Subie Coleman and Tony King will help celebrate Midnight Blue's second birthday, Fri 26 Nov

I Manga at La Belle Angele. Monthly.

Next date 3 Dec with The Moving Shadow

All Points Tour featuring EZ Rollers - The Lady Roller, MC Jakes and Calyx. This will be their final date of the year, next one 28 Jan with their fourth birthday. Check out:

I Mi Salsa at The Bongo Club. 10.30pm-3am. £5. 19 Nov. Monthly. Little Latino is the flavour of the night, with Freddy Ramirez who’ll be playing up- tempo salsa mellowing to ‘salsa romantica’ later on. Attracts an older crowd.

I Midnight Blue at Cafe Graffiti. 10pm—2am. £5. Weekly. lt’s Midnight Latin Blue (19 Nov) with firey sounds from the band, DJ support from Demus and Jo Malik while there’s something a little special a week later with their second birthdya party (26 Nov). To celebrate, their pulling together all their greatest hits including Tony King’s James Brown Tribute and the sultry sounds of Subie Coleman. They’ll be supported by the ten piece band who will also be playing some fine soul, jazz and Latin intrumentals. Support will be from DJ Stuart. Do not miss this.

I Noa at Noa. 10pm—3am. Free before midnight; £6 after. Weekly. Jon Flowers in the main room with smooth-as-you-like garage; Paul Dixon through the back with old skool, soul and funk.

I Nomad at Wilkie House. Next date 21 Jan.

I North at The Venue. 19 Nov. Monthly. No further information available at time of goin to press.

I Pi Ibox at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 3 Dec.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus. 10.30pm—3am. £4. Weekly. From 1976-1989, it’s all that new romantic, pop and punk stuff that made our lives so enjoyable way back when.

I Pure at The Venue. 10.30pm-3am. £7 (£5). 26 Nov. Fortnightly. The superpopular and long running techno and house club that is Pure are calling in their residents - Twitch, Brainstorm, Drubbler and The Bill - to lay on the sounds.

I Radio Babylon at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 3 Dec.

I Subtle Logic at Studio 24. 10.30pm—3am. £6 (£4. “The mad, the bad and all that lies in between”) 26 Nov only. Shout it from the rooftops the psychadelic techno and trance club have gone nutty insane. Just in time for their first birthday, then. Murf (The End) will be joining them.

I Sublime at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 10 Dec.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. 10.30pm-3am. £8 (£6). 19 Nov. Fortnightly. One of Sublime’s very good pals will be paying a visit tonight, Taylor (Hook, Platipus) will be in from LA deep to play a three hour set. His progressive trance is much favoured by the likes of Sasha, all deep and completely loopy. He’ll be supported in the main room by Kev Wright; ensure that you check out the outstanding back room as Gary Mac and Felix have a masterful command of the

electro and nu skool breaks. (

I Tranceluscent at The Venue. Monthly. Next date 3 Dec.

I Ultragroove at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date 10 Dec.

I Wiggle Waggle at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—3am. £5. 19 Nov. Monthly. Something a little special in the capital, outstanding DJ sets from Bob Cairns and Yogi Haughton as they lay on the finest dancefloor jazz, rare groove and soul sounds. Often joined by impressive guests, lOO.

I Wize lives at Eden. Monthly. Next date 3 Dec.

Chart 8:. party

I The Ark at The Ark. 10pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Party and dance classics.

I The Attic at The Attic. 11pm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. Musical hits from all the usual suspects.

I Boogie Nights at Walkers. 11pm—3.15am. £5 (£4). 19 Nov. Fortnightly. lt’s 70s vs 90s disco and dance, Kool and the Gang to Blockster.

I Flirt at The Cavendish. 10pm—3am. £6. Weekly. A heady mix of 70s to 90s hits for an over 25s crowd.

I Funk Train at The Polterrow. 10pm-3am. £7 (£5). 19 Nov. Monthly. Cheesy funk, soul and 70s action for a mainly student crowd.

I Fusion at Eros/Elite. 9pm—3am. £4 (£2 before 11pm); £5 (£3 before midnight); £6 (£5 after). Weekly from 19 Nov. Brand new club for the more mainstream amongst us. 19 Nov sees a VIP launch until 11pm. Smart casual, no trainers.

I Loca at Loca. 8pm—3am. Free entry before 11pm; £2 11pm—lam; £4 after lam. Weekly. A fun mix of chart, dance and disco for a more mature crowd.

I Reaction at The Subway. 11pm—3am. Free for students with matriculation card; £2 otherwise. Weekly. A mix of chart, dance and classic disco.

I The Subway West End 4pm—3am. £1. Weekly. See Thu.

I The Time Tunnel at Club Mercado. 10pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Trendy Wendy and Vince Stilton the Cheesemaster take you through the 605, 70s and 80s in a now weekly bash.

I TFI Friday at Club Mercado. 5—10pm. Free. Weekly. The capital’s original and most famous after-work piss-up with cheesy music courtesy of Trendy Wendy. I TFI Friday After Work Party at The Ark. 4—7.30pm. Price tbc. Weekly. Big Dave, the boy from Whoosh, takes care of all the sonic requirements for the office workers on a mission.

I Yum Yum at Revolution. 10pm—3am. £5-£7. Weekly. Chart and dance night at this very popular club.



