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Polo lounge

84 Wilson Street, 553 1221. Three rooms, 700 capacity.

Toilets Small but clean

Bar Lager £2.20, water £1 20, free water available

Clientele The upstairs bar tends to attract a slightly gay older crowd, while the club proper caters to all tastes

Ambiance A gentleman’s club vrbe prevails upstairs, while downstairs is a mass of rnrrrors and chrome.

Queen Margaret Union

22 University Gardens, 339 9784. Three rooms, 1000 capacity

Toilets Large but a bit scruffy

Bar Lager £1 30, water 70p, free water available

Clientele Mainly students, what with rt being a union, but up to four guests can be srgnecl in and temporary membership is available for big nights

Ambiance Quodos, the main club area, suffers from an excess of wrought iron fi‘ippery, but that doesn’t stop the kids from havrng a blast


375 Sauchrehall Street, 331 1635 Two rooms, 170 capacity

Toilets Small but pleasant.

Bar Lager £2.20, water £1 25, free water available.

Clientele Ranging rn age from 20 30, Reds attracts a smart-but-casual, lard back crowd

Ambiance With drinks promos most nights of the week, and the friendly-but- selective door policy the newly rc-Pfurbrshecl club has something of a party atmosphere.

Bocksy’s Basement

40 New Sneclclon Street, Parsley, 400 6967 One room, 250 capacity

Toilets Pleasant

Bar Lager £2, water £1, free water available

Clientele A slightly older crowd who are there, without a doubt, for the underground sounds.

Ambience Don't let the fact that the club runs out of a restaurant basement put you off, as the selections by the Rub-A- Dub crew are ever reliable.

The Shed

26 Langside Avenue, 649 5020. Two floors, 800 capacrty

Toilets Fairly baSiC

Bar Lager £2.20, water £ 1, free water available.

Clientele Dependent on night, but generally a mixed-up boozy bunch ranging in age from 20—35.

Ambience As the name suggests, there rs a garden shed theme to the decor, and the crowd tend to be up for a giggle.

Strathclyde University Union

90 John Street, 567 5000. Five rooms, 2000 capaCrty.

Toilets Various sizes, well maintained, Bar Lager £1.60, water 50p, free water available

Clientele Students far outweigh guests, and the atmosphere is accordingly alcohol-enhanced and friendly,

Ambiance In the largest licensed premises in Scotland, Darkroom on Level 5 is the main club space, featuring industrial stylings and a vrdeo relay trained on the dancefloor

Sub Club -

22 Jamaica Street, 248 4600 One room, 450 capacity

Toilets Small but rather nice

Bar Lager £2 30, water £1 50, free water available

Clientele Anyone who cares about dance music in its various forms, and each night attracts a large number of loyal regulars Ambiance The Sub Club is internationally renowned, and deservedly so, for the mind-blowmg music and hyper- enthusrastic crowd Easily one of the best clubs in Britain, if not the world

13th Note Club

260 Clyde Street, 243 2177 Two rooms, 450 capacity

Toilets Fair-sized and clean Bar Lager £2, water £1 10, free water

. available

Clientele Everyone from students to skins, with members of local bands lurking in the corners

Ambience Hardly over-designed in terms of decor, but the comfy booths upstairs and the mid-sized dancefloor make the club feel more like a mate's living room


197 Pitt Street, 572 3372 Three rooms, 580 capacity

Toilets Good-sized and pleasant.

Bar Lager £2.20, water £1, free water available.

Clientele Dependent on the night, but mostly smart twentysomethings and students

Ambience The labyrinthine underground faux-caverns that make up the club add to the excitement of heading for the dancefloor.

The Temple

193 Pitt Street, 332 7522, One room, 600 capacity.

Toilets Large and well maintained.

Bar Lager £2, water £1 20, free water available.

Clientele Dependent on night, but the Crowd is liable to be more than a little enthusiastic.

