Metacity/Data Town (Glasgow The Lighthouse, 5 Feb— 23 Apr) Where is the contemporary city gomg7 Has the high-rise had its day and will cellular iii/mg be the thing of the future7 Conceived by MVRDV, one of Holland's most (?)((lllllg architectural practices, titis show includes an ’in-the-round' vrtual reality pijGCllOfl of a

lrlOch ity/Data Town, an imaginary city for 241 million inhabitants

Dream Machines (Dundee Dundee Contemporary Arts, 5 Feb---26 Man This show, curated by the anthropologist and artist Susan Hiller, asks why are some artists so Interested :n dreams, altered states of

consc iousness and psychological extremes Organised by London's Hayward Gallery, it is premiered in Dundee and features such big names as Gilbert and George, Douglas Gordon, Marina Abramovrc, LOUise Bourgeois, Jane and Louise Wilson and many others

Anne Beavan/Graeme Todd

lEdlllbUfgh Fruitmarket Gallery, 12 Scotland's most interesting artists The 00'8 Picture: Water for a proiect entitled Feb 25 Mar) In the second instalment show their latest work Beavan has Ame Beavan 5 undercover/ uncoverecl whic h has of Visions For The Future, two of worked closely with East of Scotland undercover/“Mover” seen her get to grips with what lurks

beneath man-holes Todd, on the

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . other hand, showshislatest seriesof

paintings entitled Mount _ I _ Hiclclenabyss hi" i D I Sh l” S O LU Scottish Design Awards 2000 (Glasgow lhe lighthouse, 18 .30 Apri The 905 were a good decade for British art, but will the 'noughties' deliver a similar high- NW“ “m '” l998. Ill“ DOW)” AWN“ octane scene? In April, the British Art Show (BAS) kicks off in Edinburgh. Taking place “M” “"W “‘9‘” ”‘ Prom“ (“will every five years, this touring show last came to the city in 1996 (after opening in (lo-8'9” "“ m“ “"0 “"d “mph” 8 Th" Manchester the year before) with Douglas Gordon, Steve McQueen, Gary Hume and Show om)” the (mm 0 to We up hm Christine Borland in its line-up. This time over 50 artists have been selected to show work Of tomorrow (md’ W the hm Imw’ in seven of Edinburgh's art venues to celebrate what is described as the 'diversity, wit mm” gm the Opportume to ((m d

d b f B h vote for the favoured designs an exu erance' o contem ora ritis art. . . . p ry Salvador Dali: Optical lllusrons

This time there is a strong contingent from Scotland. Jim Lambie, known for his (Edinburgh Om” balmy, 22 Jul 1 O, I, psychedelic floor installations, and Martin Boyce, who creates giant spider webs out of Tm, master of soft W‘m hm (“M W. strip lights. will show work along with David Shrigley, Chad McCail, Carol Rhodes and bearer of (mo of {hp world's most Simon Starling. BAS is also not without its celebrities. Tracey Emin of unmade bed fame is notable rnoustac hes is given a one of the selected artists. (Susanna Beaumont) retrospective Fifty of Dali's most a British Art Show Will be at lcliriburgli's City Art Centre, Col/ec tive Gallery, Fruitmarlcet Gallery, significant paintings are drawn Inver/eitli House, National Gallery Of Modern Art, Stills Gallery and la/bot Rice Gallery 7 Apr 4 together to WOW ll” IOWJ fa“ WW0” jun With illusion and the dream-like

landscape Woolly minded: Damien Hirst's Away From The Flock at the 1995 British Art Show Pam Klee (Ed'lllml‘lll erl'mlr’l

Gallery Of Modern Art, 12 Aug 22 Octi labelled a 'degenerate' by the Nazis in the early 1930s, Klee was forced to flee Germany to return to his native Swn/erland Nevertheless he went on to become one of the 20th century's most innovative artists This exhibition includes 130 oils, drawmgs, watercolours and prints by Klee from the Burgi Collec tron in Bern, one of the largest private collections of his work which has never been preViously exhibited to the public

Roderick Buchanan (Dundee Dundee Contemporary Arts, Now The Glasgow-based artist who has found recognition on the contemporary international art scene is given a major show at DCA Buchanan has photographed wearers of New York baseball hats around the world, made Videos, text works and sculpture Here new and old work is brought tc)c;c?tlic)r

100 THE lIST 7—20 Jan 2000