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I Voices Of Ireland Strathclyde Suite. 287 55] I. 8pm. £l0. Ronnie Drew‘s big voice is well remetnbercd from the archetype of Irish ballad bands the Dubliners. while De Dannan singer Iilcanor Shanley‘s gentler traditional feel incorporates a country strand.

I Janis Ian The Old l-‘ruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 55l l. 9pm. £l 2. US star lan has been cotnposing songs for four decades and brings her latest crop to Glasgow. Support from English/Australian Andrew White. a very fine guitarist who made a big impression last year.

I Festival Club With Gibb Todd Quality Hotel. Gordon Street. 22] 9680. llpm—3am. £l.50.



I Community Concert Main Auditorium. 287 55l l. llam. Free btit ticketed.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd lixhibition Hall. 287 55] l. 5pm. Free. See Wed I2.

I Seamus Heaney 8r Liam O'Flynn Main Auditorium. 287 55l 1. 7.30pm.

£l l-—£l3. The Nobel Laureate poet and the Ard Ri. or High King of Irish pipers. share the stage in fascinating Celtic connectedness. With support from young award-winning harpcr Phamie Gow. See preview.

I New Voices: Simon Thoumire St Aloysius‘ Church. Hill Street. Garnethill. 287 55l 1. 8pm. £8. Concertina ace Thoumire reprises his jazz/folk big band ('t'llit‘ ('nnnet‘limts Suite and premiers his Scottish Requiem with Glasgow Schools Orchestra and Choir. with added pipes and strings.

I Anne Martin & Ingrid Henderson Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 353 0220. 8pm. £7. Gaelic song from the celebrated Skye-based singer with piano and harp accompaniment from one of Lochaber's talented Henderson family. Scots traditional singer Jimmy Hutchinson is a rare treat in support.

I Frances Black With Margaret Bennett Strathclyde Suite. 287 5511. 8pm. £l0. Sister of the tnore famous Mary. Frances follows the fatnin style of performing songs from all sources and not just the Irish tradition. but country and pop roots too. Bennett mother of the more famous Martyn is a singer in Gaelic and Scots with an extensive knowledge of cultural and folk traditions. I Festival Club With Gibb Todd Quality Hotel. Gordon Street. 221 9680. l lpm—3am. Free.



I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage With Gibb Todd Exhibition Hall. 287 55] 1. 5pm. Free. See Wed 12.

I Arlo Guthrie Main Auditorium. 287 5511. 7.30pm. £l l—£l3. Woody's son has long been an admired stage performer. managing to evolve since his 60s celebrity. yet retain an integrity. He‘s here in a family trio. Support from the astonishingly talented Alison Brown. a virtuoso banjo and guitar player who. along with her quartet. takes music into uncharted territory.

I Allan MacDonald & Margaret Stewart Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 3530220. 8pm. £7. Musician. piper and singer MacDonald fortns a duo with one

of Scotland‘s great Gaelic singers in what promises to be one of the best concerts of traditional music at the Festival. Maggie MacRae's songs from Ayrshire open the concert.

I Barachois Tron Theatre. Trongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £9. High-energy Acadien (the same root as Cajun) dance music and song from the band who are straight out of Canada's Prince Edward Island. and undoubted crowd favourites from their visits over the last few years. Support frotn entertaining nouvcaux- plaidies The Wallace Clan.

I Dolores Keane Strathclyde Suite. 287 55] l. 8pm. £10. With lshbel MacAskill and Elspeth Cowie. A name that‘s always mentioned in connection with Irish traditional song and as an example of the currently common move into a polished. middle-of-the-road country-tinged rock. Support from the cool. clear voice of Lewis Gaelic singer lshbel MacAskill and Scots balladeer Elspeth Cowie.

I Deaf Shepherd and Xose Manuel Budino The Old Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 5511. 9pm. £l2. The cream of young bands frotn Scotland and Galicia. taking and remaking the musical traditions. Both bands feature the native bagpipes.

I Festival Club With Gibb Todd Quality Hotel. Gordon Street. 22l 9680. llpm—3am. Free.