Ambience With bars arranged around a central dancefloor and a functional style, The Temple is designed for dancing, which suits the crowd to a tee

The Tunnel

84 Mitchell Street, 204 1000 Three rooms, 1000 capacity.

Toilets The best in town

Bar Lager £3, water £1 70, free water available,

Clientele In the main, The Tunnel attracts a y0ungish, very dressy crowd and if you want to get in, avord any trace of scruffrness.

Ambience With a crowd there to revel in the whole swanky Tunnel experience, the atmosphere is always cheery and the gents torlets are little short of spectacular Cracking drinks promos too.

The Velvet Booms

Sauc hrehall Street, 332 0755 Two rooms, 500 capac ity

Toilets Small but pleasant

Bar Lager £2 35, water £1 25, free water available

Clientele Dependent on night, with a smartrsh crowd throughout the week and dressed-up party kids at weekends Ambience The warm and welcoming decor makes a change from the ultra- minimalism that prevails in Glasgow and the club attracts a friendly bunch


33 Queen Street, 248 8484 Three rooms, 600 capacity

Toilets Roomy and pleasant

Bar lager £2, water £1 20, free water available

Clientele Varies accorclrrrg to night, but expect a smart, laid back crowd as up for the dancing as the drink

Ambience A pleasant blend of minimalism and comfort, With two small-rs-beautifu| dance floors


The Ark

3 Semple Street, 229 7733 One room, 650 capac ity Toilets Large and lots of tc)rlet paper

Bar Lager 99p £2 50 depending on night,

water £ 1, free water available

Clientele A mrx of students and office workers from the West End.

Ambience One of the busiest venues in town, The Ark manages to fill to capac ity before most of us have even had our dinner All the nights are aimed at a mainstream crowd

The Attic

Dyers Close, Cowgate, 225 8382 One room, 250 capacity

Toilets Small, but adeguate

Bar Lager £2.30, water £1, free water available,

Clientele Students

Ambience Small, but rarely empty, this cosy little venue trades predominantly on their spectacular clrrnks promos and mix of cheese, indie, pop and dance favourites for excitable students.

la Belle Angele

11 Hastie's Close, 225 7536 One room, 500 capacity

Toilets Clean and spacious for its sire Bar Lager £2 20, water £1, free water available

Clientele Mix of students and youngish locals Varies clependrng on night Ambience Simple, but cavernous, most club nights make a real effort with their own decor to add to the already good atmosphere

The Bongo Club

14 New Street, 556 5204 Two rooms, 320 capac ity

Toilets Small, but surprisingly little gueuing Bar Lager £2 00, water £1, free water available

Clientele Hardy mix of locals students and a general mix of clrscernrng left field types Ambiance The main room boasts a sr/eable stage and plenty of space to shake as many funky thanch as you please The Bongo strives to be different and cater for a Wide variety of tastes and does so with great success

Cafe Graffiti

Mansfield Place Church, 557 8003 Two rooms, 870 capac ity

Toilets Tastefully decorated, soc ial

Bar Lager £2.50, tap water only

Clientele A slightly older crowd, attributed partly to the prevalence of live bands at the club nights but still With a generous dollop of broad-minded students Ambience A spectacular interior as it is a converted church but unfortunately ceases to exrst from Hogmanay as it’s being converted into office space A tragic, tragic waste of One of the most beautiful venues in the city

The Cavendish

3 West Tollcross, 228 3252. Two rooms, 1700 capacity

Toilets Clean and plentiful ,

Bar Lager £2 20, water £1 50, free water available

Clientele Thursday is students night, but the weekend is over 25s 7 no JOdTTS or trainers

Ambience Split over two purple decorated areas, the main room h0uses 1200 fans of hits from 70s to 90s while upstairs is borne to The lvlambo Club, an Edinburgh institution of reggae, Latin and salsa hosted by Sir Ossie.

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The Ark

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