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Therapy? ri.(irvrr)ur(;h quuro Room, 9 ien lne frnest export to (orne from the Emerald Isle srrr(e Crurness rtseii, therapy) have snapeo up and slirppeo' out, (ir‘onprno any t.'ir'i(‘(((“sS<il‘,’ i".(‘<ii'|(8 rn iaxour of \.“.ver(;hty, heads- (lox'n‘ ourtar \.rolert(e

Horse i(lllii)lr.’(]l‘ Queens Hail, l0 Fen one o‘ Stotiano's rnost (lrstrn(tr\’e s no no ‘.or( es, Horse knot ks out t'trs rate as part of a tour 'r‘ support of her '(*t("‘r'.:\, releaseo r\.e rhater‘ral,

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Death In Vegas (rlasqou' Arthes, 13 ie:)- i.lan‘rri()th (iurtar', out) and breaks a"t ( s ‘ror'r one of last year's su((ess stor' es Rm haro leariess and lrrn ilorr‘res 'e<onstrr.(t their nrqhtrnare hip "or) stena'ros for a re<eptr\'e

Counting Crows (rlasgoxs' Clyde Aaortor‘rurn, to few Unner the str (t ()tr|(l<ili((‘ oi r.o(alrst r\(larn [)ur'rt/, (ountrnq C rows have now (ioled out a two of (rualrty alhurns, all irlled mth rnelan< holy rnaqr< Superstars rn the States, they've yet to str‘rke rt large over here

With their 1997 album OK Computer, they were, much to the disgust of Beatles' purists, honoured with making ’the best album ever’. Whatever your opinions are on this controversial statement, the success of the album means that Radiohead now have to top a more-than-considerable achievement. None too keen on resting on Iaurels or any of that kind of thing, they have been locked away deep in various studios - including one in the heart of the English countryside constructing OK Computer’s successor. Initial reports were of pressure and panic among the band as deadlines loomed, but things loosened up and a new batch of songs quickly emerged. Once again they are employing the

talents of Nigel Godrich, co-producer of the last magnum opus.

Provisional song titles include ‘Optemistic', ’Cuttooth', ’Up On The Ladder' and 'Knives Out', and reports are that tracks like ‘Egyptian Song’ and ’C Minor/Say The Word’ number among the finest the band have ever commited to tape. The album will, no doubt, will be

accompanied by more of their incendiary live shows. (Mark Robertson)

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Smashing Pumpkins »\:i>r."r 'e erase, 28 let)‘ St ll ..".rnte'rt:()."air, st art” f'ra" Marilyn lslarrsort, 3:! k, C (roar "as returned a new. album I:i/\( MIA Hay:er shed therr ro< '-. ope'a rearrr‘os, (organ and (ornpa'ry rr‘ake a < ()T"t' retu'rr to hrt; nasty guitars are 'rasai \.'t.hrnrn(; \.'.hr( "‘ exr :teu The r: asses “. (rays of yore

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After ther," l)'i()(’l‘,lX-li!\(’ 'es.:r'e< ! o'r (ou'tesy oi Jaso!‘ l! s 1 rke Tira'. Neprr‘ s rn l997, Run Dl‘.l( retu'“ (romeo Royal, \.‘.hat '~.‘.r|i he their "i(ll'\(“().'“i).'(‘(lk r'e(or(i Many ( arrr‘ they're past rt, out the response to the.r lr'.e shox'. at some of the summer f'estrvais last yea' suggest there's .rie in those {\(rrrias sneakers yet

Lee Perry Nenue :lx, (late tor irre or‘rqrnal upsetter', lee S< rat< ir Per”, has been (rua'rzrng sours for rrrri'r or fit) year's \.‘.rth hrs proneerrno (iul) reggae sk;||s As rnao’ a s a bloody i‘atfe', "e not hrs toriger out on Lil‘. a ‘e-.'. years back ourrno ar‘ rnter‘yrev. are l‘.() we was nartwuiary sr.rr)'rse(: 7' s s a' a- too-rare appearanu- fror" '.' <-

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