CLUBS listings

Four play

Originally from London. 01 Flix (aka Felix Oram) has settled comfortably in Edinburgh. heading into his second year as resident in Sublime's Blue Room. picking up residencies in La Honda (The Bongo Clubland Nomad (Wilkie House). His experimental. nu skool sound has won him many fans. and we expect big things from his recent foray into the wide world of production.

fix,“ W}, go“-

Waveform: 'Proteus 4' (10 Kilo)

Mike James, aka Waveform, has found time to team up with the impressive 10 Kilo label. The result is a track of devastating proportions: slick

production and a monster bassline make this a nu skool classic.

Broadway Danny Rose: ‘Stalrwell Act’crity’ (Ultimatum Breaks)

Danny Rose is a modern day musical genius. This is his first release for Carl Cox‘s label and is simply phenomenal. Fucked up chords, a grinding bassiine, outrageous samples and a truly original rhythm section all set at a drum & bass tempo.

Spike: ‘Other Sides' (Meltdown Communication)

Teaming up with the new Bush offshoot label Meltdown Communication, the result is a crisp slice of nu skool electronica. Beautiful production and warm analogue synth lines make this a dancefloor hit.

Bushwackal: ‘Shock Horror‘ (End Recordings)

The title track is classic Bushwacka! electro breaks. With lush tech-house chords and a chunky bassline, the outcome is sublime.

56 THE LIST 7—20 Jan 2000

I Nomad at Wilkie House. 10.30pm-3am. £7. 21 Jan. Monthly. Nomad kicks off properly tonight. and make sure that you are there to catch it. The basic ethos is that the promoters want to bring to town whoever takes their fancy - be they electro, house, drum & bass, ambient and so on. The only criteria is that they need to be quality artists or DJs. And so tonight they welcome the Space DJz who will be playing on four decks for a mammoth three hour set of the very finest electro, hip hop and breakbeat. They’ll be ably supported by the supremely talented DJ Flix (see Four play); trust us, this resident rocks and is one to watch. Something good for the capital, anyone? See preview.

I Pillbox at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 28 Jan with their first birthday knees-up.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus. 10.30pm—3am. £4. Weekly. From 1976—1989, it’s all that new romantic, pop and punk stuff that made our lives so enjoyable way back when.

I Pure at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £7 (£5). 7 Jan. Fortnightly. After the madness of the previous weekend, the Pure team keep on partying, as is their inimitable style. The residents TWitch, Brainstorm, The Bill and Sandy Paris look after all your techno needs. Don’t miss Buckfunk 2000 guesting on 21 Jan. I Skyscraper at The Venue (top floor). 14 Jan. Fortnightly. No other details available at time of going to press.

I Sin at Eden. Monthly. Next date 28 Jan.

I Sublime at The Potterrow. Next date 4 Feb with Nick Warren.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3am. £8 (free to members). 14 Jan. Fortnightly. Main room resident Kev Wright has gallantly survived the madness of the Sublime Millennium (pending psychiatric results, of course) and will be returning to lay on another one of his epic three hour sets, with support from ldge in the main room. Through the back you can catch the outstanding Gary Mac and Felix laying on nu skool breaks and beats, electro and whatnot to great effect. Please note that tonight is free to members, ’cause they’re that nice. (http://www.sublime-

I Subtle Logic at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 21 Jan with Moscow Discow. I Tranceluscent at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £tbc. 14 Jan. Monthly. So successful that they’ve moved into a fortnightly slot, expect big things from the Euro trance club.

I Ultragroove at La Belle Angele. 11pm-3am. £7 (£5). 7 Jan. Monthly. Colin Cook and Gareth Sommerville lay on garage and house sounds.

I Wiggle Waggle at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—3am. £5. 14 Jan. Monthly. This is the last date until March for this outstandingjazz, funk and rare groove club. In a city well known for its clubbing diversity, Wiggle Waggle still manages to stand out thanks to the cool atmosphere and funky music bestowed by residents Bob Cairns and Yogi

Hau hton.

