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18 Dec ****

There’s a hir t of Lorca and DH. Lawrence P .lout Stuart Paterson's tragic dral la. The sense of the peasants’ blood-link to the soil in the work of these writers has a kind of mysticism that's always in danger of looking plain silly. Paterson, however, demonstrates a deft touch in illustrating that the events that overtake his rural Ayrshire characters are not simply the cruel tricks of forgotten pagan Gods, but are socially, economically

and sexually determined.

Matt (Liam Brennan), the long absent elder brother of Rab (John Kazek), has been found, more dead than alive, near his familial home. Troubled by evil dreams and in failing health as a result of being gassed in the Great War many years before and having lived rough ever since, he‘s nevertheless a braggart. A little like Pinter's

Davies in The Caretaker, he

displays a delusionary belief in his

own strength and potency;

inadvertently egged on by his starstruck sibling, he takes command of a carefully built business. There follows an inevitable affair with Rab's city- born wife, Catherine (Vicki Liddelle), a women much objectified and too

often silenced by the males around her.

All this hints at the Blood Wedding outcome and atmosphere. However, there's also a commentary on the strife of the play's depression-hit milieu and the effects of sudden modernisation on this remote location although this might have been better developed. For all that, strong playing by the central trio sustains the play, while Blythe Duff as a woman spurned by her community for begetting an illegitimate child is a stand-out among the

supporting cast. (Steve Cramer)

A very unpeasant fellow: Liam Brennan in King Of The Fields, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh




119 Gorbals Street. 429 0022. [P. H. TI".

l we. WA] Death In Venice Until Sat 18 Dec.

7.30pm. £10 (£3). Tue all tickets £3.

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30 Midland Street. 321 «Itltll. [W(‘. WA] The End Part Two Sat I Jan. 00.0Iam. A seven minute piece of physical theatre based on lleiner Muller’s .Ilt'tletr/l/uy. which summarises the life cycle of sex. marriage. birth and death. l’trrr oil-Irelres' Hog/nullity .‘s'ig/ll.

Giles Ilavergal directs Thomas Mann‘s

story of a restless writer who becomes infatuated with a beautiful young boy as cholera spreads throughout the city of


Blood On The Thistle Until Sat 18 Dec. 7.30pm. £10 (£3). Tue - all tickets £3. Douglas Sketlon‘s dark play. adapted, directed and designed by Kenny Miller. tells the story of three Scottish killers who relive their crimes from the

i psychiatrist's couch.

Cavalcade Until Sat 18 Dec. 7.30pm. £10 (£3). Tue all tickets £3. Directed

and designed by Philip Prowse, Noel

(‘oward's epic play follows the ups and downs of the Maryott family through 30 emotionally charged years.


03—95 Ilyndland Street. 357 3868. [II. WC. WA]

Babes In The Wood Until Sat 18 Dec. I7 Dec 1pm & 7pm; 18 Dec 2pm & 7pm. £6 (£2.50—£-l). A traditional family panto

l brought to you by drama students at Glasgow Nautical College.

Elli/letteultt ceurne l) University Avenue. 287 5511.

Area 51 Thu I()—Sat I8 Dec. 7.30pm; Sat

3.30pm & 7.30pm. £7.50 (£5). The world premiere of this all new rock 'n' roll musical tells of something evil from outer space. which finds a home in the top secret military installation known as Area 51. As

i the body count mounts the mystery

deepens. Created by Glasgow University students. the production uses pyrotechnics. video pro'cction and live DJing.

Godspeli Tue Zl—Wed 22 Dec. £5 (£4). Students of the Musical Theatre course at the Dance School of Scotland present this popular musical.


50 Kilmardinny Avenue. Bearsden, 931 5083. Plum Loco's Christmas Cracker Thu

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