a vicious drug dealer looks mins. The intent was noble, but the Edinburgh: Filmhouse. 1967) 82 mins. Bresson’s adaptation of likely to backfire on everyone he cares for. execution lets down Don Boyd’s attempt at A Midsummer Night's Dream (PG) French Catholic novelist George Bernanos's Edinburgh: Cameo.

a contemporary, dramatised version of (Michael Hoffman, US, 1999) Kevin Kline, story is a heartbreaking account of an

Donizetti's Lucia dt'Lammermoor. The Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart. 115 inarticulate peasant girl condemned to a life Continued over page

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