I Wtze lives at Eden. Monthly. Next date 11 Feb.

Chart & party

I The Ark at The Ark. 10pm-3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. ‘Recognisable dance and party tunes’ at this extremely popular venue.

I The Attic at The Attic. 11pm—3am. £2. Weekly. Musical hits from all the usual suspects.

I Flirt at The Cavendish. 10pm—3am. £6. Weekly. A heady mix of 705 to 905 hits for an over 255 crowd.

I The Funk Train at The Potterrow. No dates until mid Jan.

I Fusion at Eros/Elite. 9pm-3am. £4 (£2) before 11pm; £5 (£3) before midnight; £6 (£5) after. Weekly. Smart casual, no trainers at this brand new club. Lots of mainstream party music for those out for a good time.

I Loca at Loca. 8pm-3am. Free entry before 11pm; £2 before lam; £4 after.

Weekly. A fun mix of chart, dance and disco for a more mature crowd.

I Reaction at The Subway. llpm—3am. Free for students with matriculation card; £2 otherwise. Weekly. A mix of chart, dance and classic disco.

I The Subway West End at The Subway West End. 4pm—3am. £1. Weekly. DJs playing chart music for a drinking crowd.

I The Time Tunnel at Club Mercado. 10pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Trendy Wendy and Vince Stilton the Cheesemaster take you through the 60s, 705 and 80s in a now weekly bash.

I Yum Yum at Revolution. 10pm—3am. £5—£7. Weekly. Chart and dance night at this very popular club.



I Catwalk at The Catwalk. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Happening house beats and true eclectica.

I Club Java at Club Java. 10pm—2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Gibbo (Cosmic Disco) plays happy house and soulful garage.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Nortc. 10pm—lam. Free. Weekly. it’s Saturday so it must be salsa check DJs Jorge, Coco and James Combo on rotation.

I Czech This Out at Pivo. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. It may be completely shite outside, but in Pivo you’ll find a warm retreat, some serious alcohol and the odd outstanding DJ. Best of its kind by a mile.

I eh1 more at eh1. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Garage and house DJs on rotation at this popular city centre bar.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Colin Cook presents a night of Afro beats and Latin fusion blended with the best of New York house. I Salsa Con Sabor at Baracoa. 10pm—1am. Free. Weekly. DJ Hector looks after lovers of Latin.


I Atomic Baby at Eden. Monthly. Next date 5 Feb.

I Big Beat at Cafe Graffiti. Big Beat has now finished.

I CC. Blooms at C.C. Blooms. 11pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Get up and move those hips at this very busy gay bar/ club.

I Colours at The Potterrow. No dates until Jan.

I Cream at The Potterrow. Monthly. No dates until Jan.

I Digital at The Venue (top floor). 10.30pm—3am. £5. 8 Jan. Fortnightly. Mitchell and J. Cammera reside at this funky techno club.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue. 10.30pm-3am. £7 (£6 members; £5 in fancy dress). 8 Jan. Fortnightly. All you can do is step back in time . . . make a night of it at this brilliant tongue in cheek 70$ revival. Dig out your maddest flares, stick on some sideburns and don a crazy afro, baby.

I Diva at The Liquid Room. llpm—Sam. £6 (£5). Weekly. Yogi Haughton maintains a tight grip on the music policy and invites his favourite DJ pals to join him in his crusade for the very finest in disco music, all with a great Latin, jazz and funk edge. This is an outstanding club at a great venue. Definitely worth a look.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar. 11pm-3am. £4 (£3.50). Weekly. A mix of indie, 605, soul, deep funk, soundtracks and all things groovy at this popular Art College student union.

I Eye Candy at Club Mercado. 11pm-3am. £10 (£8). 8 Jan. Fortnightly. This house and speed garage night has DJs Nejat Barton (Manchester) and Graeme Popstar (who has the coolest DJ name around, we think). Please note that there is a tight dress code: ‘no effort, no chance’. Look beautiful and outrageous, people.

