Charlie's Angels

Three ex-coppers workrng as detectrves for some old geezer no one ever sees Sound a brt suss to you? In the 70s thrs was perfectly acceptable, especrally rf the three former rozzers looked and acted lrke Charlre's Angels. Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smrth and Farrah Fawcett- Majors were the most unKOJak-lrke TV detectrves at the trme, acceptrng mrsSrons whrch usually rnvolved them gettrng rn some state of undress before battlrng baddres. Thrs nrght of Angelrc madness screens the prlot show and documentarres detarlrng everythrng from the femrnrst debate around rt to the career of creator Aaron SpeHrng. Char/re’s Ange/s Nrght rs broadcast on Channel 4, Sat 75 Jan.

Summer Of Sam

Sprke Lee tackles prejudrce and rntolerance once more rn hrs best frlm srnce Do The Rrght Thing. It’s the long, hot summer of 1977 rn New York. Punk rock has hrt the streets whrle clubbers are boogre- rng nrghts away to the other new sound: drsco. Out rn the Bronx, temperatures are rrsrng and rt arn't Just a heatwave that's got the communrty breakrng rnto a sweat. New York's frrst celebrrty serral krller, the ’Son Of Sam’, rs on the loose and hrs rergn of terror charges the area wrth vrolent energy.

Summer Of Sam opens at Glasgow, GFT and Edrnburgh Fr/mhouse on Frr’ 74 Ian, see preview, page 23, and revrew, page 26.

Michel Faber

Hrtch-hrkrng once had a romantrc lure about rt 7 the glamour of the road, the rdealrstrc free nomadrc M'CHEL FABER sprrrt. Now though, the relatronshrp between hrtcher and drrver has become a perrlous one. Further evrdence that you’d have to be mad to go around grvrng motorrsts the thumb comes wrth Under The Skin, the much antrCrpated debut novel from short story wrrter lvlrchel Faber. Awartrng you rn bookshops rs a 22-page taster of the brzarre and drsturbrng road rage of Faber's antr-herome, lsserley. If you lrke what yOu read, take the booklet back and get £2 snrpped off the whole book.

Under The Skin rs pub/rshed by Canongate on Thu 27 Jan, pr/ced £70.


4 IHE UST 7—20 lar‘, 2000