O I saw you running with me briefly on Byres Road, Sun 5 Dec. You were blonde and looked amazing. I had dark hair and ran away. Still can’t believe I did that. Like to catch up? Box No U/377/1.


U I saw you Borders, Fri 27/11/99. You, very, very leggy even though they were crossed. What a pair, you can tease me anytime, anyplace, pref mine. Go on, do it, mmm nice skirt. Ditch the guy. Box No U/377/2.


O I saw you James? ln CC’s three or four weeks ago. You said you’d had your eye on me for a while. I said I’d call but wrong number, still interested? Elxxx. Box No U/377/3.

v I saw you David at Polo Lounge, Sat 11 Dec. My drunk lesbian friend tried to introduce us beside dance floor. I spoke to you at cloakroom at end of night. Call me. Box No U/377/4. O I saw you ex honey girl looking electric at the OFT for Hitchcock. But then you always look great, especially when your trousers are dirty. How I’d love to see you take them off though. Box No 377/5.

Q I saw you Tracey Handbags (Strawberry blond Art Teacher) in the Phoenix, 1 was Robin Haversack. Don’t know what happened, everything went con- fusing. (I’m diabetic). I should have got my coat a lot sooner! Do you wanna go for a coffee to discuss. Box No U/377/6.

v I saw you Wok Bar Saturday before Christmas, afternoon. You were looking really cute, short hair, chain on trousers, eating with two friends. I was wearing red top, with friend. We exchanged long glances. Fancy meeting up for more noodles? Box No U/377/7.


V I saw you gorgeous babe at Mountcastle Drive 16/12/99, with your guitar and two other girls, I was in the blue Rover. Are you single? I would like to get to know you. Box No U/377/8.

Q I saw you Glasgow Art School, leaving architecture building. I want to get busy in the back seats of your shiny blue car. Box No U/377/9.


9 I saw you Helena, climbing yet another munro. Who was the guy you were with? Hope it is not serious. Why don’t we bag one together! Box No U/377/10. 0 I saw you Waterstone’s as you arranged the football biographies, not your reading matter at all - loved your the- matic blue shirt/black chords - me, stressed but creative guy in fleece Paulo may have my number! Fantastic salutations! Hope yo’ll ting my tinsel. Box No U/377/11.


v I saw you Tina at the show- case cinema sitting in the front row, Fight Club was good. I would love to wrestle with you sometime soon. Box No U/377/ 12.

v I saw you at the glasshouse. Dark and mysterious, not too seri- ous. You made me laugh, gringo. How about a road trip to Brazil. Eu and me! Box No U/377/13.

v I saw you dancing with that other guy, and you wanted me to rescue you. I liked it. Box No U/377/14.

O I saw you ‘cheeky Charlatans chappie’— you in the tartan jack- et, me in the black skirt. Actually, I’m a man, still inter- ested? Box No U/377/15.

O I saw you in Blue. You have the most enormous eyes! Your juicy Lucy. Box No U/377/16. V I saw you Mr Motorola, Queen St taxi rank, 18 December. Enjoyed our chat, but only know your cats name. Fancy an introduction some- time? Girl from Crookstoun. Box No U/377/17.


V I saw you Sandie-Sue, last chance for me and you, The Tron or The West End Bar. 1 want you, five weans in wellies and potato prints. Don’t be scared I will love you more. Come and be my everything! Box No U/377/ 18.


to I saw you Stephen at Anniesland college woodwork class. I still see you and your pants are still as sweet as ever. Box No U/377/ 19.

O I saw you Ben at work and in the Polo Lounge on Sunday 11/12/99. I was too shy to say hello. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/377/20.


O I saw you The Roxburgh Australian from Perth, lunchtime 22/12/99. You beauti- ful, statuesque, elegant, gor- geous smile and no Kiwi. Me, awestruck. Love to show you round my city. Coffee? I’ll serve this time. Box No U/377/21.

9 I saw you Craig, we kissed on the dance floor at Subway (not my usual hangout). You knew all the words. I was shy. 1 went home. Would like to see you Hilary. Box No U/377/22.


O I saw you in jewellers at Braehead on Monday 20 December. You short-haired beauty, me guy in leather jacket. Struck dumb and no longer browsing. Box No U/377/23. O I saw you 171 taking part in the New Year’s Day triathlon. What a body! I was breathless just watching you. It gave my mind a treat to imagine which position you’d finally cum in! Do let me know . . . Box No U/377/24.



9 I saw you we kissed. The Millennium near the Slam stage in the Merchant City. You dark and attractive . . . speech thera- pist? Me tall. glasses, cream pullover and besotted. We tried to talk but it wasn't the right place . . . I never got your num- ber. I'm looking out for you . . . Linda'.’ Box No U,”377 25.

O I saw you Jessica, with your cousin Julia in l‘innegans Wake. Tue 28 Dec. Your green eyes invited this blue eyed boy under your hat. lt seetned straight away as if we knew each other. Let’s talk, laugh. dance and kiss again. Love to hear frorn you. Steve from Newhaven. Box No U/377/‘36.

O I saw you at Delmonicas quiz. night, Thu 23 Dec. You cute girl/short dark hair, sitting near to the DJ. think you were drinking Smirnoff Ices. We had loads of eye contact all night, the girl you were with kept leaving you on your own she was wearing cream coloured dress. Me, girl over on seat near booths you kept turning round to look. I was the one with very short, dark hair and I think you‘re very nice just a shame you left before we could chat! Please get in touch and let me take you out for a drink. Box No U/377/27.

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