I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd |.\hihrtinn 11.111.287 5511. 5pm. l‘t't't‘. Stiluists, tlllll\_ [this and tull- hlnwn hands get their chance tn play to a discriminating audience. ()riginally organised hy the late Danny Kyle. the format has pioy ed so \llc cessltil with performers and punters alike that the festival asl.ed (iihh 'lilltltl to continue Danny ‘s work. '1)ann_\' awards are presented to the iop talents of festival. I John Prine 8r Iris DeMent .\lain Auditorium. 287 5511. 7.30pm

£18 £20. '1'wn geniuses from separate eras of the American e\perience. and a common hniid m ltltlstc.

I Alasdair Fraser 8. Paul Machlis 'l’rori 'l‘heatie. 'lrnngale. 552 4267. 8pm. £9. 'l‘heir much admired original alhttrn together created a tn.itri\ lor the suhseqtient (lilifoi'nia Scots sty 1c nl fiddle music so eloquently performed hy Fraser's Skyedance hand Hear it here in a gentler manner. w ith rust \lachlis’ sensitne keyhoaid play mg.

I Joe & Anne Conroy Burke 'l‘he 1’iping('eiitie. .\lc1’hatei Street. 287 551 I. 8pm. 1'” ’1'he legendary. \eteran Irish accordionist with his wile on second ho\. in concert with young lidinhurgh.hased htit '1'_\ tone- hted huttnn hos maestro l.en .\1c( unit and hou/nukt ace Aaron .lones. 'lihey '11 he sharing tunes and not a few laughs. Support from the great Scots traditional singer Sheila Stewart.

I Alison Brown Quartet Straihelytte Suite. 287 551 I. 8pm. £10. Storming. intelligent. Ia/ly. contemporary hluegrass and cottntry from a \ trtuoso hatiio and guitar player. Support from new Scots haiid Rattler's line.

I Shooglenifty The Old lii'uitinarket. 287 5511.‘)pin. £12. Still the leaders iii the (‘eltic groove stakes. the Izdinhurgh hand takes its hrantl of new tradition frotn Borneo rain torest tn (‘tihan plantation. and always gets them dancing. Support. with original music performance art and unusual angles on (ialician intisic. h_\ new arrivals tn (ilasgnw. Berraghuetto.

I Festival Club Quality (‘entral 11ntc1. Gordon Street. 221 0680. l lptn. £1.50. With ‘llnuse of Song' guest Sheila Stewart.


I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd 1".\hihition Hall. 287 5511. 5pm. Free. See Thu 20.

I String Sisters Main .»\utlitorium. 287 5511.7.30pm. £13t£11r1-‘rntnthe1'S. lreland. Shetland. ('anada and Norway six line female tiddleis‘ioin forces in a stagey show. Performers include (‘ape Bretoner Natalie .\1ac.\1aster and Allan's Mairead ni Mhaonaigh. See pre\ iew.

I Hirio '1‘inn'1‘heatre. 'l‘rnngate. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. Have you ever heen hotnharded'.’ You'd know if you had. The Breton shaw in has an astonishing penetrative ability. Hear it iii traditional call-aiid-respnnse with the small hittinti thagpipei. diatnnic accordion. harp and fiddle in the classic line-up of Brittany 's sis-strong llirin. Support from four liesty female vocalists lrntn arnttnd 1n\erness. in Sheheen.

I Loyko The Arches. \litlland Street. 221 4001. 8pm. £8. Astonishineg talented. world-class liddlers. this twin— liddle-and-guitar trio. who also sing. come from the Russian Far liast hy way of a Moscow conservatory training and centuries of family Gypsy tradition.

I Jim Crowley ‘l‘he l’ipitig ('cntre. \lcl’hater Street. 35.“ 0220. 8pm. £7. Irish patter. hrilliant songs. informative prcamhles. irreverent ratnhles and loads of warmth lrntn the legendary (’ork halladeer .llttl lret player. (ilttsgtm is Kevin Mitchell has a heatititul. high. clear 1'lstersinging sty 1c.

I Salsa Celtica 't‘he ()ltl Fruitinarket. ,\Ihititt Street. 287 5554. lllpttt. £12. Salsa 1111 you drop to classic 1.;itindance gt'nmes and percussion with pipes and liddle giving it a tartan edge. Support lrntn the acoustic pop of ‘1)anny' winners 'l‘equila Mockingbird.

I The John Wright Band Strathclyde Suite. 287 551 1. 8pm. £10. Popular three-piece. easy listening. country— tinged hand frnin the Borders. on vocals. guitar and fiddle. With support from ‘1)anny' award-w inner Davie (iihh.

I Festival Club Quality (‘entral llotel. Gordon Street. 221 0680. l lptn. £2.50. With Home of Song' gtiest Sheila Stewart.



I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd lixhihitinn Hall. 287 5511. 5pm. Free. See 'l’hti 20.