I Filth at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 29 Jan.

I Fire Island at Wilkie House. Monthly. Next date 29 Jan.

I Gatecrasher at The Potterrow. 10pm—3am. £8 (£6). 14 Jan. Monthly. The Potterrow kicks off its new party

season with Sheffield‘s most notorious and brightly coloured export, Gatecrasher. If you're strangely attracted to all things day-glo, like to suck your fair share of lolly dummies, and aren‘t adverse to throwing shapes with careless abandon. then make your way to Edinburgh’s nicest sound system and jump about like the loon you always knew you could be.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. 10.30pm—3am. £6 (£5). 15 Jan. Monthly. Two rooms of superfunk for the future and two free drinks for everyone to help celebrate their second birthday.

I .lazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. 10pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Swirler blend some ultimate jazz sounds (8 Jan) while Melting Pot (15 Jan) do the Latin funk thing.

I Joy at Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3am. £tbc. 8 Jan. Monthly. Well into its seventh year of hedonism and continuous partying, Joy lets everyone in for much cheapness tonight (price to be confirmed) as special way of saying ‘thank you‘ to all those who have shown support. Catch Maggie & Alan in the main room with their trance and techno banging numbers, while Trendy Wendy and Sally Findlay look after the back room with all things kitsch, kookic and discoey. We love this club, we really do.

I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at Po Na Na. 11pm—3am. £3. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint, old skool to nu skool to dancelloor full . . . or something.

I Lizzard Lounge at The Bongo Club. Starting monthly from 29 Jan.

I Luvely at Wilkie House. Monthly. Next date 22 Jan.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. 10pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. World music with Sir Ossie playing the full spectrum ofAfrican, soca, Latin, salsa, reggae and ragga sounds.

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo Club. 1(me—3am. £6. 8 Jan. Fortnightly. Enjoy the consious reggae sounds of the 60s through to 2000 and beyond featuring Culture MC lshu.

I Mingin' at Studio 24, upstairs only. 10.30pm—3am. £5. 15 Jan. Monthly. Alan Joy’s night where it's the music (and not decor, fancy flyers, expensive guests) that matters. lt’s banging trance and house attracting a friendly gay/mixed crowd.

I The Mission at Studio 24. llpm—3am. £5 (£4). 7 Jan. Fortnightly. Attracting a near capacity crowd most nights, this is one of Scotland’s biggest alternative clubs with three floors of rock, goth and indie/dance which should suit just about everyone’s tastes.

I Noa at Noa. 10pm—3am. Free entry before midnight; £6 after. Weekly. Jon Flowers, Martin Valentine and Craig Phillips mix up US house and garage.

I Scratch at The Venue (top floor). 10.30pm—3am. £6. 15 Jan. Fortnightly. Keep on keeping on at Edinburgh’s biggest hip hop night with all the usual suspects putting on a show. Catch Lyley, Richie Rufftone and Extra.

I Shebang at Wilkie House. 11pm—3am. £1()(£8). 15 Jan. Monthly. Definately worth a look, this one. The very capable Gail Sellars (wo)mans this uplifting house night on her own, head down and keep her company.

I Substantial at Eden. Monthly. Next date 12 Feb.

I Teaseage at The Citrus. 11pm-3am. £4. Weekly. Indie, with a touch of dance and funk, played to a packed and sweaty crowd.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. Next date 29 Jan.

I Tropisam at The Venue. 11pm—3am. £4 before midnight; £5 after. 15 Jan only. Look out for residents Bigger & Wiser on the main floor playing uplifting and oh so funky house, while TJ Crossley . resurfaces to play an outstanding mix of hip hop and funk downstairs.

I Vegas at Eden. 10.30pm-3am. £5; free with Millennium Ball ticket_stu_b. 15 Jan. Monthly. The kitsch and swmging showtunes keep rolling out of Vegas and tonight sees residents Frankie Sumatra, Bugsy Seagull and Dino Martini look after the cool cats.