See the first exhibition of the Magnum Women Photographers.

It can take years for some women to get to the top, for these women it took l/60th of a seco d. Eve Arnold, Martine Franck,

Susan Meiselas. Inge Morath and Marilyn Silverstone were the only women ever admitted to the legendary photographer's collective: Magnum. And they changed the face of photo-journalism forever. For the first time anywhere. you can see what they saw. in the exhibition Magna Brava. a collection of I80 moving and breath-taking documentary images from around the world.

organised by the photographers themselves.Work that is daring. distinguished. unforgettablejust like the women themselves.

09 SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Ol3l 624 6200. women, Burness ‘A‘, W9ng

UNTIL 30 JANUARY 2000. ADMISSION £2.50. CONCESSIONS £I.50. .S‘n/[i'z'ln/‘u ‘3’. f‘. H"f'i;‘.

7—20 Jan 2000 THE lIST 35