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Barry Cabanas

Eden Monthly Fridays, although there is

talk of it gomg fortnightly £6 99 (£5 99),

dress as a nutter and you’ll get in for a fiver

floor policy None

Music Kitsch and other appropriate

Residents Perchanski and Calevetto & Gregor, although there are a load of regular ’cabaret artists' who perform each month,

Description Only a year old, this is one of the biggest laughs you'll ever have. It's mental, it's depraved and they love it that way it’s a chance for people who really should know better to dress up, let it all hang out (all too often literally) and get absolutely reeking Ah, the yOuth of today

guest list

Nicki Forrest owner of Lowdown Promotions and DJs as part of 3 Piece Suite with Trendy Wendy and Sally Findlay.

Fave pre-club haunt Has to be The Basement. Great food and even better dodgy patter from the staff!

Fave venue Cafe Graffiti has to be the best in Edinburgh but it is sadly closing down at the end of the year. In Glasgow the Sub Club wins hands down clean and spaCious but still has that underground feel tort. Wish we had one in Edinburgh!

Fave DJ I have to be biased here and say George T from Tribal Funktion that man knows how to shake my asleor nonsense entertainment value, you can’t get any better than The Cuban Brothers.

Scotland's finest Tribal Funktion. Oh yes, a Scottish institution responsible for so many of my best nights out. Scotland's scourge Edinburgh Councrl Licensing Dept for telling us when to go to bed at the weekend.

10 The List Club Guide 1999

Boogie Mo Dynamo

The Bongo Club Monthly Fridays £7 (£5 if you dress a little strangely)

Door policy None, but casuals in shell suits have nae chance

Music Big beat in all its glory

Residents Smack, Believe and Wreckage when he’s in from Amsterdam

Description After an eight month break, Boogie Mo are back on Currently Collaborating With Headspin, they are looking tc) start their own night in the new year It's a madcap affair s the residents show up in drag and the crowd dress to themes sluts & aliens, flags The music. is big, beefy beats and breaks, and the friendly crowd love every millisecond of it

Club latino

The Bongo Club Monthly FTKiiin. £6 (£5) Door policy None.

Music Latin, salsa, merengue

Resident: Simon Hodge.

Description A pocket of hot Latin delight in an otherwise chilly city Over the last five years Latino has built up a loyal followrng and regular appcnirances from Carlos Pena, one of the finest Scottish-based Latin vocalists, never fail to keep the punters coming back for more.


The Jazz Joint. Weekly Tuesdays £4.

Door policy None.

Music Hip hop.

Residents DJs Extra and Kimo Cutx With MCs the Scotland Yard Crew

Description Packed out every week despite being on a Tuesday, live hip hop is the order of the day hosted by a quartet of local MCs Often descends into a 10”] With live drums and bass from regular contributors Willy Molleson and Sly Si The laid back atmosphere means i)()OleT(_] and chilling are perfectly acceptable, but there's always plenty of loons who make it up for a dance.

Higher Ground

La Belle Angele, Monthly Fridays. £6 (£5), more for guests.

Door policy None, but the crowd is generally hip.

Music ’Real deal’ deep house.

Residents Mr Todd (and Brian Hunter Description While deep house reigns supreme in Glasgow, it hasn't got the same foothold in the capital, making this club all the more important The residents are where it's at, although they have had the likes of Harri, DJ Q, Gemini and George T along to guest Adored by the friendly Crowd, Higher Ground is settling into La Belle after the closure of The Honeycomb

The Hump

The Ark. Weekly Wednesdays £2 Door policy None.

Music Mainstream chart, cheese and singalong nonsense.

Residents To be confirmed.

Description Kicking off early doors \Nltli 'Krazy Karaoke’ and full to capacrty before most other clubs have opened their doors, this is one of the most popular students nights in Edinburgh, helped in no small part by the dangerously cheap bevvy, Thursdays never felt so bad.


Wilkie House Monthly Saturdays £9 (£7), £10 (£7) for the occasional guest nights

Door policy It's all about attitude, for gay people and their friends

Music Funky house and techno in the main room, disco and kitsch house through the back

Residents Maggie 8r Alan, Sally Findlay and Trendy Wendy

Description One of the originals in Edinburgh and still going very strong, this gay/mixed night commands enormous respect by both the old timers and spring chickens It's all about sweating on the dancefloor, so wear your most comfortable trainers as you Will be Jumping and groovrng all night long Run by Maggie 81 Alan (who also reside over the decks in the main room), Jc)y has an atmosphere that you'd be hard pressed to match

lizzard Lounge

Cafe Graffiti. Weekly Saturdays £6 (£5), price may vary on guest nights.

