Q I saw you gorgeous Egyptian boy. but will I ever get to see you again? Sadly for me I guess not. it was nice to have met you. ljust wish it could have been for longer. Box No U/37o/l.

O I saw you in the Livingroom on Byres Road. I think your name is Susan. Get you hair sorted and we‘ll talk. A tall. dark Irish man. Box No U/376/2.

9 I saw you 6/12/98. Tron Bar. Same time/place this year my sillicus billicus monkerooni'.’ S'been one helluva year. Thanks for being my best friend. lover and saviour. We're Y2K com- patible! Xena loves Gabrielle forever. Box No U/376/3.

9 I saw you Saturday 28/11/99, on Cathcart Circus trairt dressed in black jeans/jumper. I got on at Pollockshaws. Also made eye contact in Central station. You can take advantage anytime. David. Box No U/376/4.

O I saw you Mojo. 4/12’99. You blonde and pretty. caught my eye. Me. suit. white shirt. no tie. You stare well. looking for more? Lose sight of him and gaze into my eyes. Box No U/37o/5.

O I saw you every Tuesday I love you more. Every second I must stifle a breath of it. Och et amo. Lx. Box No U,’37()/6.

O I saw you in my room. You’re the sexiest squatter ever. I’ll miss you loads. tons. heaps. at Christmas. Love I you. Cib—Cib xxx to Nic-Nic. Box No U/376/7.

O I saw you Graeme, Greenock. 26/10/99 and you still make my heart beat fast. I‘ve

given up the ‘London’ thing. Are

you still ‘Island Hopping"? How about a short distance love affair? Box No U/376'8.

. I saw you French. blonde stu-

dent (electrical engineering at Strathclyde Uni) on the Edinburgh to Glasgow bus. Sun eve 5 Dec. You - handsome and friendly, me - long. curly hair with big rucksack. Would love to know your name and talk some more. Not too late peut- étre'.’ Box No U,’376,’9.

Q I saw you Chris (Aberdeen man) at the Garage. Fri 3 Dec. We talked of things Russian. Nesvoyevremennyye mysli. Can I get you a drink‘.’ Box No L',’37(),'I().

O I saw you every weekend. now I don‘t. I thought I'd sort my head out - it didn‘t. I miss seeing you. Any jobs going'.’ Box No U/376'11.

O I saw you Lady Stair‘s House/M’riters Museum - Sat 4 Dec. You blonde. DMs. ethnic rucksack with dark-haired friend. Me. denim jacket. green waterproof. DMs. black ruck- sack. I really wish we had spo- ken. Box No U.’37()x'12.

O I saw you Sun 5/12 at lunchtime in Cameron Toll Savacentre. You were behind me in the checkout queue . . . checking out my behind when I looked round - and we smiled. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever wanted to take home from a supermarket. You tall. dark. dark eyes. jeans and gree- ny jacket. me tall. slim. blonde. blue eyes. Get in touch! Box No U/37b/l3.

O I saw you girl from Saudi Arabia at the St Andrews Ball. Teviot Ilouse. Never before have I had the overwhelming desire to get to know someone however time was not on my side. You still haunt me and I want to find out why'.’ Box No U/376/14.

v I saw you Eloise in the Bailie Bar on Saturday 27 Nov. You were delightful and I would love to see you again. Dylan. Box No U/376/15.

v I saw you on Glasgow Underground. Sat 4 Dec and later at Pet Shop Boys. You. cute in grey top. Me. in black jacket. I‘d love to see you again. Box No U/376jlb.

O I saw you dready bar man in Nicos. You've made me a khrazy fhool. Box No U/376,’l7. O I saw you red-haired beauty who works at EHI. Heard you‘re leaving. Scotland will never be the same. Take me I‘m yours. Box No U376, 18.

O I saw you walking around by Buchanan Bus Station wearing a brown coat I was the tall one with the blonde hair. You turned round and looked. Box No U/376/ I 9.

