ALLTHE The Real Jesus Christ

As a small section of the world gets down and actually takes the birth of Nazareth's most famous resident seriously, it may be a good time to ask just who Jesus Christ really was and what his teachings actually meant. As

this controversial documentary shows, Christ’s death had split his Whatyou can’tafford to miss followers right down the middle With the leading antagonists, Paul and in the weeksahead- James, called to a summit meeting in Jerusalem to state their respective 33:5ng{Irg‘gflffi‘gflilgr n . . . . . , v H cases - essentially, Christianity versus Judaism. The Real Jesus Christ may May, some people asked 'Who be the final nail in the coffin of one belief or the other or it may resurrect he’ll/i "'0 of m 5'09'95 and an a -conquering album later, the debate for another 2000 years. Lord only knows. Tram 8,9 We success story of The Real Jesus Christ IS broadcast on Channel 4, Sat 18 Dec, 8pm. 1999- Four home gigs and

high placmgs in our Readers' Poll round it all off Edinburgh; Corn Exchange, Mon 20 & Tue 27 Dec, Glasgow. Barrow/and, Thu 23 <8 Fri 24 Dec.

Film: Scrooge Say 'humbug' to Christmas sceptics and embrace the festive season With the best screen adaptation of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol The great Alastair Sim plays the miser who's Visited by three ghosts See reView, page 31 Glasgow Fi/m Theatre and Edinburgh Fi/mhouse from Fri 77 Dec.

Clubs: Club Zero Zero Stradling Hogmanay itself are two formidable nights under the Club Zero Zero banner. Edging ahead is the New Year's Day event, for which and house original DJ Pierre brings his New York/Chicago house s0unds to a bill that includes Edinburgh’s Aqua Bassmo and Murray Richardson. See preView in Edinburgh Hogmanay Supplement. Edinburgh; Traverse, Sat 7 jan,

Film: The Iron Giant Superior children's animation, which transfers Ted Hughes's story The Iron Man to 1950s America. When a young boy finds a robot in his backyard, he has to keep it secret from both his mum and the US government. See reView, page 31 General release from M 77 Dec.

TV: Massive Landmarks Of The 20th Century The National Theatre Of Brent, aka Patrick Barlow and John Ramm present a massive attack on the 20th century With SIX nightly half-hour Skits on everything from the death of Queen Victoria to the birth of space travel. See preView, page 106. Channel 4, Tue 27 Dec—Boxing Day.

Books: More Matter John

Updike's 50th book is an amusing and profound series of essays and critiCisms on everything from Mickey

Mouse to Moby Dick, and the Sistine Chapel to Shirley Temple. See prevrew, page 102. Out now, priced [25.




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16 Dec 1999—6 Jan 2000 THE “ST 3