Door policy None

Music Jazz, Latin, funk, soul.

Residents Joseph Malik.

Description ProViding a platform for performers and DJs of all localities and styles, Joseph lvlalik mashes in all comers under the LIZ/did Lounge banner Latin maestro Carlos Pena, live drum & bassers Sassafras and the inimitable Lizzard Lounge All Stars have all graced the stage of late. Another Victim of the Graffiti closure, look out for their spectacular finale with scores of guests (18 Dec) Something of this quality cannot stay closed for too long and Will no doubt find a new home soon.


Wilkie House Monthly Saturdays. £10 (£7).

Door policy ’Wild, wacky, gay, horny, super trendy.’

Music Hard house, and the odd bit of techno and trance in the main room; pumping speed garage through the back, Residents Peter James, Rich B, Jahradd, Andy Junior, Scott G.

Description Possibly the most outrageous club in the capital, attracting a capacity crowd every month. The seriously glarnmed up and beautiful shimmy next to those in mad, bad fancy dress, while the few that always wear next to nothing (often a promoter) manage to attract a bit of attention. The atmosphere is always audibly buzzrng, those on the pull happily mix With those only there for some hands in the air action.


La Belle Angele. Monthly Fridays. £9 (£7); price may vary on guest nights.

lioor policy None

Music Drum & bass

Residents G-Mac, DJ Kid, The General, Unity, MC Feelman, VJ A-Dan.

Description The Jungle Mecca for Scotland, most of the big players on the drum & bass scene have paid a Visit at one pornt, Krust and DJ Marky both being recent Visitors to the decks. Ed Rush's appearance in October broke all records for La Belle leaVing hundreds locked

outside trcketless They add to the atmosphere by sc reening Japanese >\liliTi(‘ visuals to the sound of the finest jungle beats

Messenger Sound System

The Bongo Club Fortnightly Saturdays £6, price varies on guest nights Door Policy None Music Roots reggae, ska, roc ksteady, dub Residents Stevre T\./lessenger Description Veteran master who boasts a monster sound system \\lil( h rattles the ribs and brings toy to the soul liading in all the permutations of roots and reggae, Messenger hosts Visits from the likes of Jah Shaka, Who has appeared three times The crowd tend to be a little older mid 20s and up laidback for it


The Venue Weekly Tuesdays Free

Door policy None

Music Rare groove, soul, Rés’iB, funk Residents Gino, Fryer and Richie Rufftone Description Probably one of the only reasons Why anyone should be out of the house on a Tuesday night, Motherfunk’s main selling point is not only that it's on a Tuesday night but that it's free Attracts a great and friendly crowd

The Mission

Studio 24 Fortnightly Saturdays £5 (£4) Door Policy: None

Music: rock, goth, industrial, indie, (lance, Surf

Description As a welcome antidote to heartless house music and soulless cheese, The Mission is an institution which has surVived venue changes and the fickle world of fashion in Edinburgh Currently disected over three floors, goth, cyberpunk and industrial is the soundtrack to one room, surf, ska and indie reside out the back, While in the main room, metal and rock predominate Truly a creative alternative


Wilkie House. Monthly Fridays. £7, may vary depending on guest.

Door policy None

Music Varied electronic

Residents Flix.

Description Their overall philosophy says it all no defined musical policy and no specific venue (although they are based at Wilkie for the next few months) This club is all about bringing to Edinburgh the DJs and artists Who are interesting, whatever their genre one night might be techno, the next dub and ambient, While the one after be nu skool breaks Expect Nomad to shine bright next year With some outstanding guests from January

and are all the more


The Venue. Fortnightly Fridays £7 (£5) floor policy None

Music Hard house, techno, electro Residents Twrtch, Brainstorm, Dribbler, the Bill.

Description Nine and a half years is a long time in show business but those lovely fellas at Pure make it seem so easy They bring some of the biggest and best names in electronic music to Scotland 7- Derrick May, Davrd Holmes and Dave Clarke are all regular Visitors Plans are