I Old Blind Dogs Strathclyde Suite. 287 551 1. 1pm. £7.50. There's new life iii the heasts with their new drummer. piper and singer. They remain an invigorating force on the contemporary Scots folk scene. Support froin the hravehearted \Vallace ('lan.

I Martyn Bennett's Cuillin

Barrow land. (iallowgate. 552 4601. 8pm. £12. You're in ('eltic cluhland. Duh pipes. trance grooves and sequences. layered fiddle. flute and \ncals from the three-piece line-u i.

I The Whistlebinkies Strathclydc Suite. 287 551 1. 8pm. £10. All the Scots instruments pltis Gaelic vocals and an artful. somewhat genteel approach to Scottish music from the long-lasting hand that includes contemporary composer/f1autist liddie McGuire. Stipport from nitnhle accordinnists Joe Burke and his partner Aniie ('onroy.


Flash Company

Titled, ironically, after the ballad, the six fine sin ers in this company are, all

as melodeon p

er Pete Shepheard reveals ‘uni ied by our love of

traditional songs in harmony with accompaniment or solo.’ With legendary bothy balladeer Jock Duncan as a guest, there won't be a better concert of the Scots music that's the root of the whole Festival.

Flash Company with Jock Duncan, Piping Centre, Sat 29, 8pm.

I New Voices: Karen Marshalsay Glasgow Cathedral. (‘atliedral Street. 552 8198. 8pm. £8. Karen Marshalsay presents two commissions. a reprise of last years success .luurmjving for three harps (she plays them herself) and two percussionists and I’I‘Ultttu’s 'Ib Kt't’p which will feature Bill Taylor. who specialises in old-style harps and harping.

I Berraghuetto 'l‘ron 't‘heatre. 'I‘rongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £9. From the evolving Galician tnusic scene. Berraghuetto combine traditional music with performance art and a reflective vision. Support from the unplugged Scotsmen with lead vocalist and piper Annie Grace in Iron Horse.

I Ishbel MacAskill And Friends The Piping Centre. Mcl’hater Street. 287 5511. 8pm. £7. Gaelic singer and tireless promoter of the Gaelic language. Ishbel MacAskill is joined by Scots singer Nancy Nicolson and others in a night of SUITS.

I Slyedance The Old Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 355-1. 9pm. £12. Virtuoso fiddler Alasdair Fraser. now resident outside San Francisco. leads his hand of Californian Celtophiles in a new take on old traditions. With support frotn Brittatiy‘s llirio.

I The lnishowen Ceili Band Exhibition Hall. 287 5511. 10pm. Free. Dance with an Irish flavour.

I Festival Club Quality Central Hotel. Gordon Street. 221 9680. 1 1pm. £2.50 with concert ticket. With ‘House of Song' guest Jimmy Crowley.


I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd lixhihition Hall. 287 5511. 5pm. Free. See Thu 20.

I New Voices: Colin Reid Strathclyde Suite. 287 551 1. 1pm. £6. Belfast boy (’nlin Reid‘s commission uses cello. fiddle. guitar and viola and is performed by the guitarist himself. with Neil Martin. John Fitz atrick and ()leg Ponomarev.

I T e Muckle Oran The Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 287 5511. 2pm. £5. Four of Scotland‘s greatest singers. Flora MacNeil. Cathy-Ann McPhee. Sheila Stewart and Anne Neilson. take to the stage to celebrate Gaelic and Scots traditions: unaccompanied vocal music laments and waulking songs. ballads and bawdry.

I Brian Kennedy Main Auditorium. 287 551 1. 7.30pm. £16 (£14). He‘s warmed them up for Bob Dylan and Ray Charles. and had a hit duet with Ronan Keating. but major stardom eludes L'lster's Brian Kennedy. He has a stunning voice. but the songs are so-so. He'll be performing material frorn his new album. Now That] Know What I Want. with support from effervescent quartet of all-instrumental southern lrish Bumblebees.

I The Iron Horse Strathclyde Suite. 287 551 1. 8pm. £10. A decade on the Scottish folk scene. this band have evolved from an acoustic ‘folk‘ batid to a genre of Celtic rock. with fiddle. hagpipe and whistle. and Annie Grace fronting on vocals. Leo McCann. lrish box player extraordinary. supports with the boys in Dibidil.

Celtic Connections Tickets and Information

Unless otherwrse stated, all concerts are at venues Withm the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sauchrehall Street There are record and mertharuirse stalls and exhrbrtrons in the GRCH. See the Celtrc Connections offrctal

18 THE “ST 20 Jan 3 teb 2000

programme for a full list of talks, debates, workshops, masterclasses and communrty events

Also the Celtic Notes serres of book events at Waterstone’s, Sauchrehall Street, 332 9105.

The Festrval Club, wrth guest appearances by many of the Festival performers, has had a capacny increase with two stages plus the usual bars and a regular House of Song wrth guest tradrtronal srngers leadrng a sessron.

Tickets for all events

Box Office.

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