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Radio 1 DJ Dave Pearce plays George Square and the Colours NYE bash. Harri stays true to the Subbie's Subzero party

Hogmanay or bust

With nearly every conceivable space and then some being used as a party or club venue this Hogmanay, there’s more than a few choices for the dicerning clubber.

Edinburgh looks like making a banging night of it at several trance and techno nights. Mingin‘, Apex and Pillbox will be putting on the Black & White Party at Studio 24 with their combined residents DJing while ever popular Sublime puts on their Millennium party at Wilkie House and have Billy Nasty and Nuw Idol (live) along with their normal residents. Pure meanwhile are making a techno night of it at the Leith Function Suite with The Bill, Sandy Paris and Rob Dylan. The line up is straight out of garage and soul heaven at Sound of Soul at La Belle Angele, with the likes of Keb Darge and Yogi Haughton joining many others. It’ll be a kitsch affair from Vegas at their Grand Millennium Ball, to be held at the Art College, with a pair of tickets to Las Vegas to be

linoleum fun at the Glasgow School of Art with Optimo residents and guests. Pure are also making an appearance on the West Coast with Brainstorm and Twitch representing the legendary techno club. Harri and Domenic will be playing together at Subzero, the Sub Club's bash, while Michael Kilkie, Colin Tevendale and Stephen McKay will be throwing down the trance and hard house anthems at The Tunnel's New Year’s Eve party and The Arches have pooled together their outstanding DJs from resident clubs Relief, Pressure, Fruitfly and Inside Out for a big bash which will, subject to license, spill out onto Midland Street. George Square will become the Radio 1 site for the night with Dave Pearce.

Bang in between the two cities is Shotts, where Colours are putting on their Masters of the Millennium do at the Centrelink 5 Complex and can boast the biggest line up of DJs we've heard of to date. Jeremy Healy, Dave Pearce, Danny Rampling, Carl Cox (ISDN)


Meanwhile in Glasgow, there's going to be some

and Marshall Jefferson are among the guests.

(Simone Baird and Jack Mottram)


Hogmanay clubs


Black 8: White Party at Studio 24. £30. Popular trance. techno and hard house clubs Apex. Mingin‘ and Pillbox pool together their residents fora big bash in a black and white theme. Tickets from Out of the Blue, Underground Sol'ushn. Virgin. Information from 478 7412.

The Grand Millennium Ball at The Art College. £60. Masters of the kitsch, Vegas. throw a glittering party with all the usual suspects. Tickets from from Virgin, Ripping. Alphabet and HMV; credit cards call 220 3234. For information call 558 3824.

Pure at Leith Function Suite. £19.99 (stbf). This is the East Coast take of their Millennium. Catch The Bill. Sandy Paris and Rob Dylan proving that it‘s the techno that matters. Tickets from Virgin, Ripping and HMV; credit cards call 220 3234. For information call 558 3824. Sound Of Soul at La Belle Angele. £55 (stbf). An enormous line up over two rooms, with all the underground house. soul and funk DJs that you could ever desire. Tickets from Xile, Underground

Solu’shn, Coda Records, Uber Disko and City Cafe. For information contact La Belle on 225 7536.

The Sublime Millennium at Wilkie House. £52. Nuw Idol (live) and Billy Nasty join Kev Wright, Idge, Felix and Gary Max for some trance, techno and nu skool action. Information and tickets from the Wilkie House Box Office, 225 5583 or Sublime, 668 3043.


Optimo Rolls Out The New linoleum at Glasgow School of Art. £25. Optimo ressies Twitch and Jilkes are joined by Hatch in the main room, Scott Brown and Andrew Divine downstairs and some bits of lino. Free Optimo CD with every ticket. Tickets are on sale from Fopp (West End) and Virgin (City Centre) from Wed 1 Dec. Information on 332 6886.

Pure at The Fruitmarket. £35. Over on the West Coast Twitch and Brainstorm maintain a techno stance. Tickets from Virgin, 23rd Precinct, Fopp, Bomba, Rub-a~Dub; credit cards call 0141 2045151. Information from 0131 558 3824.

Subzero at The Sub Club. £tbc. Masters of deep and funky house, Harri and Domenic reside at their favourite haunt. For more information and ticket prices call 0141 332 9901.

New Years Eve at The Tunnel. £50 plus £5 bf. The Tunnel residents take control again, this time to see in the new year. Tickets from The Tunnel and 23rd Precinct. For information call 0141 248 2486.

Millenium Hogmanay at Glasgow City Centre. The second release of tickets is on Tue 23 Nov in George Square, 10am—6pm or while stocks last. For information call 0141 552 5599. Collective at The Arches. £48 plus bf. Four of their outstanding clubs, Relief, Pressure, Fruitfly and Inside Out, are joining forces for this mother of events which will, subject to license, literally spill out onto the street. Tickets from The Arches Box Office only. For information ca1101412214001.


Colours Masters of the Millenium at the Centrelink 5 Complex, Lanarkshire. A line up too big to list at this allnighter, to be spread over five rooms and a funfair. £67 in Nov; £77 in Dec, plus £4 bf. Call Ticketmaster on 0870 902 0011.

Please note that this information is correct at time of going to press but is , subject to change at any time. ' Comprehensive listings will be published as they reach us. ~

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Club news

THERE WAS PANIC among clubbers in Scotland after a fire ripped through the building next to the Sub Club on Sun 14 Nov, but it seems that the club will not have to be closed. See Agenda, page 25.

LIFE JUST GOT a whole lot better when we found out that Craig In Demand will starting up 'Substantial' at Eden, monthly from Sat 11 Dec. There's been a gaping hole in Edinburgh clubbing after The Honeycomb was closed and the garage club Substance was left homeless. Craig Smith will reside and there are plans to have some serious guests up. There is a God.

GLASGOW CLUBBERS WILL be stunned to learn that the Glasgow School of Art has lost its late licence, for reasons that remain unclear as The List went to press (something to do with not submitting a renewal application, we wager). This will mean a temporary end to some of the city's best nights out, including My Machines, Turbulence and Divine.

AWARD-WINNING HOTBED of young talent, Subcity Radio, will be broadcasting again next year and the production team invite List readers to send in mix tapes and proposals for new shows. If you fancy being the next Westwood, Peel or Tong, send your efforts to Head of Programming, Subcity Radio, John McIntyre Building, University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ.

LEAVING EDINBURGH IS the Manumission bus (pictured), bound on the Buckfast Express for Ibiza. There was a suitable send off at Black 80's on Sun 7 Nov which saw many local faces dressed a little rudely (that's Roger from Wilkie with the fake willy) and drinking a very potent cocktail (Buckfast, White Lightning. Vodka and Cherry Coke, highly recommended). We'll keep you posted as to their whereabouts and if they get arrested (£10 says they do).

Party streamers everywhere for the Manumission bus send off

18 Nov-2 Dec 1999 THE “81' 83