From left: India Song, William Shakespeare and Pauline K by Gary Hume

Best Stage Production of 1999

1. India Song @ King's (Festival)

2, The JuJu Grrl @ Traverse lFrrngel

3, Frlth @ Crtrzens' Theatre

4 Gumboots @ The Palladrum (Fringe)

S The Cosmonaut's Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Sovret Unron @ The Tron

Wild cards The Lron Krng (London), The League Agarnst Tedrum, final stage of the Euro 2000 qualrfrers

Best Play Ever

1. William Shakespeare: Macbeth 2 erlram Shakespeare: Hamlet

3. The Rocky Horror Show

4 Wllllam Shakespeare Krng Lear

5 Tennessee erlrams A Streetcar Named Desire

Wild cards Chrnolla @ Crtrzens' Theatre In early 80s, er Lochhead. Perfect Days, The Phantom Of The Opera

Best Comedian of 1999 1. Eddie lzzard

2 Ed Byrne

3 Pm Kay

4. All G

5 Harry Hrll

Wild cards erlram Hague, Jeffrey Archer, Tony Blarr, etc, etc, etc

' " ’*~- ". saw, . r '. '4" )‘ Q r ‘. A.

Funniest Person Ever 1. Groucho Marx

2 Billy Connolly

3 John Cleese

4 Tommy Cooper

5. Laurel & Hardy

Wild cards WllllalTl Hague, Jeffrey Archer, Tony Blarr, etc, etc, etc

Best Art Exhibition of 1999

1. Gary Hume @ The Dean Gallery

2 Red @ Lrghthouse

3. Magna Brava @ National Portrait Gallery

4 Chrrstrne Borland @ Dundee Contemporary Arts

5. Davrd Byrne @ LIOyo Jerome Gallery Wild card ‘Horseman Wrth Cone' Installation outs‘rde GOlle

Best Artist Ever 1. Salvador Dali

2 Vrncent Van Gogh

3 Henrr Matisse

4, Pablo PlCdSSO

5. Francis Bacon

Wild cards Artist Formerly Known As Prrnce, John Squire, Hieronymous Bosch

Best TV Programme of 1999

1. The Royle Family

2 Queer As Folk

3 Cold Feet

4. Ally McBeal

5 Havel Got News For You Wild card Unrversrty Challenge

Best TV Programme Ever

1. Twin Peaks

2 Monty Python's Flying CIl'CUS 3 The Srmpsons

4 Thrs ere

S Fawlty Towers

Wild cards Morecambe & Wrse, BBC News, Dallas

Best Kids TV

Programme Ever 1. The Magic Roundabout 2 Mr Benn

3 Trswas

4 Blue Peter

S Scooby Doo

Wild cards Mary, Mungo & Mrdge, Double Deckers, Hector's House, Padraig Post

Best Video Game of 1999

1. Tomb Raider 3

2 Frfa 99

3, Crvrlrsatron ll

4 Driver

5. Tony Hawk Skateboarding

Wild card Tomb RdldCl 4 «before It was In the shopsl

From left: Eddie Izzard, Groucho Marx, Salvador Dali's Christ Of St John Of The Cross, The Royle Family. Twin Peaks and The Magic Roundabout a r E L 1...... .. .v. ,,