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C C Blooms

23—24 GreenSide Place, 556 9331. Two rooms, 550 capacity.

Toilets Small, adequate, lots of mirrors. Bor Lager £2.00, water £1.10, free water available.

Clientele A real mix of young and old, predominantly gay.

Ambience The friendly party atmosphere is in stark contrast to the stark, minimal decor with mirrors, stainless steel and shiny black surfaces aplenty.

The Citrus Club

38—40 Grindlay Street, 622 7086. One room, 400 capacity.

Toilets Adequate, recently refurbished. Bor Lager £2.20, water £1, free water available.

Clientele A friendly mix of students and locals, with an older crowd on Fridays. Ambience The fruity theme is carried on throughout the bar area with bright citrusy colours abounding, adding to the positive party vibe.

Club Mercado

36—39 Market Street, 226 4224. One room; 500 capacity. Toilets Clean and few queues.

Bor Lager £2.50, water £1, free water available.

Clientele The mix of glam house nights, ultra kitsch and R&B mean a much varied crowd.

Ambience A beautiful venue with a host of

Ticket Hotlines: EDEN 0131

14 The List Club Guide 1999

unique clubs Viva, Icons, Jamboree that add a much needed touch of glam to the capital while Trendy Wendy’s wacky Tackno still reigns supreme in the kitsch night out stakes.


14 Picardy Place (opp. Playhouse), 478 7434. Three areas, 950 capacity.

Toilets Simple but effective.

Bor Lager £2.50, water 80p, free water available.

Clientele Broad ranging mix of clubbers for a variety of nights. The only door policy is ’no SUits’.

Ambience The splendorous decor With neo- classical murals, pillars and chandeliers upstairs and sleazy, red Chinese wallpapered downstairs sun needs of most nights.


Fountainpark, Fountainbridge, Dundee Street, 228 1661. Two rooms, 2200 capaCity.

Toilets Ample and spotless; girls have a 'two-bicle', two toilets in the one cubicle. Bor Lager £2.55, water £2, free water available.

Clientele A mixed bag of students, yOung office workers and the, er, more mature party person.

Ambiance A sprawling (well, sprawling for Edinburgh) brand new club that offers loads of ’elements' themed bars, dancefloors and the like, as well as a diner and hydrolic DJ podium for a mainstream party crowd.

jéihtl V


King Stables Road, 229 9438. Two rooms, 1 100 capacny.

Toilets Ample, With flash dressing room mirrors.

Bor Lager £2.60, free tap water available. Clientele Students on most nights, those Without student cards must be over twenty at the weekend.

Ambience Priding themselves on a ’pay no more than four quid' entry policy, Gala is a vast and plush improvement on its preVious incarnation as The Jaffacake.

Jozz Joint

Morrison Street, 538 7385. One room, 150 capacity.

Toilets Small but adequate.

Bor Lager: £2.15, water: 90p, free water available.

Clientele A mix of students and jazz fans of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Ambience Run by local legend Ktilu, this is a Jazz iomt (hence the name) for the chilled With seven different clubs, one for each night of the week.

Heriot llott Union

Riccarton, 451 5333. Two rooms, 750 capacny

Toilets In plentiful supply.

Bor Lager £1.50, water 70p, free water available.

Clientele Students and guests only. Ambience Simply decorated student union prowdes copious entertainment all week including house and trance (Sushi), cheese (Planet) and rock (Distortion) club night.

The liquid Boom

9c Victoria Street, 225 2564. One room, 1000 capacity.

Toilets Large and generally well kept.

Bor Lager £2.50, water £1.50, free water available.

The night begins at 9pm and continues until the early hours. Drinks Will be at normal har'prices and a barbeque will be available The Cocteau Lounge and'Eclen are also available for ’priuate hire 5 CALL FOR INFO