declares (iillespie. ‘II' we aren‘t then. we should he shot.‘

The Scottish leg of the tour brings them to lidinhurgh’s (‘orn lischange and marks the first time they‘ye played in the capital since “)8‘). "l‘he gig was good.‘ says (iillespie. slipping hack to oyer a decade ago. '\\'e were rocking and giying it .\l(‘5. but nobody turned up. We had no money and somebody put us tip for the night. We just stayed tip taking magic mushrooms all night. There was a great record collection at the flat we were in. and they had Kris Kristol'l'erson "Sunday Morning ('oming Down". I was lying there tripping. It felt pretty damn good.‘

(iillespie also feels damn good about Primal Scream circa 2000. ‘lt’ there‘s one band who haye consistently changed and consistently challenged themselves and other hands‘ perceptions of music. it’s us. \Ve'ye neyer made the same record twice. .\'e\'er haye. neyer will. We're trying to change perceptions of what a pop record should he. \Ve'ye been going sixteen years now. but that includes when you start in the bedroom v- we neyer toured properly until ‘80 or '87. There were guys who were our contemporaries in 1986 who are accountants now. They were always accountants. we were always rock 'n‘ rollers. That’s the dil't'erencef

Exterminator is released on Mon 31 Jan. Primal Scream play The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, on Mon 13 Mar.