From left: Travis, Macy Gray and Queen

Best Album of 1999

1. Travis: The Man Who

2. Beck‘ lvlrdnrte Vultures

3. Groove Armada Vertigo

4. Mogvvar' Come On Dre Young

5 Texas The Hush 2

Wild cards Bonnie Prrnre Brlly l See A

Darkness, Gerr Hallrwell Schr/oononrt,

Queen Greatest l-lrts Vol III

Best Album Ever

1. The Clash: London Calling

2. Prrmal Scream Screamadelrca 3. Blondre' Parallel Lrnes

4 Afghan Whigs Gentlemen 5, Paul Srmon Graceland

Wild cards AC/DC Highway To Hell, Donal Lunny' Lrve |n Duhlrn, ADDGTTUTX Out' Daylight Savrng

Best Single of 1999

1. Macy Gray: I Try

2 Travrs: Drrftwood

3, Shanta Twain That Don't Impress Me Much

4. Sugar Ray: Every Momrng

S, Travrs: Why Does It Always Rarn On Me

Wild card Vengaboys Boom Boom Boom Boom

Best Song Ever

1. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

2 Undertones Teenage Krth

3 Mamn Gaye Sexua Healrng

4 The Beatles Let It Be

5 Ratlioheao l-axe P'astrt Trees

Wild cards [)nrne Con‘eoy My loze Horse, Fats Donuno Blueiwrry r-lr‘, Nick Cave Shite"

Best Band/Solo Artist of1999

1. Travis

2 The Beta Band

3 Be'le 8. Sebastian

4 The Charlatans

5 Maw Gray

Wild cards Kenn M< Dermott Orchestra, Boy/one, Bla<k Saooatl‘

Best Gig 011999

1. Afghan Whigs @ King Tut's

2 Joe Strummer @ Krng Tut’s

3 Brlly Bragg @ l_:gur(l Room

‘11 T .n the Park

S N|(i\ Cave @ PTITTU’S Street Garoens

Wild cards Ivor Cutler, Net Aso, Too 0‘

The Poos 1.8/1 1/9‘)‘

Best Dance Track Ever 1. Underworld: Born Slippy

2 Proo'gy Sllth-g My Brtt l‘ U;)

.3 [)o'wa Summer Tee. love

‘1 F8 0 l. Papua New. Gatnea

5 ‘." lage Peoole Yl‘.l(‘»\

Wild cards Bar'y VJ'YITO You're The Fast, lne last, l.ly l.‘."(‘.’\il‘7lt(], Kraftuaerk The Model

Best D] of 1999

1. Chemical Brothers

2. lo \N’hriey

3 Fat Boy 8: rn

«1 Paul Van Dyk

5 Judge Jules

Wild card Sydney Denrrte

Best Club Night of 1999 GLASGOW

1. Optimo @ Sub Club

2 ll Karate @ ()ldSQOM'.’ Sr hool of At ’3 Sum t.5tt.r'e (d‘ Suh (luh



2 Lonely @ erkre House

3 Tat kno @ Cluh Tylerrarlo

Wild card \‘Jhrtou'r‘. liners \‘Jeltare