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What's your favourite track to fall asleep th at night . . . ?

It's actually a whole album - The KLF's Chi/l Out

. . . and to wake up to in the morning? Pink Floyd's 'Cluster One'

KOn Air

Infamous for his role presenting STV’s Chartbite

a few years ago, Ewan MacLeod is also a well- known face on the club circuit, with regular nights

in Glasgow and Coatbridge. Now he’s turned his hand

to radio work as Beat 106 ’5 Weekend Breakfast Show jock.

Who's your all-time favourite , DJ? “*" The Jengaheads ~ I've seen u m; l them drop records that shOuId

never be mixed together and thought 'That's not gOing to work' ~ but it does

t‘106jindie '- "


:1: ‘f g~i. _'¢._s

j‘"-"i‘"‘}-'(Epit’:)“M'énic Street?- . What song would you refuse to play no matter how much they paid you?

That's what I get paid to do to play inusrt I

; don’t always like, because other people don't have better or worse taste than me, Just different taste

" j _ Kill *All' I I . ' scream"'*': ""_‘-'"'-“V"T' too-nit ranéiits‘aith‘eiiopei . ' . Mint:Royalgfegturingf-Laurert; fLaverne.‘ " "T" " Who would you like to have in live session on your show? ~ John Lennon if I could bring him back from " the dead.

What unlikely combination of two artists would result in an awesome remix?

Pink Floyd and Masswe Attack, or Free Iof 'All Right Now’ fame) and Liam Howlett

1 Aisha (Cencfréte)v"l,3;eathiln Vegas " 3 ' .featurin‘gvlggy‘Po’p’, ' ' .

i Beats The ‘City-‘(Lithiumkgi I

'I_.The'Needles " " " V;

What’s the first song you remember hearing on the radio? 'Ant Rap' by Adam And The Ants.

What’s your favourite track of the moment . . . ? 'We're In This Together' by Nine Inch Nails

Do or Die (Creation) Super Furry. Animals. ' .

‘Last night a DJ saved my life' - how?

Because God is a DJ, and wrthout too much shamenistit

bullshit, DJs look under the floorboards of the world

and see the workings underneath, and then bring :2

back to their Culture In the fOrm of art and music It

doesn’t get any better than that

What band is your top tip for the year 2000? 9 A Glasgow band called Melon Haus

ii Ewan MacLeod does the Weekend Breakfast Srioxr j

Rockets Over California (Nude) Geneva , r - -

iriianlt You (Plastique) " The High Fidelity

. . . and your favourite up-and-coming track? 'Bulletproof’ by Petrol 3

'Hang the DJ' - who and why?

Chris Moyles because, if he was from Scotland and that up his own arse, he'd get his head kicked in And the trouble wrth him is that he's not dOIng a JOb he's actually like that

Graceadelica' (Harvest) Dark Star

10 one Man Army (Epic) Our Lady Peace

on Beat 706, Sat & Sun, 6—9am

7 z', ./ THEUST 89