When Corinthian opened in Glasgow last March, the renovation of the former Union Bank, with its stunning Victorian glass dome, had every journalist in town reaching for superlatives. The news that all five floors of this palace of eating and drinking are now open and that, as a private member, you can gain free entry in the wee small hours (not to mention access to a member's bar) appears to now have them reaching for their cheque books.

The brainchild of Stefan King, this is an establishment that aims to rival London's Soho House as a late night watering hole. In fact, Corinthian offers the broadest range of facilities both night and day. There are three bars open to the public, as well as function rooms, conference facilities and a private dining room for hire. Whilst the main bar serves a light menu until 9.30pm, the restaurant is open for dinner until 11pm.

In the former telling room - with ornate plastervvork and glass ceiling on a more modest scale than the cavernous bar - diners will be able to choose from a contemporary,

affordable menu combining Mediterranean elements (such as zucchini fritters) with sturdy Scottish fare (like game sausages with mash and port gravy). Chef Neil Murray has an upmarket pedigree coming from the

Savoy Hotel.

As the night draws on, Corinthian will come into its own as a late night refuge for grown-ups. If you are seeking respite from more frenetic environments, the main bar will be open at weekends until 3am. For those intent on doing time on the dancefloor, the former cells (from the

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Food news with salt ’n’ sauce.

£dinburgh’s Fountain Park continues its redevelopment With the opening of a branch of the De: alto chain on the Site of the old Scottish & Newcastle brewery. With dishes of pizza, pasta and polenta, there’s a definite Mediterranean Vibe in a cool, minimal

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Voted one of the top ten tapas bars in the UK

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Banking on it: Corinthian

venue's period as the High Court) have been converted

into a louche and laid-back nightclub under the title Life. General manager Andrew Carson is keen to emphasise

that the venue hosts a choice of late night relaxation for

a broad age range in the over-twenties bracket: ’I've

setting. The centrepiece of the open kitchen is that 90s object of deSire, a wood burning stove. Expect much of the menu to be lightly smoked.

I De: alto, Unit 3, Fountain Park, Edinburgh, 228 8753.

AD LIB, the Glasgow bar-diner, returns to its orginal site at Hope Street, beside Central Station, after a long absence. The team behind Bar Brel and Firebird Will be serving premier lagers alongSide gourmet burgers, sandWiches and soups. There are quality takeaways for the local office crowd and Schlitz, that essential American beer, IS set for a revival.

I AD LIB, 7 7 7 Hope Street, Glasgow, 248 6645.

Maclachlan's Brew Bar and Restaurant is the latest new venture in the revamp of Glasgow’s West Regent Street. As the name suggests, the emphaSis is on beer brewed on the premises, With K'Olsh lager beer served for the first time outSide of its native Kbln, The interior combines dark wood, original features, out5ize seating and contemporary slate and stone.

I Maclachlan’s, 5 7 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

If love really is like oxygen, then you might want to try Scotland's first outlet

been joking that we will offer the rare opportunity for parents and their adult children to share a taxi home together.’ (Moira Jeffrey)

I Corinthian, 797 Ingram Street, Glasgow, 552 7707. For membership information, phone 559 6826.



Well-oiled: De: alto

dedicated entirely to air. The Oxygen Bar and Grill in Edinburgh’s Infirmary Street is a cafe, bar and restaurant With a global menu that also prowdes a spot of the thin air beloved of supermodels. You can buy it by the canister at yOur table and, says owner Don Tait, experience ’a natural boost’, More details next issue.

I Oxygen Bar and Grill, 3/5 Infimary Street, Edinburgh, 557 9997.

Spit or swallow

A taste of things to come. It's Hogmanay 1999, and the pipes and drums Will be Out in force Not, yOu might think, the thousand-strong mass of pipers that Will be parading down Edinburgh’s ROyal Mile on Thursday 30 December, but the special barrels in Which Glenmorangie ages its Wood Finish range of malt Whiskies Madeira 'drums', pOrt 'pipes' and sherry ’butts' add extra flav0ur to the Single Highland lvlalt, distilled way up north in Tain

Before being stOreo in mOre exotic European Surroundings, Glen'nOrai‘gie is matured in American White Oak casks, Which themselves have been seas0ned in bourbOn fOr fOur years on site The Whisky is then racked into selected barrels iPprt, Madeira or Sherryi for a further period of maturation, during Which f:av0urs are enhanced The resulting drains make for a pleasant alternative to the Glenmorangie Ten Year Old Mart, and allow whisky drinkers to set out on a mOre adventurous road

Sherry Wood Finish Several Speyside malts, including the lvlacalian, are sherry casked, so the soft and smooth

. finish here is no radical Surprise

Almonds and Fino Sherry are noticeable in the texture

Madeira Wood Finish Well-rounded, With a burnt nose, this Whisky also brings caramelised oranges to the palate

Port Wood Finish This is the most complex, and arguably, deliCious of the trio, With black cherries and dark chocolate in the air and on the tOngue. The pOrt enSures a nicely dry finish (Jane Quinn)