WEDNESDAY 19 Glasgow

I Community Concert Main Auditorium. 287 551 l. llam. Free btit ticketed. See Mon I7.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd Exhibition Hall. 287 55] l. 5pm. Free. See Wed I2.

I Altan Main Auditorium. 287 55l I. 7.30pm. £1 l—£l3. Donegal's celebrated musical ambassadors are one of the best- loved groups playing straight-ahead fiddle-driven music and song. Their consummate acoustic music is always a delight. With Tim O‘Brien and The Crossing Project.

I The Spit And Polish Showcase Strathclyde Suite. 287 55] 1. 8pm. £10. Featuring John Herald. Ben Vaughn and Laura Cantrell. A stellar line-up of alternative American country launches Glasgow record label Shoeshine‘s new CD. Bob Dylan memorably described Herald as ‘the country Stevie Wonder'. I Bobby Eaglesham Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 353 0220. 8pm. £7. lix- Five Hand Reeler (with Dick Gaughan). Eaglesham now paints as much as plays the guitar. but hasn‘t lost his warm touch with Scots song. Support frotn veteran Glasgow socialist and singer Arthur Johnstone.

I Kate Rusby Tron Theatre. Trongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £l0. The young Yorkshire singer and musician is concentrating on a solo career after a spell in the Poozies, and has built an enthusiastic audience for her charming. unpretentious mix of ballads and songs from her native Barnsley and beyond. Support trio Dibidil‘s explosive energy on accordion. fiddle and guitar is the product of three young men from Ireland. America and Scotland.

I Michael McGoldrick Band Strathclyde Suite. 287 55] l. 9pm. £12. The virtuoso Capercaillie and Lunasa flute player and uillean piper has a new. ten-strong band and a new CD taking Irish traditional music into a post- Capercaillie. often dancey soundscape.

Kate Rusby


Mercury Prize nominee Kate Rusby's northern soul shines through her chatty, quirky, Barnsley-accented introductions and she can sing a ballad with the best of them. Later in the Festival she rejoins her old all-women band for a night of expanded Poozieness.

Kate Rusby, The Tron, Wed 19 Jan, 8pm; The Poozies, Main Auditorium,

Sat 29 Jan, 7.30pm.

Support from the funky. laid-back take on Gaelic tnttsic by Tannas.

I Festival Club With Gibb Todd Quality Hotel. Gordon Street. 22] 9680. l lpm—3am. l‘ree. Singer-in-Residence at the House of Song is the celebrated tradition-bearer Sheila Stewart.



I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage With Gibb Todd lixhibition Hall. 287 55H. 5pm. Free. See Wed 12.

I John Prine 8r Iris DeMent Main Auditorium. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £l8—£20. Two geniuses from separate eras of the American experience. and a common bond in music. See preview.

I Alasdair Fraser 8: Paul Machlis 't‘ron Theatre. Trongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £9. Their much-admired original album together created a matrix for the subsequent California Scots style of fiddle music so eloquently performed by Fraser's Skyedancc band. Hear it in a gentler manner. with just Machlis‘ sensitive keyboard playing.

I Joe and Anne Conroy Burke ’t‘he

Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 353 0220. 8pm. £7. The legendary. veteran Irish accordionist with his wife on second box. in concert with young lidinburgh-bascd. btit 'l‘yronc-brcd. button box maestro Leo McCann and bou/ouki ace Aaron Jones. They'll be sharing tunes and not a few laughs. Support from the great Scots traditional singer Sheila Stewart.

I Alison Brown Quartet Strathclyde Suite. 287 55l 1. 8pm. £l0. Storming. intelligent. jauy. contemporary bluegrass and country from a virtuoso banjo and guitar player. Support from new Scots band Rattlcr’s Bite.

I Shooglenifty The Old l’ruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 55l l. 9pm. £l2. Still the leaders in the Celtic groove stakes, the iidinburgh band has taken its brand of new tradition from the Borneo rainforest to the Cuban plantation and always gets the crowd dancing. Support with original music. performance art and unusual angles on Galician music. by new arrivals to Glas vow. Berraghuetto.

I Festival Clui) Quality Hotel. Gordon Street. llpm-—3am. £1.50. With House of Song guest Sheila Stewart.

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