100 THE LIST 16 Dec 1999—6 Jan 2000

.1 saw you Deac and Mungo pretending to be Starsky and Ilutch at the Old Empire Kareoke I take it the drugs did work! Box No [337620.

O I saw you chewing your face at Harley‘s on Sunday. You: small but perfectly formed. blond hair. serial killer T-shirt. Me: pink dress. French crop. Chew my face too. Box No U/376/21.

O I saw you in the Cul de Sac. Sunday 28 Nov. Three guys sit- ting on stools. were you interest- ed in us or our bearded male friend? Two girls who are dying to know - one blonde. one dark. Box No U/37o.’22.

O I saw you sexy Dot with the dark brown hair. You were in Standing Order last Friday ‘Sexy Cheeks‘. Box No U/376/23.

O I saw you spandex pirate king hurrying around Henry's Cafe Bar. Rush in my direction anytime. babe! Box No U/376/24.

O I saw you in the Filmhouse. and then at the Traverse bar. 27 November. Am I dreamin' or you are following me?! I asked you ifl could get a job at the cinema. Wanna work with you. and do extra time! Box No U/37b/25.

O I saw you Jon at the Polo. you work at Henry's Cafe Bar. Keep wiggling your arse the way you do! Box No U/376,’26.

O I saw you long red hair. short brown hair in EH1. Stop paying each other so much attention and focus your energy on me! Box No U/376,’27.

O I saw you after your piano exam in Tinderbox. you looked lovely. Box No Ux'376/28.

O I saw you Fi. the Ginja Ninja (q EH1. Suck. suck suckin' on my neck like Dracula. Mmm your lurvley. Box No U/376/29.


O I saw you Rachel in that field with the livestock. blue pants over your tights. Can you be my Superwoman? Box No

L' ’376 30.

O I saw you under the Phoenix on Sunday. You: Deep-tanned.

original femme fatale. French?

Me: Bono‘s prodigal son. Let’s talk more about the trees. Box No L? 37631.

O I saw you slant in your wipe

clean trousers. fancy a rendez vous at 3311? Box No L‘,’376,'32.

O I saw you in BreI. you had the most wonderous scar. We talked about the beauty of natur- al instincts. Call me. your red. sensual electricity. Box No U376 ’33.

O I saw you and you saw me. even though the rain had soaked your flowing hair. you still looked so desirable. And you still smiled. . . Box No U/376/34.

O I saw you at the Bathers gig. I really fancy you. you’re really enigmatic. I can‘t believe this lonely hearts is free! Call me. Gill M. Radio 1 (or Lucy). Box No U,r’37(),’35.

O I saw you you dribbling wreck under the Phoenix on Sunday 28 Nov. Me: the girl with the fishnet dress. Make your mama proud. dribble on me. Box No U«'376,’3o.

O I saw you in liniporio Armani. you sexy thing. I bought blue jeans from you. big blonde babe! I'll call soonl! Box No LI 370 37.

O I saw you karaoke queen. licking cream from you caramel mocha. Wig-w am bani. gonna make you my man. Box No

L‘ 370 38.

O I saw you warmth in the damp . frizy air - that's how I noticed you. there on the corner Gordon and Buchanan. I’og- busting profile and smile in your red coat. See you again soon'.’ Cafe au Iait'.’ Box No U376 3‘). O I saw you Ms Carriek I‘ergus. iii the back of a space-age van. heading home from Ben Nevis. spoke to you. even! Fancy a fol- low on date‘.’ (in on! Box No U”37b 41).

v I saw you in lily. BC with your tattoo on your shoulder. your attempt to speak French was really good. See you soon. O. Box No [137041.

0 I saw you Mattew. can I be iii your theatre company? I‘d like to see more of that cheeky smile. Ilurry - or I'll vanish. Box No U/37fm42.

O I saw you sexy man iii black shirt. in Iguana. 3’12199. Me shy retiring type in the corner. Me. so horny. me love you long time! Box No L"'37().’43.

O I saw you very short girl with headband. You looked at me (tall. blonde with hat).'s get it on. Yeh! Box No U376 44.

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