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Friday 19th November Dirty ass funk & soul

The Funk Train

Saturday 20th November New Scottish residency

Gatecrasher feat. Matt Hardwick and Tom Wainwright

Friday 26th November The bigbeat blockparty

Alphabeat Soup

Saturday 27th November Liverpool's top club

Cream teat. Seb Fontaine

Friday 3rd December Monster indie classics


Saturday 4th December Scotland's biggest house club

Colours feat. Alex P. and Brandon Block

Friday 10th December Trance & techno pioneers

Sublime rem. Billy Nasty and The Holy Ghost

Saturday 11th December To be confirmed


Friday 17th December Xmas funk-a—thon

The Funk Train

Saturday 18th December Liverpool's top club

Cream feat. Dope Smugglaz

Every Wednesday Scotland's biggest student night

The Student Night

Drink Promotions

Wed: 75p (girlsimrg (lifU/i/(I'lm'i 1'. [Mali :ir-rt E1 Lwlutuaq ’[)'}/Hll'.il"i' Elma/er Fri: 75p Curtutyrq (Mi) :m'i £1.25 (“'thqu (ph/ilwwu: ',‘li/i'fll‘»‘l"il Hun/H $81: 75p (,mluhmq(hilpin'l21.25—(,.’gr",t,n'qIptj/lelm/‘Jodim8 ill/1H1”

Potte'rrow, bristo square, edinburgh

Doors 9pm - Sam for all events Tickets from £3 to £10. Tickets Tel: 0131-650-9195 ’31" in: in.'r.li:i',r:'l in :rri‘mr'a':

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