I Catwalk at The Catwalk. 9pm-1am. Free. Weekly. Happening house beats and true eclectica.

I Club lava at Club Java. 10pm—2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Gibbo (Cosmic Disco)

lavs happy house and soulful garage.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte. lOpm—lam.‘"

Free. Weekly. lt’s Saturday so it must be salsa check DJs Jorge, Coco and James Combe on rotation.

I Czech This Out at Pivo. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Great night of house music to be had when lan Boney Clark from Colours steps up (20 Nov), followed by the progressive house sounds of Stuart Duncan (27 Nov).

I Don't Stop at The Cocteau Lounge. Midnight—3am. Free. Weekly. For the nocturnal drinkers among us, get down for different DJs every night.

I eh1 more at eh1. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Garage and house DJs on rotation at this pular city centre bar.

I Madogln Iguana at Iguana. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Colin Cook presents a night ofAfro beats and Latin fusion blended with the best of New York house.

I Moroccan Clouds at P0 Na Na. llpm—3am. £3. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint, old skool to nu skool to dancefloor full . . . or something.

I Salsa Con Sabor at Baracoa. 10pm—1am. Free. Weekly. DJ Hector maintains an exceptionally popular salsa night with hot music, great ambience and friendly people. Call 225 5846 or salsaclub@ for more info.


I Arakataca! at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Atomic Baby at Eden. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Big Beat at Cafe Graffiti. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Bohemia at Eden. 10pm-3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Craig Burger Queen’s night of house and garage at this plush venue.

I CC. Blooms at CC. Blooms. llpm—3am. Free. Weekly. Get up and move those hips at this very busy gay bar/club.

I Colours at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Cream at The Potterrow. 10pm—3am. £8 (£6). 27 Nov. Monthly. Les Ryder mans the decks at this house club.

I Diva at the Liquid Rooms. 11pm—5am. £6 (£5). Weekly. Yogi Haughton maintains a tight grip on the music policy and invites his favourite DJ pals tojoin him in his crusade for the very finest in disco music, all with a great Latin, jazz and funk edge.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar. llpm—3am. £4 (£3.50). Weekly. A mix of indie, 60$, soul, deep funk, soundtracks and all things groovy at this popular Art College student union.

I Eye Candy at Club Mercado. 11pm-3am. £10 (£8). 27 Nov. Fortnightly. This house and speed garage night has DJs Nejat Barton (Manchester) and Graeme Popstar (who has the coolest DJ name around, we think). Please note that there is a tight dress code: ‘no effort, no chance’. Look beautiful and

outra reous, people.

I Fa e at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 11 Dec.

I FBI at Holyrood Union. 9pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Two floors. DJ Lee spins an eclectic mix of new indie, old skool indie and big beat on the main floor. The cover charge also gets you into Scooter, see separate entry.

I Filth at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Fire Island at Wilkie House. Monthly. Next date 4 Dec.

I Gatecrasher at The Potterrow. 10pm-3am. £10 (£8). 20 Nov. Monthly. Brand new night from the club making all the noise in Sheffield at the moment, yup it’s the trance ’n’ glowstick madness of Gatecrasher. Twist your hair into weird tufts and get down for some Euro trance. I Headspin at The Bongo Club. 20 Nov. Monthly.

I Jazz Joint at Henry’s Cellar Bar. 10pm—3am. £6 (£5). Weekly. Melting Pot (20 Nov), a newly formed dancefloorjazz outfit, rotate with Swirler (27 Nov) who bring together some of the city’s finest players.

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It’s rocking in Auld Reekie this

Block- arty Three big nights in a row from this new club. Catch Colin Miller and Adam Bray doing the four deck thing, the El Segundo crew checking out the West End and the outstanding 3 Piece Suite just being wonderful. Noa, Thu 78 Nov, Thu 25 Nov and Thu 2 Dec respective/y. Sublime A very big night indeed when Taylor (Hook, Platipus) flies in from LA to guest at what he considers to be one of his favourite clubs anywhere. Wilkie House, Fri 19 Nov.

Boogie Mo Dynamo Meets Headspin Proving that you can play the most block rocking, beefiest tunes and act like a Ioon at the same time, watch the boys from Boogie Mo and Headspin take over for one of the most popular nights around. The Bongo Club, Fri 26 Nov. Midnight Blue It’s their second birthday party and they’re calling in just about everyone who has ever graced the stage at their jazz, soul and funk club. Cafe Graffiti, Fri 26 Nov.

Liuard Lounge The supberb Aqua Bassino joins resident Joseph Malik for some DJing genius at this essential hip hop, funk, soul and the rest club. Cafe Graffiti, Sat 27 Nov. Tribal Funktion A Tribal debut for Mr Ralph Lawson, legend from way back and still on fine form. Downstairs, Al and Joseph Malik will be Dling together, which is too rare a thing nowadays. The Venue, Sat 20 Nov.

Taste On the Hit list again because we love them, they‘re fab, there’s nothing else that comes close on a Sunday night (or any other night for that matter), and er, they pay us lots of money. Wilkie House, week/y Sundays.

Eros/Elite Lots of money thrown at a venue with the express purpose of providing you with a place to get a little drunk with your pals and probably cop off. Eros/Elite, Sat 20 Nov.



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