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142 Bath Lane, 248 1777 Two rooms, 310 capacny.

Toilets Small but pleasant

Bar Lager £2 20, water £1.20, free water available

Clientele Young, well dressed, generally cool and ready to dance the nrght away Ambience Prac trcally a masterclass rn club space desrgn, wrth a mez/anrne level overlookrng the perfectly proportroned dancefloor and a downstarrs bar so rnrnrrnal rt's lrlce srttrng rnsrde an rce cube, only lovely Nearly always full-to-burstrng, too

The Apartment

23 Royal Exchange Square, 221 7808 One room, 186 capaCrty

Toilets Small but clean

Bar Lager c2 30, water rr 20

uest list

Martin MCKOY. Owner of Rub-A- Dul) Records, promoter of Club 69 and mrxer upper of muffrns Fave pre-club haunt? Fat Boabs, us where the rn crowd hang but

love venue? 69, as dark, drngy and mrngrn' (Just lrke me)

love lvlartrn Rub-A-Dubl | lrke ever'ythrnc‘; he plays Scotland's finest? Any 5(01 krckrng preverbral rnusrcal ass Many are gettrng respect, whatever therr genre, from all over the world for what they do

Scotland's scourge? Anyone who gets brgheaded because of the above.

12 The List Club Guide 1999

rutarrtctezw .

Clientele Dependent on nrght, but as a rule The Apartment attracts everyone from students to thrrtysomethrngs Ambience Small, but perfectly formed, the club features wood panellrng and comfy furnrshrngs all bathed rn the glow of the cosy frres


25 Queen Street, 204 3189. Frve rooms, capacrty not drsclosed

Toilets Farr-Srzed and well marntarnecl

Bar Lager £2, water £1 80, free water avarlable.

Clientele Dependent on nrght, wrth students packrng the place on a Thursday and a slrghtly older, smarter crowd at weekends

Ambience The pseudo-rndustrral decor rs practrcally rnvrsrble, thanks to the fact that the club rs ram-packed wrth party krds every trme rt opens the doors


Mrdland Street, 221 4001 1750 capac rty

Toilets Vast and well rnarntarned

Bar Lager £2 30, \.‘-.'ater £1 30, free water avarlable

Three rooms,

Clientele Rangrng fron‘. ten-years-on dre- harcls to fresh faced youngsters, wrth no drscernable dress code

Ambience The rarlway arch as club concept rs not, perhaps, Ideal, but wrth a guaranteed clancrng fren/y the spartan surroundrngs are no rmpedrment to enjoyment


Royal Exchange Square, 204 0101 One room, 350 capacrty

Toilets Farrly small but always clear‘

Bar Lager £2, water £1 50, free water avarlable

Clientele A dressy but not snooty crowd most nrghts, rnakrng a brt of an effort ards entry.

Ambience Wrth rts recessed, super- comfortable seatrng areas and trny dancefloor, Babaza rs generally packed, rn the best possrble way

The Bedsit

1 Park Drrve, 339 0432 Two rooms, 400 capacrty . Toilets Good-sr/ed but scruffy

Bar Lager £1 50, water 70p, free water avarlable

Clientele Caters marnly for a student crowd, and guests need to be srgnecl rn, btrt all sorts turn up for the club nrghts Ambience The bar area rs rather stvlrsh, but the clancefloor rs strll a spOrts hall, however drm the lrghtrng


80 Glassford Street, 552 5761 rooms, 650 capacrty

Toilets Farr-srzed and clean

llar Lager c2 30, water rr 20, free water avarlable

Clientele A gay mrx of all sorts, wrth a

T\\ o

slrght ernphasrs on the younger end of

the spectrum

Ambience Modern decor and a non-stop, up-for-rt crowd make for a guaranteed

good trrne


Hope Street, 248 5884 Three rooms, 2000 capacrty

Toilets Large and well-marntarnecl

Bar Lager £2, water £1 50, free water avarlable

Clientele Dependent on nrght, but mostly a young crowd relaxrng after work along wrth the odd student

Ambience Wrth three themed floors, decor ranges from wood panellrng to rndustrral style, but the crowd tends to be more concerned wrth the dangerous drrnks promos

