The Ark

The Tunnel. Weekly Fridays. £9 (£7),

Door policy Smart but clubby.

Music Hard house, garage and vocal house,

Residents Scott Mackay, Michael Kilkie, Zammo and Simon Foy.

Description Legendary in certain Circles, and deservedly so when you consider the fact that the top-flight residents have been iomed by such luminaries as John Kelly, Paul Oakenfold and Scott Bond in the last few months alone. In addition to the sterling sounds, the bizarrrely cheap drink (£1 for all drinks until 1am) adds fuel to the fire, and gets well-dressed hips Wiggling all night.


Club Budda. Weekly Saturdays £5 (£4). Door policy None.

Music SOulful house and garage. Residents Stevre Middleton and Billy Woods.

Description For nearly a year now, the Solemusic boys have been treating uS to


Paul Flynn aka DJ Q, man of few words (unless he’s going radge, apparently), producer of superfine deep house describes himself simply as ’a piss artist’.

Fave pre-club haunt Your house!

Fave venue Parkhead.

Fave DJ Harri 8r Domenic and Derrick Carter.

Scotland's finest Celtic. Scotland's scourge The Big Issue.

6 The List Club Guide 1999

a selection of s0ulful tunes which flow smoothly from vocal garage to up house, Without ever slipping toward the cheesier end of the spectrum. The fact that the crowd seem to genuinely care about the music added to the pleasant environs of Club Budda make for a seriously high- calibre night.

The Cathouse

The Cathouse Club. Weekly Fridays £4 (£3).

Door policy None.

Music Rock, punk, indie, chemical beats, grunge, hip hop.

Description As reliable as a big reliable thing, Since the heady early days at the original Brown Street venue, The Cathouse has consistently been the best place to experience all kinds of alternative other-worldly delights. Since they moved to Union Street it has lost none of its appeal, enabling clubbers to hear Eminem, Machine Head, The Dammed and the Chemical Brothers, all in the one place, spread out over three floors.

Club 69

Rocksy's Basement. Weekly Saturdays.


Door policy None but membership available although not compulsory.

Music All things that can be defined as electronic predominate.

Residents Martin, Wilba, Barrie.

Description Every week for the last six years a couple of hundred sweaty bodies have rammed themselves into the basement of an Indian restaurant in Paisley to go mental to some of the finest underground electronic music around. Guests come in all shapes and sizes but have included almost all of the classiest names in underground UK and US electronics. All this and they still have the brassneck to finish a night With 'The Prince' by Madness. Genius.


The Arches. Monthly Saturdays. £15; though prices range from £12 to £20, depending on the number of guests. Music Top quality house.

Door policy None.

Residents Jon Mancini and Ian Boney Clark.

Description The godfathers of Scottish house at Colours have created a night with a list of names so big its a wonde.r they can fit through the door. This Debrett’s Peerage of house has included everyone from ATB to Phats 8r Small, via Brandon Block, the venerable Sasha, house heroes Masters at Work and Dave Pearce rolling his popular fat ones left right and centre. the a pricey night out, but if more commercial sounds are your bag, this is unmissable.


The Bedsit Fortnightly Fridays £5 (£4) Door policy Students and up to four guests Music The finest Northern Soul, With occasional forays into the funk

Residents Scott Brown, Kev, Wee Scott and Barry

Description For the past three years, Scott and the gang have been draWing the mods, skins and Northern fans in general for a night that blends familiar stoinpers, slower more soulful tracks and satisfying rareties to wondrous effect There is something fitting about the school gym venue too, though no one, as yet, has thrown any talc about Arguably the best night in Glasgow of any kind, Goodfoot is a must for s0ul boys and girls.

Inside Dut

The Arches. Monthly Saturdays £15, though the price may vary according to guests,

Door policy None.

Music Hard house and trance.

Residents Simon Foy, Michael Kilkie and Zammo.

Description Thanks to The Arches relaxed door policy, Inside Out attracts a healthy mix of dressed up to the nines dedicated club kids and those popping in for a guaranteed good time. Guests in the past have included the likes of Sister Bliss, Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules, Tall Paul and Lisa Loud -- names that sum up the clubs raison d'etre: to party hard.

Hi Karate

Glasgow School of Art. Weekly Thursdays. £1.50.

Door policy None.

Music Chopped up hip hop, dirty ragga and harsh two-step.

Residents Neil Macmillan and Andrew Divrne.

Description The Wilfully eclectic sounds of the Hi Karate crew you are as likely to hear anything from Eurythmics ’Sweet Dreams’ to an ultra-obscure dub plate attract a disparate crowd, united in their love of the funk. The residents Whip the crowd into a frenzy time after time and

even prowde a dinky newsletter to keep

those taking a breather entertained.

Jockey Slut and Slam Present

Bugged Dut! Queen Margaret Union. Monthly Saturdays. £8.

Door policy Students and up to four guests, or tickets b0ught in advance.

Music House, techno, whatever. Residents A pick ’n’ mix from Stuart &

Orde, Paul Cawley, Rob Bright and James


Description Since the first night went off like a broken pressure cooker, thanks to the efforts of guests Dave Clark, Felix [)a Housekatt and David Holmes, the brand new tiberclul) should he one to watch And, since the night takes over the vast, liilllil-lCVf.‘ll(‘(i QMU in its entirety, the tag- teaining residents will be Joined by a stellar cast of guests from around the globe each and every month

Knucklehead Presents My Machines

Glasgow School of Art Weekly Thursdays £4 501£3 50)

Door policy Students can sign in up to four guests

Music Hard and funky house and techno Residents Jilkes & Hatch.

Description One of the few clubs If] Glasgow where the crowd cheer every mix and are Justified in doing so Jilkes and Hatch add old favourites from ’Blue Monday' to ’Rez' - to their special blend Of dirty, sleazy ftinked-up hard house and techno With pinpOint accuracy and a fondness for knob-tWiddling. Add to that the crowd, who tend to completely lose the plot half an hour in, and you have a bonafide gem of a night.

Dptimo [Espacio]

Sub Club. Weekly Sundays. £4 (£3); occasionally the price is bumped up for live bands and guests

Door policy None.

Music Funky and hard, With some eclectic: selections.

Residents Jilkes and TWitch.

Description What a club! Optimo never fails to go crazy, and is the only Sunday night where the dance floor heaves to Wiggy electro, dance classics, hard, nasty tech-sounds and snippets of The Blue Danube. As if that wasn’t enough, live performance is often part of the package as part of Optimo's contrnurng mission to keep the kids on their toes. The only way to end the weekend.


The Arches. Monthly Saturdays. £13. Music Underground house and techno. Door policy None.

Residents Stuart Macmillan and Orde Miekle.

Description Featuring carefully selected acts from the vanguard of house and techno, Pressure plays host to bona fide legends - think Jeff Mills, Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier - as well as legends of the future. Most nights see two arches (one for house, the other techno) filled to bursting With dedicated dance connoisseurs.