Psy Phi

Sub Club Monthly Fridays £6 (£5), expect to pay a Irttle more for brg name guests

Door policy None

Music Hip hop and drum & bass

Residents Paul Cawley and Alex Horton Descuption When recent guests Ili( lude such hip hop luminaries as James Lavelle and CHHOS Peterson, you can tell that Psy Phr rs Scotland's benchmark nrght for break based music In addition to regularly attracting hrp hop's finest, the resident parr never larl to unleash exclusives, raretres and new material from the Cawley-run Fenetrk label, much to the delight of the combats-and-

bac kpacks crew


The Garage Weekly Thursdays. £4 (£2). Door policy None

Husic lvlrxed bag of commercial and rndre classics

Residents Dave Ross, Paul Cardow, Steve Moodre, Gerry Lyons

Description Anyone who ever gains a matriculation card rs: Glasgow ends up at

gave Ilsa

SE1 bees-“1'. r'lu 3-5:

the Garage at some pornt Upstairs rs rndre heaven while downstairs the marn room rs home to every student anthem under the sun Despite occasional bouts of nasty laddrsh 't)eha‘.rrour, the atmosphere rs first and foremost a party vibe and hedonistic debauchery rs de rrguer


The Temple Montth Thursdays £5

Door policy None

Music R&B and hrp hop

Residents Paul N'Jre, Naeem and Cash Description A welcome ciddlllOll to Glasgow clublrfe, SOundpresence rs a huge, high-quality R&B showcase, continuing The Temple's commrtment to over-looked genres The residents have been tomed rn the past by Radio 1 stalwarts Trevor Nelson and Tim \I‘Vestwood, and Femr Fem of Young Disciples lame, It rs the live performances, however, that really mark out the nrght as something special.

gflnnour IlttIeWOOd (tunnel)


doors 1 1 pm

£4 before midnight, 26 after

bud Ice, bullshy’, vodka + dash £1.50 goldschlager £1

universe, locks street, coatbrldge. 01 238 428628.

The List Club Guide 1999 7