Clientele Students out for a good time. Ambience It's a big club With a handy balcony to spy on the movers and groovers on the dance floor. Yogi Haughton’s excellent Saturday night Diva pulls a slightly dressier, more mature crowd


3 Queensferry Street Lane, 467 7215. Two rooms, 480 capaCity. I

Toilets Small-lsli but beautiful.

Bar Lager £2.50, water £1.30, free water available.

Clientele More of an upmarket and stylish clubber.

Ambience Breathing life into the West End Since its opening, Noa is an outstanding medium-sized venue, with a clean industrial feel to the decor Thurdays belong to the new-ish and excellent Block-Party, while Fridays are mainstream dance, funk and sOul and Saturdays are mainstream dance, house and garage. Movrng away from a bar feel and concentrating on club nights proper, expect Noa to shine bright soon.

Club Nego at Negotiants

45-47 Lothian Street, 225 6313. One room, 370 capaCIty.

Toilets Small, but Interestingly metallic. Bar Lager £2.25, water £1.10, free water available.

Clientele Students and 18—2 5s.

Ambience The alcoves at the front of the building mean baby parties can spring tip everywhere while the main dancefloor fills early and stays full on busy nights.

Peppermint lounge

Blair Street, 622 8811. Two rooms, 380 capacny

Toilets Nicely decorated.

Bar Lager £2.60, free tap water available. Clientele YOung professionals and up- market students.

Ambience Modern art deco design With two rooms where the reSuII is often a mixed clientele between the two rooms. The musical flav0urs are predominantly of a commerCial dance and party flavour with a distinct and conscious lack of cheese.

Po Na Na

43b Frederick Street, 226 2224. Two rooms, 300 capacity.

Toilets Adequate, always tOiIet paper.

Bar Lager £2.20, water £1.50, free water available.

Clientele Mixed With lots of professionals, Ambience The Morrocan decor adds a luxurious touch to this popular bar-cum- club. Open until 3am seven nights a week, the DJs play a range of disco, funk and house.

Eel 5m 1:: U i" all": u ETiLiE'S


Bristo Square, 650 9195. One room, 1200 capacity.

Toilets Down many stairs to get to them, but spacious and no queues.

Bar Lager £1.25, water 85p, free water available.

Clientele Since it's a student venue, lots and lots of students.

Ambience Stomach qurvering soundsystern, light rig to die for and an unusual aircraft hanger feel, all coupled wrth a thousand or so very drunk students.


31 Lothian Road, 229 7676. One room, 1500 capacity.

Toilets Adequate.

Bar Lager £2.20, water £1.50, free water available.

Clientele Young locals and students. Ambience The purpley decor, balcony and vast dancefloor is proving exceedingly popular indeed. Mainstream is the keyword as regards the lTlUSl( policy

Boom At The Top

Bathgate Two rooms, 3500 capacity. Toilets Big and spacious

liar Lager £2.20, water £1.50, free water available.

Clientele A younger crowd who like to dress smart.

Ambiance A fab venue, rammed to the gills every weekend, attracting both a young and up for rt crowd, and big name Dls.

Studio 24

Calton Road, 558 3758,Two rooms; capaClty not (llSClOSCd.

Toilets Basic, function before fashion.

Bar Lager £2.50, water £1, free water available.

Clientele Dependent on night, but they get fetish garbed house and techno lovers, crusty trancers, goths, metal kids, the lot. Ambience Gomg through a few incarnations through the years, Studio 24 has played host to a number of Edinburgh’s legendary clubs. The clubs which reside now there breed a camaraderie among the regulars which leads to a comfortable, hassle free atmosphere.

The Subway

Cowgate, 225 6766, One room, 600 capacuy

Toilets Adequate.

Bat Lager £1.90, water £1, free water available.

Clientele Mostly students.

Ambience This dark, black cavern plays host to hundreds of sweaty y0ung folks every other night, all treated to the incessant diet of both cheese and poo

l The Subway llest End

Lothian Road, 229 9197. One room, 1000 capacity

, Toilets Brand spanking new.

Bar Lager £1.90, water £1, water available

Clientele Students, more students and the occasional surt.

Ambience Party atmosphere galore in this newly refurbished club. Cheese, commercial dance and some chart faves make an appearance to pack the thronglng dancefloor.

The Vaults

15 Niddry Street, 558 9052. Three rooms, 800 capaClty.

Toilets Medium Sl/C‘d, interesting decor and SUblOCI to flooding.

Bar Lager £2.40, water £1, free water available.

Clientele Students and young locals 1827.

Ambience This dark, unsurprisingly cavernous (it really is a vault) is specially decorated for each club night, the intimate surroundings often lead to complete lunacy on the dancefloor Closed until Janauary.

The Venue

Calton Road, 557 3073. Three rooms, 900 capacity

Toilets Big upstairs, smaller downstairs; basic, functional.

Bar Lager £2.30, water £1, free water available

Clientele Varies according to night: indie kids and students at Biff Bang Pow, techno fans young and old at Pure. Ambience The bare decor of The Venue belies its appeal, a regular home to some of Edinburgh’s most established and well respected clubs. The crowd is often more diverse due to at least two clubs Operating simultaneously upstairs and downstairs.

The Wee lied Bar

Edinburgh College Of Art, Laurist0n Place, 229 1442. One room, 200 capacny

Toilets Small but adequate.

Bar Lager £1.50, water 50p, free water available.

Clientele Students, members and guests Ambience The newly refurbished bar is now even redder than before and The Egg on Saturdays is one of the city‘s best established nights With SlX years under its belt.

lllilkle House

219 Cowgate, 225 5583. Two rooms, 750 capacity (more if upstairs third room is opened).

Toilets Refurbished: ’much better than last year',

Bar Lager £2.50, water £1.40, free water available.

Clientele A very varied clientele which changes nightly.

Ambience The sparse interior of Wilkie House IS rarely revealed since those who put on clubs there decorate it wrth everything from banners to glitterballs. The backroom and balcony mean there IS both space to move and a chOice of music.

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Saturday 4 llel' cliii .laiia, s-mial sit-est, leith

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lriday 25th November HESlllElllS Special Tl'illfly llllll 99999199?

with special guest llllllt lilllllllf @ The Venue, tiliiiliuruli. mini taalluin


the Pure Hogmahay Party : West the llltl truitmarltel, Glasgow

Tickets £35.00 s.t.ii.t. troln usual outlets

the Pure Haamanay Party : East

leith function Suites, leith Tickets eisatl s.t.li.l. rrtiin usual outlets

The List Club Guide 199915