Jovovrc h ;n the lead, along WIIh John Malkcwrch, Dustrn Hoffman, Faye Dunaway and Vrncent Cassel

Being John Malkovich :17 Mar) In the werr'dest him of the year, drrected by Sprke Jon/e rwho shot the Beastre Boys vrdeosr, an out-of-work puppeteer 'John ( usac kr drscovers a portal rnto

ac tor John Malkovrch's brarn

Malkovrch hrmself stars wrth Cameron Dra/ and Catherrne Keener

A Clockwork Orange ti 7 Mar» Accusatrons of copycat vrolence prompted Stanley Kubrrck to wrthdraw hrs brrlrrant i971 adaptatron of Anthony Bur'gess’s novel The re- r'elease sanc troned by Kubrrck's estate wrll put thousands of VHS prrate owners out of therr mrsery The Kubrrck trrbute that Eyes Wrde Shut couldn't hope to be

Cradle Will Rock (Apr; Trm Robbrns's sprawlrng ensemble prece fOCuses on the efforts of Orson Welles’s theatre troupe to mount a left wrng polrtrcal play rn Depressron era New York rn the mrdst of Communist wrtch hunts The to-dre-for cast rncludes Susan Sarandon, Vanessa Redgrave, John and Joan Cusack, Brll Murray and Emrly \r’t/atson

American Psycho (21 Ann If ever there was an rmpossrble novel to frlm

then Mary Harron l/ Shot Andy Warhol) has done rt After Leonardo DrCaprro gurt, Chrrstran Bale stepped back rn to play Bret Easton Ellrs's yuppre psycho Harron found the book, rnfamous for rts grrsly murders, fanny An early rndrcatron of the frlm's tone7

Chicken Run t30 Jun) In the frrst feature from Aar‘dman Studros (home of Wallace and Gromrt), an all-star cast of Plastrcrne chrckens —- v0rced by Mrranda chhardson, Jane Horrocks and Mel Grbson, among others attempt to escape from a POW camp

bhe lord 0D bhe rings

When it's released at the end of the year, The Fellowship Of The Ring the first part of a screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Rings trilogy is likely to mark the biggest film series since either the original or the new Star Wars movies. The M0 Towers and The Return Of The King, both being filmed concurrently, are to follow in 2001 and 2002. Writer/director Peter Jackson (Bad

Taste, Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners) is currently filming in New Zealand. where the considerable special effects content is also to be created. The fantasy blockbuster budgeted at over $100 million stars Elijah Wood as Frodo, Ian Holm as Bilbo. Sean Astin and Scottish actor Billy Boyd as their fellow hobbits, Ian McKellen as Gandalf. Christopher Lee (taking over from Sean Connery) as Saruman, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel and Liv Tyler

as Arwen.


'We owe Professor Tolkien and his legion of fans our very best efforts to make these films with the integrity they deserve.’ says Jackson. The loyal readership the books have acquired - over 50 million in 25 languages - puts pressure on Jackson to do just that. Expectations will be great. (Miles Fielder)

Aardman's frve frlm deal wrth Dreamworks rs lrkely to grve Drsney a run for rts money

The X-Men (Aug) Bryan Srnger's (The UStla/ Suspectsr long-awarted adaptatron of Marvel Comrcs's mutant superhero team has been undergOrng numerous cast changes Dougray Scott rs Out, but Ray Park tDarth Maul) rs rn Patrrck Stewart wrll play team ment0r Xavrer, whrle Ian McKellen wrll don the stockrngs as hrs nemeSrs Magneto Shaft Returns (3 Nov) Who better than

Samuel L Jackson to play the Pl n‘th'S 'hotter than Bond, cooler than Bullrtt'7 The orrgrnal cool dude, chhard Roundtree, puts rn an appearance, and wrth John Srngleton (Boy/ ’N' The Hood) drrectrng from chhard Przce's scrrpt, rt's lookrng good Can you drg rt7 'COurse we can

Nora (17 Now After the effects- domrnated Phantom Menace, Ewan McGregor abandons hr-tech 'nr-Jrnks to play James Joyce rn thrs frlm versron of Brenda Maddox's acclarmed book

iv’i(GT('(}t).'"S lrarnspottrrgq pa, . Lyncl" plays The (>.'(- of Joyce;

Nora Bar-vac Le

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Dec T"(-/'.re pee." par' '11:"10 y. ,

clay-gr; for ths lrxcr acf'o' t) ;f' .' rr‘: .'.l:( *2 Jun Carrey pays a "

Sprrrtect creature Ea'i tr" " '3 r" -' Carrey appears as rower: Xv

Kaufrrran an the hrgl‘ry p'a

The Moon '18 Feb: ar‘d " ‘.' -’-

Brothers’s spirt persona :‘y r my, '

l/f/se/t’ And Irene ISepr

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