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The Love Hexagon William Sutcliffe (Hamish Hamilton £9.99) ** *

William Sutcliffe’s follow up to Are You Experienced?. his satirical look at gap year travellers, attempts to examine the social limbo where friendship tempered by sexual attraction resides. The Love Hexagon revolves around a group of six twentysomething Londoners who lean on each other for emotional support (and the occasional shag when the opportunity presents itself).

At the centre of this tangle of divided loyalties and incestuousness are Lisa and Guy, a couple who slowly realise that familiarity does indeed breed contempt. and that they are coasting along in a long term

From the bestselling author of Are You Experienced?

the love hexagon

Shapes of wrath: The Love Hexagon

relationship that's gone horribly stale.

Although it trots along at a swift pace and Sutcliffe inserts a steady stream of amusing, well-crafted observations into the narrative about life. love and sleeping with your mates, this contemporary comedy of sexual manners treads a well-worn path and, as a result, is pretty predictable. As soon as a character is delineated you know exactly what their fate will be. This may be the fault of the overzealous omnipotent narrator who provides insight into all the protagonists' psyches. thereby taking all the fun out of guessing who they'll end up

in bed with.

In parts, the novel manages to capture the embarrassment that accompanies the modern day dating game and the pain which is part and parcel of the disintegration of a love affair. However, the sum of these parts amounts to a less gripping, prose version of This Life with arts graduates instead of lawyers. (Dawn Kofie)


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PULP FICTION Chocolate Lizards

Cole Thompson (No Exit £6.99) at it i:

Written in the narrow sub-drvrsron of pulp known as 'West Texas oil-field gothic’, Cole Thompson has created a tumbleweed-strewn landscape peOpled with characters familiar to anyone who’s watched more than one episode of Dallas.

Aspiring actor Erwin Vandeveer strikes out in Hollywood and on his way home to Boston, gets stranded in the small town of Abilene. Along the conveyor-belt of caricatures comes Merle Luskey, the diehard oil-drillin’ cowboy, who befriends our city boy and enlists his services in the race- against-time battle to find some Texas tea (oil that is) and save his rigs.

Other characters include the fat, corrupt sheriff and the brassy Houston whore, Tex-Ann. Riding the Texan archetype like a wild bucking steer in a strong dialogue-based narrative, heavy on sound effects, Thompson shows himself to be a confident, if trashy, raconteur. Definitely one for all the line dancers out there. Yeehawl (CB)


Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees (Heinemann £10) at *

Yes, here they come again like extras from the set of yet another Jerry

Springer show, a troupe of twentysomething slackers and emotional refugees from the pens of Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees.

Come Again follows a similar narrative structure as its chapter- alternating best-selling predecessor,

' Come Together, except this time four

characters tell the story but confide in friends so any secrets are quickly circulated.

Our gossipmongers are closely involved in the wedding plans of their

mutual friends Jack and Amy. Diary- . like, the four narratives follow their

exploits on their respective stag and hen weekends and right up to the Big

; Day. Their doings might raise a few smiles and winces of recognition but

you can’t escape the rather jaded feeling that you’ve seen it all once too often.

Let’s hope the next decade finds us

i eschewing those novel-cum-memoirs

about Generation X angst creaking on

the shelf beside the self-help manuals. (DP)

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