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PC Quake III Arena (id) £29.99

In the Blue Corner . . . the Reigning Champion.

Quake is not a game, it is a phenomenon. How many other computer games do you know of that hold World Championships, raising their winners to minor celebrity status? There is nothing like Quake. If you have never tried a first-person shooter over the Net then, please, plug this in, dial up and prepare to have the roof of

your skull removed.

The distinctive gothic feel of the first two games has been retained, with the new graphic engine producing some spectacularly oppressive combat arenas. Often the first play on a new level results in many swift deaths as the eye is drawn to sight-seeing rather than target acquisition. The combatants themselves also look fantastic, with hundreds of character skins from fat Xena-lookalikes to eyeballs on legs to choose from. Everything feels solid and stable, lending the combat a more immersive quality than Unreal Tournament. The only real failing of Quake III are its weapons. The old favourites are present, including the BFG and double shotgun, but after experiencing the wide array of artillery UT has at its disposable, a little more firepower

would have been welcome.

The most popular game on the Net is 'Free For All' (you against the world), but if you can collect a squad of mates together, ‘Deathmatch' and ‘Capture The Flag' games provide that little something different. Indeed, it is hard to imagine ever being bored with a copy of Quake Arena and a phone line, the only problem being your quarterly bill. Not having to pay Local Rate calls, Americans, Japanese and a growing number of other

chimney. Are you listening BT?

Chunkier and more accomplished than Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena lacks only its imaginative arsenal. Then again, patches, Mods and downloads will

(lain Davidson)

nationalities can blow your head off for nothing. This fact soon hurts more than any plasma burst up the

surely fix that over time. Quake: the original and best.

Feel the earth move: Quake III Arena

movements Unfortunately, this restric ts certain areas of the game, ":(illlOIy the portions wnere an eaSily accessm‘e aiming-while-rnoving option IVOLA'd have helped immensely Visuaiiy, Tomorrow Never Dies is adeciuate, if not impressive, and the missons rattle along at a fair pace Sometzines the enemy seem superl‘iuinae it their ability to spot you sneak ng about, but would yOu want the game to end too soon7 A million "files from the perfection of Go/c/eneye but a better mowe license than most 'lDl

Taking the biscuit: Pen Pen


Pen Pen (Infogrames) £34.99 .9

Bonkers, bonkers, DOTIK(?"S' Pen Pen nas been a massive hit in Japan, second only tO the monumental Pokemon, prOVing how diverse human Cultures can be

This .s a raCing game With a difference A lot of difference To begir ‘.'Jlll‘:, the contenders are mutant penguins, resulting in each race being a combination of the three penguin disciplines —running, sisvimming and belly sliding Each of the cneeky cartoon characters has personal strengths and weaknesses, and becoming familiar With these, as well as the strange control system :tself, is essential to Pen Pen success

The races themselves are run as single events, over some 0‘ the most ridicul0us courses you can imagine Ice slopes gOing into haunted houses then sunken ships is not unusual here Win, and y0ur Pen Pen gains some goodies fOr its wardrobe The characters and levels a look fantastic and the constant change in running-slicing gamepiay COuld very well c0nstitute complete genius If screaming 'move' move' move" at your television as yOu race to Win your shark-penguins shiny helmet SOunds like fun, then Pen Pen is probably the only thing for you 10

PC Faust (Cryo) £29.99

ll()..’ 'c; s..<l_s .':;.. ' c a' .r o “1",; / ,_ H. .,.(),< co , ,_ ,. ,,. ., H

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F()I'()‘.'.""(} the content ‘ootsteps of i'/I/st, iris is a: (1(l.(" ' .w .‘rliict‘ pic-tends to l are t'i'ec-

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oe'..'.c-er‘ beau-t tui'y whoever: (ll'YlC‘lTS‘Ol‘ci pa 'rii'igs, allot. ' c; 1' ‘- vnost basic, pike per‘ett 'tc-urr '_ .‘.l‘iich destroys ary .=usio" o‘ rel: Tins .s a shan‘e hec ause t' e :w.‘ ‘31-" "as sc 'ipting so ,‘iorious, Iv; .190": SlYOLI‘G brusl: l" eirtoarrass" e"? Faust, the ageing ()‘.'.’Ii(" 0' a The” (- park, you rnust disco'xe’ 1' e sc-c "ef of seven of I.Iephastop' e-es t" u '. T'irough exploratior arc: p..// e solving, the lives of ’.."('s(- doo'r r-c: sOuls are presented, by the Saw Tricicster "irrtsel‘, n en sonic ‘las'imc r it is dark, naui‘tlng (32"(1 ' cross, xviti‘ a keen and disturbirg edge, ,4". the flat trial-ard-c'rror ga'r en (1/ continually interrupts 3' e '90:. L. . have beer or II a“. but ;-’_ "are i, ’a '

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