Trends may come and fashions may go but undiluted bad taste Will never go out of style. And things don’t come much more sordid than ATTACK! publishing. This imprint of Creation Books is thrusting upon a largely unsuspecting public three new titles which have 'a bigger body count than the Bible’ (Steven Wells's Tits-Out Teenage Terror Totty) are ’sicker than an outbreak of Ebola in an orphanage' (Stanley Manly’s Raiders Of The Low Forehead) or is ’so disturbing that the author has Since gone into hiding' (Tony White's Satan! Satan! Satanl). Open them if you dare.

The ATTACK! books are published on Thu 2 Dec, priced f 6.99 each.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Few bands can raise hackles like Fun Lovin' Criminals. They are suspected of faking the funk; of aping the gangster lifestyle Without ever having been on the smoky end of an U2i; of peddling a rich white kids’ parody of black urban hip hop culture. We should perhaps consider the fact that the Ramones weren’t really brothers and Betty Boo's raygun didn't work. Pop music is play-acting. So slip on your snakeskin tux and stop taking it all so seriously.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals play Barrow/and, Glasgow, Thu 2—Sat4 Dec. See review of their new album Mimosa, page 46.

What you can ’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead. Music: Chemical Brothers Love or loathe the Chemicals, y0u have to admit they've made their mark on 90s pop Culture - and live, they're a blast, so invest in dancing shoes Glasgow. Barrow/and, Thu 25 8/ Fri 26 Nov.

Film: French Film Festival As ever, the annual celebration of cinema from across the Channel contains some excellent work from old favourites and eye-catching debuts from newcomers, With women directors enioying a particularly strong presence this year. See preView, page 26. Glasgow: GFT Edinburgh. Fi/mhouse. Dundee: DCA From Fri 79 Nov-Wed 7 Dec, Theatre: The Gimmick The Stateside buzz over Dael Orlandersmith’s one woman shows is virtually audible from this side of the Atlantic. All the more reason to go along and find out what she's up to in this collaboration With Scotland’s NVA. See preView, page 58, Glasgow: Tron, Fri l9—Sun 27 Nov.

Music: The London Community Gospel Choir Last seen backing Blur at T in the Park, they’re back With a programme of gospel standards and new pop hits bound to warm the chilliest heart. Glasgow: Paw/ion Theatre, Tue 23 Nov.

Scanner: Final Fantasy VIII The world's fav0urite role playing adventure gets bigger and better as military student Souall Leonhart saves his universe from a fiendish plot. An epic story, superb graphics and additional magic powers make it a must for your PlayStation. See reView, page 123. Out now, published by Sguaresoft.

TV: Kid In The Corner Tony Marchant follows up his wonderful Great Expectations by pitching D0uglas Henshall into the role of a father coming to terms With his son's Attemion DefICIt Hyperactiwty Disorder. Funny and touching. See feature, page 8. Channel 4, starts Wed 24 Nov.

Books: Fight The Power Public Enemy’s number one Chuck D has never been backwards in coming forwards, and in this hip hop history cum political polemic, he makes a powerful, yet amusing call for unity and responsibility. See preView, page I 15. Published by Payback Press on Wed 7 Dec.

l8 Nov—2 Dec 1999 THE llSTS