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A lot ol’ stars don‘t earn the name. Talented they may be (some ot‘ them). but vvhen it comes to living the lull—on llollyvvood Babylon i'it/u Inca. they remain several

platimun bathtubs short ot‘ a mansion. 'l'hey guard their

privacy so jealously that fame is vvasted on them (l)epp. Norton. Spacey): or they're as mild as milk and might as

well be teaching junior high (l’altrovv. Ryder. Danes): or

they’re dovvnright hoorish and dull t.\lc(iregor. Al’l‘leck. Damon). Where are our decadent. charcoal-eyed vamps. our (iloria vaansons and Rudolph \"alentinos and Louise Brookses'.’ God bless Angelina Jolie. because Christina Ricci must be getting lonely representing the dark side all by herself.

Hollyvvood has begttn to grasp .lolie to its bosom. and whether she is strong enough to resist being tamed. calmed and amalgamated remains to be seen. l.est she re-emerge as a malleable kit-oil cutie or. vvorse. an anodyne. buttoned—up svveetheart in the Julia Roberts mould. vve should celebrate her as she is right novv.

A battle-scarred. branded. l'aintly perverted exotic.

16THE UST 7~2O Jar 2000

she's still reassuringly glossy and gorgeous; l‘ond ol‘ death. knives and skydiving. she also has great star pedigree. being Jon \‘oight's daughter and .lonny Miller‘s ex— vvil'e. She’s llolvavmid-vveird. steeped in oddball mythology and yet together enough to steer her ovvn career with tilinty determituttion.

It's certainly shaped tip since her debut in the 1994 turkey Hackers: her liery performances in I’m/ring Tilt and Playing By llmrt gained much acclaim. ll. the upcoming

A battle-scarred, branded, faintly perverted exotic, she's still reassuringly glossy and gorgeous.

serial killer yarn The Bone ('n/lu'mr doesn’t break her into the big time. (iirl. Illl(’l')'l(/)I(’(/. in which she co-stat‘s \vitlt Winona Ryder. vvill. Alter all. who else could share a screen with Ryder without fear of being out-eyed. out- checkboned and out-performed'.’

The Bone Collector opens on Fri 14 Jan. See review, page 24.