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7 Gina McKie Gina McKie Gina McKie Gina McKie Gina McKie Ewan MacLeod Ewan MacLeod 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am ' 6am-10am i 6am-9am 6am-9am

Matt Finlay Jim Gellatly 9am-noon 9am-non

i Beat 106 Club Class The Beat 106 i 3m-6m Dance Chart

7 Jim Gellatly Jim Gellatly 5 Jim Gellatly Jim Gellatly 3 Trevor Reilly 7m-lOm 7m-lOm 7m-10m 7m-10m 7m-10m

The Rock Show 9m-midniht

i Colin Tevendale ' 11

11 l . Orde Meikle lOm-midniht

l ¥ lOm-midniht

(3 hour mix) : (3 how mix) midnighl'zam 1am

midniht-3am l midniht-Bam


3 : a ' l Lock-In Lock-In l 3 a with Michael Kilkie with Lisa Littlewood

/O A' What's your favourite track to fall asleep to \ n atnight...? He started off as an in.5tore ’Tiny Tears' by Tindersticks. W m HMV'S om’d 5"?“ ... and to wake up to in the mornin 7 Leftfield Phat Planet from the . 9 outlet, but BObb)’ flu" has There is only one song that makes me leap out of bed alhnm Rhythm a; 5mm; (l lard come} “my way “MC. MT“ and embrace the day, and that's The Beatles’ ’Back In llamlul mm"! 0" ,Galaxy FM and The USSR'- Chemical Brothers Dimrn On :ggvctzezii: 3:127:95; over What song would you refuse to play no matter how WM” "1“ 4'01"“ (ii/WW1” the helm of Bjeat 106’s "WC" they paid you? Nun” u/l' rr-mtylv Dust) » afternoon session I would find it impossible to play Celine Dion. My whole Basement Jaxx l\./1Ir.1('l("> Keep WM“ you! a“ time’ favourite on body freezes up when I hear her. on Playm’, Red Alert Rrérilix (XL) The mad,cap American DJ Dewey phimps' He was the man Who would you like to have do a live session on your Death "1 V6935 UM" 00'“ W’ who broke Elvis in America. He got his big break by setting “ml”? . _ . _ 7””an W (“O/mm MW” a rubbish bin alight in the foyer of a radio station in Texas Mel'”da Messenger, but ' th'r‘k that's m'SS'nQ the PO'm- ‘( “r” m” and, during the ensuing panic, locked himself in a Studio If it had t0 be music, I think U2 hUddlEd around a Underworld Klllq Of ()l’irll’f’, and broadcast until he was forced to stop. The response Couple 0f m'CTODhones WOU'd be SU'tab'Y surreal SW“ “NW ("W/J8” from the listeners was so positive he was given a job. What unlikely combination of two artists would 9'00“? A'mada 0‘ “‘9 RM" What's the first song you remember hearing on the “sun i“ 3" 'awewme "mix? mm W. “HM” WWW” “die? If Bjdrk and the Cuban Boys combined forces they could *iJ"/*’/F’“l)l)<"l andie's [Heart of Glass'. perform 'The Hamster Dance’ live. The Charlatans My Bumhiul What's your favourite track of the moment . . . 7 13“ "l9"t a DJ saved my life" - how? *0 I "M hm” Rom m” RHW Pavement’s ’Terror Twilight’ although, despite mysem | I remember going to Pure one night at the Barrowlands, ’U”"f“"""/"""'"J" _ I love The Charlatans’ current single ’My Beautiful Friend’. and the DJ p'aYEd Underwor'd'S [cowgir'l baCk'to'baCk Trav's \‘U'mm I” PM“ ,h m” mm and yam favourite up and coming track? with Hardfloor’s ’Acperience’. I danced so hard people my illll'l'“ "l" Md“ ‘r’l’h" . . 0t hum lliltiiilflllldll’llit'l My Vitriol have a single out at the moment called 9 Th 8 t B d M, [M y p md .Always Your Way. What record would you want to be playing as we D e , e a I?" " V‘ '" h ' h d h it'll) lllllrl' lili‘ 'lHNJTTl [/I"[)"{r) a“9 t e 0’ ’w ° 3" w Y? . . _ The Smiths' 'What Difference Does It Make'. {mid 'lxt'lqdl) {he ['3] vyho ngeds the most stringri‘ng up IS Chris h 10 Moby Aim. 0” in)“. m.» album Egeetshtesarsani‘: at Its worst and e broadcasts att e I Bobby Finn is on Beat 706, Momm 2_6pm. / PM); .mmm

108 THE HST 16 Dec 1999-6 Jan 2000