The Cathouse

15 Unron Street, 248 6606 Two rooms, 700 capacrty

Toilets Good-sr/ed and pleasant

Bar Lager £2, water £1, free water avarlable

Clientele Lard back students, rndre-krds and rockers through the week, \‘.’lll1ciSllt}l1ily older crowd at weekends

Ambiance The decor rs a touch on the cold srde, but thrs doesn’t hamper the drunken shenanrgans any


508 Great Western Road, 334 0560 One room, 240 capacrty

Toilets R easortably nrce

Bar Lager £2 20, water £1 10, free water avarlable

Clientele A heady rnrx of students and \"\..’est-enclers, boo/ed up and game ‘or a brt of horn:’s-your-father

Ambience Frankly, the place rs a meat market, and that rs exact'y \th It gets packed out most nrghts of the l.".(‘(?l<

Club Budda

142 St Vrncent Street, 221 2213 One room, 200 capacrty

Toilets Farrly small, but nleasant

Bar Lager c3 30, water {1 40, free water avarlable

Clientele Dependent on the nrght, but expect a smartly dressed crowd who don't mrnd lettrng therr harr down Ambience The small dancefloor lends an arr of the underground and adds to the frrendly, rntrmate atmosphere


18 Carnbrrclge Street, 353 6555 Two rooms, 1950 capacrty

Toilets Huge and gorgeous

Bar Lager £2 70, \‘.<tt(‘l' £1 75, free water avarlable

Clientele Expect clressrer youngsters at the \‘teekends

Ambience Trred of mrnrmalrsm7 Destrny features completely wrggy rnterror desrgn, rncluclrng a 'many armed male frgure' behrncl the DJ booth, oodles of wrought rron and fussrly decorated themed areas for a nrarnstrearn audrence Open to the publrc from Sat 27 Nov

474 Sauchrehall Street, 353 3111, One room, 450 capacrty

Toilets Small and clean

Bar Lager, £2, water £1, free water ayarlable

Clientele Marnly students who fancrer classrer tunes than those avarlable at srster club The Garage

Ambiance The rather severe rnetallrc decor pushes the krds onto the dancefloor, where they tend to remarn for the rest of the nrght

The Garage

490 Sauchrehall Street, 332 1120 Four rooms, 1 100 capacrty

Toilets Farr-sI/ed, but always busy

Bar Lager £2, water £1, free water avarlable

Clientele Students, students and more students, and some of them may have been drrnkrng

Ambience lt's party trrne every nrght at The Garage, thanks to the generous drrnks pron‘ros and meat-market vrbe

Glasgow School of Art

167 Renfrew Street, 332 0691 Two rooms, 800 capac rty

Toilets Busy and unpleasant

Bar Lager £1 20, free water avarlable Clientele Dependent on nrght, thanks to a relaxed srgn-rn polrcy, but largely art students and the rnclre glrtteratr Ambience The fact that both the Vrc Bar and upstarrs clancefloor have a traclrtronal student unro'r scu/xrness about them doesn't really matter, as both are consrstently rammed wrth revellers

The Hrve [Glasgow University Union] 32 Unrversrty Avenue, 339 8697 Two

Toilets Farr srzed but unpleasant

Bar Lager £1 60, water £1, free water ava Iable

Clientele Students, students and WOW students, all of whom have been drrnkrng lots

Ambience The functronal decor and pleasant gallery room are barely clrscernable under a sea of boo/y krds, hell-bent on copprng off


191 lngram Street, 559 6800 One marn room, 300 capac rty

Toilets One male, one female

Bar Lager £2 10

Clientele ere rs a new addrtron to the Corrnthran, openrng at the end of November, so expect medra professronals and therr mates

Ambience Converted from former Jarl cells, Lrle wrll feature rntrmate booths 'wrth Chesterfreld sofas and decor best descrrbed as lrrxurrous r‘ylusrcxsrse the club \'\.rll feature gualrty funk and soul, \.\:th a strrct ‘no house’ polrcy

Planet Peach

34 Queen Street, 226 8990

Toilets Pleasant and always clean

Bar Lager £2 20, water £1, free water avarlable

Clientele Dependent on nrght, but mostly a yOungrsh set who get dressed up for the weekends

Ambiance The mrnrmal, pastel-hued decor rs easy on the eye, as are many of the punters