underway to call rt a day next year, so make a pornt of gettrng down to see jUSt what all the fuss rs about

Room at the Top

Roorrr at the Top Weekly Saturdays £10 l£8l, £15 for brg nrghts

Door policy No sportswear

Music House

Residents Paul Mende/ and Martrn Malone

Description Gorng for over two years now, thrs extremely popular nrght plays host to a couple of thousand young thrngs every Saturday, dressed rn clubby threads and shrrnrnyrng to a load of guests who are booked every week expect to see the lrkes of Judge Jules, Terry Cor‘sten and Dave Pearce rn the forthcomrng months


The Venue, Fortnrghtly, Saturdays £6 l£5l, prrce may vary for guest nrghts

Door policy None, attrtucle over dress

Music Hrp hop

Residents Lyley, thc hre Rufftone, (rum and Extra

Description [)rgc;:'rc; n t“e c rates ‘or the ‘ast two and a half years for the best underground hrp hop, the Sc ratc" crew prrde tlrerrrse ves on baggrng the best guests fro.m r‘ear ar‘cr fa", rr‘c lug "g the

Sc latch Per'verts, CaSh Money and the Jungie Brothers of late lr‘. adc: tron to the sounds, breakers, lve gr‘aff't; ar‘d exhrbrtzo'rs all controute to the party vrbe


Potterrow/VVrlkre House Montth l3rrdays/For'tnrghtly l-rrdays £8 lf6l, £9 (£7; for brg guests

floor policy Relaxed

Husic Trance and techno rn the marn room, nu skool, electro, breaks through the back

Residents Kev Wr‘rght, Idge, Gary Mac and Fellx

Description Boastrng one of the most mrndblowrrng atmospheres we've ever seen on a dancefloor, Sublrme marntarns rts posrtron as the stronghold for trance and techno rn Scotland Wrth a mrx of well known guests and the lesser known but equally talented The back room rs an essentral experrence In Its own rrght for the magnrfrcent mrx of nu skool breaks, electro and the lrke


Club Mercado. Monthly Sundays £4 £6. Door policy Gay frrendly, \rvorrld-be punters need to be up for the fun

Music Krtsch.

Residents Trendy Wendy.

Description The queen of krtsch, Trendy Wendy, rergns supreme at thrs huger popular tongue-rn-cl'reek affarr. Each nrght has a theme ~ hrp hop, bearded, school drsco - and the rnusrc, rs ddjLJStC‘d accordrngly Wendy hauls rn all her mates to dress up and do lmprOmtu nonsense, all rn the tackrest possrble taste.


. erkre House. Weekly Sundays. £8 (£6);

very occaSronally £10 (£8) for guests. floor policy None, It's a good attrtude that er| get you In.

Music Uplrftrng to hard house In the marn room; Amerrcan and UK garage through the back.

Residents f-rsher 8r Prrce, Stuart Barrre and lulartrn lePTTTlTTU

Description Hand on heart, thrs rs the drarnond rn the crown of Scottrsh clubbrng Every Sunday, the glarrr and the relaxed, the gay and the strarght, the brrght and the rnonotoned head down for a heclonrstrc sessron that knows no egrral It's the frrencllrest and most up for rt croch you'll probably ever see, and at four and a half years of age, Taste shows no srgns of wear and tear

Tribal Funktion

The Venue lortnrghtly Saturdays f/ lfSr, occassronally rrrore for brg name guests

Door policy None

Husic (fhrcago house and funky clrsc o on the marn floor, fresh beats rn the ( ooler Residents George T, H and Srmone, and can be found behrncl the counter at Underground Solu'shn

Description About to celebrate therr erghth brr‘thday rn January, thrs rs one of Eidrnburgh's coolest, combrnrng the talents of :ts three resrclerrts wrth the hrgh calrbr‘e of guests, lrke Gene Farrrs, Mark fauna and Ralph Lawson The frrendly crowd rnrght wear tr‘arners, they rnrght wear heels, but they always have a great trnre


Nomach Monthly-rsh £8 (£6 for people who are dressed up), up to £10 for Assembly Room events

Door policy None, but the scene rs set for

't. :: lu lass:

those who are prepared to make an effort

Music Swrngrng showtunes, classrc country and lrbrdrnous latrn rhythms

Residents lrankre Sumatra, Drno Martrnr and Bugsy Seagull, plus the e‘.er-popular Vegas Showgrrls

Description If you're trrecl of techno but strll love to clanc e, then you mrght trnd a few lrke rnrltclecl people clown at \"egas [very event rs packed wrth a party crowd gettrng down to anythrng from lrank Srnatra to Barry i\.lanrlowl, wrth the help of a few scene-settrng extras lrke the Stardust Lasrno, where you can spend your cornplrmentaw l lvrs dollars lherr tongue-rn-c heek attrtucle helps avord the pretentrousness of your typrc al easy lrstenrng nrght

Wiggle Waggle

La Belle Angele Monthly l rrclays f‘), prrce may vary for guest nrghts

Door policy None

Music [)ancefloor Ja/X, rare groove, soul, rare Jam/funk nuggets

Residents Bob C arrns, Yogr llaugllton Description Run by two of lJK's most obsessrve vrnyl Junkres, a real rnrxed bag of a croch prle rn to enjoy platters old and new from a varrety of styles, but all \vrth a notrceably funky edge The focus rs on good musrc and good vrbes wrth the relaxed atmosphere, a welcome antrclote to the frequent rn yer face Fr'rdays Keep an eye on the pec ulrar' wall proJec trons, wrth everythrng from comrc books strlls to old doc umentar'res.

15 CALTON ROAD, EDINBURGH 0131 557 3073



MONDAY 22 - Geneva SUNDAY 19 - Complete Stone Roses




Motherfunk [rare groove]


Nov18&Dec16 Aswang [trance]



Nov26&Dec1o,24 Pure [techno plus] Nov19&Dec 3,17 Biff Bang Pow [indie&6os]



Dec1OSa|sa Viva [latin] Nov19&Dec17North [hardcore] Nov26&Dec3,24 Trancelucent [trance]


Nov27&Dec11,ZSDisco Inferno [70sdisco] Nov20,Dec4,18Scratch [hip hop] Nov20,Dec4,18Tribal Funktion house

The List Club Guide 199911