v I saw you Doddy B. Turquoise trainers, kettle chips in hand. Will you be my light- bulb? Katie Y. Box No U/377/28.

v I saw you GFI‘, box office woman, any chance of “One more kiss”? Mx.

Box No U/377/29.

O I saw you wearing glasses and a lumberjack shirt, so love- ly. By Boroughloch Square, Rankeillor St before Xmas! Box No U/377/30.

Q I saw you Mr medium, filter coffee to go man in Borders cafe. Wanna share my frequent drinks card? Call me! Box No U/377/31.


0 I saw you on Sun 12 Dec, Buchanan Street, Christmas shopping. Black bra, see thru’ top underneath, black leather jacket. Mesmerising smile, bewitching eyes, drop dead gor- geous. Let’s get to wink again if we meet again. Box No U/377/32.

v I saw you flaring bar boy at Henry’s. We flirted all night, let’s do it again sometime Peter. Box No U/377/33.


Q I saw you wearing a sexy silver bomber jacket, loafers and a cool white shirt at Haymarket station - I love ya babe!! Box No U/377/34.

O I saw you Jon and you lit up my life. Enjoy NYC. I’ll be here when you get back. Lots of love. Bxx. Box No U/377/35.


78 TIIE UST 7-20 Jan 2000

O I saw you in Brel. You chat- ted me up and sang Tom Jones songs. I wore a scarf. You are the one. Box No U/377/36.

O I saw you Miss Hilary with your long blonde hair, you’re always in the wash when I am there. Box No U/377/37.

O I saw you in Motherfunk, in your black jumper and your fawn jeans. I want to hear your Primal Screams, Mr Gillespie. Box No U/377/38.

O I saw you on the stage at Harley’s on Sunday, you stole the dancefloor and my heart with those silver shorts, our eyes met, let them meet again, next week? Box No U/377/39.

O I saw you Gordon, I saw you in Eden, Sunday 2 Jan ‘00, nice black outfit. You saw me smil- ing at you please get in touch, twinkle eyes. We love you. Box No U/377/40.

O I saw you Postman on Dalry Road. You stole my copy of The List. £1.95 please! Box No U/377/41.

v I saw you in the Filmhouse bar in your lurid yellow puffa. You had your eyes taped shut while you spoke rubbish. Box No U/377/42.

O I saw you in your smoking jacket, me in a dodgy wig. Let’s get together and make some moovies at The Pond. Box No U/377/43.

O I saw you Matt Dyson, 1 Oct, walking home alone, I’ll be Princess Leia to your Han Solo. Box No U/377/44.

O I saw you in Negociants. Me in my stilletos, you in your tuxe- do. Let’s get together baby. Box No U/377/45.

U I saw you on the door at Noa. One day I’ll put a rupple in your muscles and make you smile, you old beefcake. Box No U/377/46.


O I saw you working in the Outhouse. Your dazzle creates my sheen. Keep sparkling. Box No U/377/47.

O I saw you in the Bongo Club - that ultimate box of delights. You are my No 1. chocolate. Box No U/377/48.

O I saw you last Thursday (9 Dec), at Iguana sipping red wine. You had a tight black top on. Are you always so aware of people looking at you? Box No U/377/49.

Q I saw you sexy babe, used to work in Shenanigans eh? Now you’re a city cafe barman. Remember me? I’ll pull you a pint anyday make my millen- nium! See ya hopefully, El. Box No U/377/50.

v I saw you Ginger flasher working at Nice n’ Sleazy’s. I’m rockin’ on n’ polishin’ my leathers. Luv S Quatro. xx. Box No U/377/51.

Q I saw you in my bed, wish- ing me good morning every day. My brown-eyed baby, thank you for being the best reason to be here. Box No U/377/52.

O I saw you blonde, stunning French, I think, with a Glasgow accent. I heard you say ‘bas- tard’. Oh, I want to hear that again. Box No U/377/53.

O I saw you Carly You looked gorgeous babe! Call me. G! Box No U/377/54.

O I saw you pakora man/navi- gator (16 Dec) on Sauchiehall St. You saved me from the evils of the night. I swore too much but thanks for the wine. Get in touch. Chips and cheese. Box No U/377/55.

O I saw you Frigid Brigid, you’re so good at going down under. We wish we could steal some of your thunder! ‘You flaming gallah!”. Box No U/377/56.


O I saw you you may pick you nose, scratch you bits, suffer ‘dungle berries’, but your still the best looker in ‘Pebbles’. Tank top Graeme we love you! Box No U/377/57.


0 I saw you John (Bennet’s, Saturday 18 Dec), you were known as ‘Medallion Man’ and you were a dancing queen. I’ve lost your number. Please contact me -— Roddy ‘T’. Box No U/377/58.

O I saw you at the 13th Note Cafe. You, tall, black hat and glasses, blue eyes and Norwegian looking. Me, hazel eyes, sitting in bath. Meet for board games? Box No U/377/59.


Q I saw you in the Garage, you told me I had beautiful eyes. What a wonderful night, I was flying high, but my world crashed around me because you were . . . ‘Lockerbie John'. Box No U/377/60.


0 I saw you blondie, eating your strawberry tart in Tinderbox. Bring some of your South Africa charm my way! Box No U/377/61.

O I saw you the girl of my dreams. Let‘s forget the rocky start and instead look to the future! The last time (yes!) Luv you. The man from Ulster! Box No U/377/62.

O I saw you crazy and high chic in lBth Note Club dancing wild on the floor. 27 Nov ‘99. You had black hair, even though you come from Sweden. See you for another shag? Box No U/377/63.


0 I saw you my little princess. I won’t see you for at least three weeks and you know how it hurts me. I love you, Anna. Box No U/377/64.

O I saw you dark haired brown-eyed babes, look like brothers but I’m not sure from a brown-eyed dark haired girl. Box No U/377/65.

Q I saw you sexy Dr Mills with your rugged good looks yet gently touch. I’ll be the one hav- ing palpitations underneath the mistletoe resuscitate me! Box No U/377/66.

v I saw you Devonshire cream cake looking yummy and scrum- my dancing to Cher at The Polo Lounge. Next time can I squeeze yer’ buns? Box No U/377/67.

O I saw you in the Borders Cafe, me sipping virgin mary. You greasy-haired, scabby-skin leper. You’re my special thing. How about waking up inside me? Box No U/377/68.

O I saw you in Borders being intellectual, somewhat like a hedgehog. We believe you are Greek O caaptain, my captain! Box No U/377/69.

O I saw you Fiona, Queen St, Mon 13 Dec. I was too shy to speak to you. Our eyes met, mine wants to say what heart desires until our eyes meet again. Box No U/377/70.