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From left: Robert De Niro, Star Wars: A New Hope and Audrey Hepburn

All year long, we've told you what we think about 1999's films, gigs, books, programmes and . ~ -r shows. Now it's our turn to sit back and listen to your opinions. Here are the results of The List's

1999 READERS' POLL - with a few one-vote-only Best Film of 1999

wild cards thrown in for you to ponder over. “he Sixth Sense

Compr‘ed 0y Alan Morrison 2 The BMW Wm h Prorert

3 Ratrat<her

A The War Zone

5 All About My Mother

Wild cards Chrldr‘en Of The Marshland,

BeSt ACtor 0f BESt ACtress 0f Ra/or' Blade Smrle, Slam

1. Edward Norton 1. Susan Sarandon 2 Ray WINSIOHG 2 ((110 BldlKllOIi 3 Hale)l Joel Osment 3 LIV ill/'0" 1. The Blair Witch Proiect .) 4 < (l P I. < -' 4 Douglas Henshall 5 :1 ‘1‘ "B (:‘m H 2 Nomer Hrll 5 Bru('e erlrs . “W m i . ‘l 3 Arrstrn Powers lhe Spy Who Wild cards RK-hdrd Farmwmml Wlld cards Dannrr l‘>.l:lf()(]tl(‘, l-rle'r smqqod MO Roberto Benrgnr, Peter MrNrroll (from DPGPHWOS, Heather Donohue

.1 Star Wars Eprsode l lhe Phantom

Ally lkaeah, Anders W Berthelsen Mena<e

(from Mlhme) BeSt ACtreSS Ever S The llauntrnq 1. Audrey Hepburn Wild cards Shavrnq Ryan's Prrvates, BQSt ACtor Ever 2 80119 [)(wrg Mystery Men, 'the John Hurt hank 1' RObert De Ni“) 3 Judr Den< h MOM 0”“. 2 James Stewart 4 Kather'rne Hepburn 3 Marlon Brando s Meryl gum) Best Film Ever 4 Rom)” Cd”le Wild cards Peqqy Ashr roft, loan 1. Star Wars: A New Hope 5 Gary Oldman Greenwood, Amanda Plummer', 2 some lep It Hot Wild cards Srd James, Chevy Chase, Mdlqdml Tm“ ll” 3 Cdmbldnm

Jackre Chan, Tom Contr 4 SWWKUS

5 Ver‘troo Wild cards The Great Es(ape, The Damhuster’s, l:d Wood, Butterfly Krss