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Sub Culture

Sub Club ‘."./eekly Saturdays {TO

Door policy None

Music Deep Aiiiericaii house

Residents Ham and Dornenic

Description Six years on, and Harri and Domenic continue to go from strength to strength Sub Culture features the deepest of deep house, perfectly selected by the residents, and is highly rated by such godfathers of the genre as Derrick May and Derrick Carter, both of r.'r.'horn have guested in the past Quite frankly, you ‘.‘.()ul(t be hard pressed to find a better house iiig'nt iii all of Europe, let alone Glasgoxz

Turntablist lounge

13th Note Cafe i‘vlonthly Saturdays f2 Door policy None

MUSiC Hip hop

Residents The Freak igleanoover's crew Description \"v’atc h the decks, not the dancefiooi', that 's the idea Turntable mastery is the focus of this evening, riii()‘.'.lft(} everyone from deck veterans to bedroom DJs to take to the platters DJ battle routines, beat ;|iiig, fr'eestylzng anc. tear‘t inixing and scratching routines are the order of the day Rufftone, Extra and KT'TTO Cut/ are airtong regular guests, nno are booked on the prenrise that it's fun rather than \.'r.()l'i\


The Sub Club Monthly Fridays to

Door policy None

Music Techno

Residents A-inan and Panic

Description Holding a reputation for

sec tiring guests with the best mi.sic al credentials, rather than those guaranteed to drain. a crowd, not that the residents can't hold their own -- inost rizghts see a serious crowd getting into the deep, low down funk grooves and a brand of techno that manages to be satisfyzn jly hard and pleasantly tuneful at the same time


The Arches. Monthly Saturdays £1 1 in advance, £13 on the door

Door policy None

Music Hard, fast and funky house Residents Fergie, Guy Williams and Ken Ferguson.

Description More than liVing up to the reputation of its London forebear, Mary Kiani's Trade in Glasgow caters for gay, straight and uncertain alike, wrth the emphasis placed firmly on the music. The main arch sees Fergie taking the crowd on a burld-up Odyssey. Trade Lite, meanwhile features Guy and Ken teasing the kids With a lowdown and dirty funk- house selection, aided by Andrew Horn’s live percussion

m I

The Tunnel, Weekly Saturdays. £9 ((7‘) Door policy Very smart indeed.

Music Trance, house and garage.

Residents Colin Tevendale, Steven McCreery, KeVin McFarlane and Stephen Lee.

Description Room one sees ludicrously dressed up folk peering at the labels on each others costly clothing and dancing a bit to a surging soondtrack of progressive house and trance. In recent weeks, the

talents of the residents haze been supplemented by the likes of Fern, Corsten, Dave Seainan and Graeme Park The back room, Titt‘rilt‘.'.itll(‘, has more of an upfront party ‘.'lt)(‘ and tunes to suit, ranging from garage to disco ‘.ia not- giiite-c heesy house


CtidSQOV'.‘ School of Art fortnightly fridays {-1 50 if3 50‘, up to £8 for guest nights

“00! pOliCY Students and up to four guests

Music Driiiri 8. bass

Residents Tania Shift and Stevie Description (rod only knoxzs nah but this is still the orin regular night ii: (rlasgcw. to feature ac ross-tlie-board drii'n 8. bass Guests in the past have included still- credible Ji.r‘gie overloids, labio is

(rr'ooverider, The Usua Suspects and Bad

Coriipany Not that the resideiits need any assistance, thanks to an enl:g'rtened refusal to limit tl‘eiiiselves to a specific siibgei‘re though danceable cuts are a priority and sterling skills behind the decks


Arc haos \"vleekly Sundays f‘) if}

Door policy None

Music House and hip hop

Residents lulark Sherry, Prltll l.ler‘cre/, Neil Talac kay 8. Frog, Nayeern, Jarnie Strang and' Paul Trainer

Description Since dr'ar.'-.'ing the ire of cweryone from the [)dlf/ Record to the Catholic Church for ts ‘heavy sexual overtones', Voyeur has l)l()‘.’(‘ll to be one of Archaos' most successful nights The entertainments inc lode a iirassage parlour, peep-hoes for ‘.'l(“.'.'flt(} naughty perforrrances, something called a DUISdill‘Q angel and the usual Arc haos antics ‘.'.'|tll an extra dose of sea/e

World Service

Alaska Monthly Saturdays [816 Door policy None

Music. Hip hop and drum a bass

Residents Paul Cattley, Alex Horton, Nick Peacock and Shii Hirata.

Description The tT‘LlSK policy at \-".’or|d Service is \.r.':c.le-ranging, tc) say the least, tvith Latin, danceable ia/x, hip hop, drum 8c bass and deep house all vying for attention Fortunately, the residents create a seamless whole from potentially disparate genres thanks to their ability to select the funkiest tunes available from each musical style, resulting in a night of low-slung, bass-driven sets that keep the kids glued to the dancefloor


Yang. Weekly Thursdays. £3 ([2)

Door policy None.

Music Funk, hip hop, soul and house Residents Bob & Charlie

Description Thursday nights at Yang repays freQLient Visits thanks to the fact that it is a collection of disparate miniclubs that rotate throughout the month This means that alongside Bob Peck 8r Charlie Inman hammering out the block party breaks and Elevation Trio's live funk experience, the main room sees Goodfoot dOing their s0u| thing one week, Mystec's aCId Wig- out the next as well as underground garage from Duty Free and Foresight With the deep stuff



Studio 2.71 T.Tor‘.th|v letiri\\ f f if ‘N

000! policy None

MUSiC llaid house, big trance and tunki, techno

Residents Stexe f’axe, .\l Spac e, Medicine Man illa'.oc I, Jul.“ Purple Moon, haiir the Beard and Neil T

Description Making a name for itself as one ot Edinburgh's top underground clubs, Apex has been going T'()Tl‘. strength to strength since kicking otl a year and a half ago Upstairs is a hazen for TT!(‘TT(ii‘,’, i.p-tc)i-it techno heads and the (i()‘.'.l‘.Si<i|t‘s c hill out teatii'es sorne o’ the most f'eestvle inixes you are t“.t’l likely to experience espec ally if lsarr‘ gets on the decks

Atomic Boby

fden lglont'i'y Saturdays fit)

000! policy None, but e‘.'eryc)rie i'iakes an effort

MUSiC t'iiro house

Residents lvlic hael Kilkie and /rllYtTYl() Description The closure of Tne Honeyc ()T'lt) iriearit a short break for th:s popular house club, but they're back now, b»ggei and better than ever The :arge capac ity of Eden means that they'll be ahTe to get guests up after Christmas The crox'v'd is generally iinrnac ulate'y attired and very friendly, and you can iIT‘U the [)Js and promoters behind the counter at Uber Disko

guest list

Borry Fraser co-owns Uber Disko Records on Cockburn Street, as well as the labels Uber Disko and Platoon. He co-promotes Atomic Baby at Eden and records as Kayashi, Elias, LOUIS Cypher and Jaya. Tove pie-club hount The Outhouse, Pivo , . anywhere as long as they sell Aftershock' Fave venue Twrlo in NYC -- awesome sound system.

Fave “J Michael Kilkie, a true turntable techniCian, Scotland's finest Apollo Records, 7 Garth Street, Glasgow. Scotland's finest tunesmiths.

Scotland's scourge It has to be club politics, pure and simple.

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