Over the five years the band has been together Berraghuetto has undergone constant evolution, incorporating elements of ethno-trance, ambient sound and performance art into a live show that takes their native Galician music as a base for continuing explorations.

Berraghuetto, Old Fruitmarket, Thu 20, 9pm; The Tron, Sat 22, 8pm.




I Community Concert Main Auditorium. 287 55I l. I latii. l‘ree btit ticketed.

I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage With Gibb Todd Iixhibition Hall. 287 55] 1. 5pm. Free. See Thu 20.

I Tam White's Celtic Blues Connection with Maggie Bell Main Auditorium. 287 55I I. 7.30pm. £13

(it I i. The 70s blues/rock phenomenon Maggie Bell comes back home lot a gig with her peers. A night of big voices. big hats. wailing harmonicas and tun.

I June Tabor Tron 'I'heatre. 'l'rongate. 552 4267. 8pm. L' I0. Incomparable diva ol' Iinglish song. with subtle arrangements and beautiful accompaniment on piano. viola and accordion. Hand-picked songs limit the 18th to the 2lst century. in her unique. dark. velvet-textured vocals. Stipport I'rom Scots and (iaelic t'olkloi'ist and singer Margaret Bennett.

I Davy Spillane Sti'athclyde Stiite. 287 55l 1. 8pm. £ t0. Spillane. tamed l‘rom Riverdance and Moving Ilearts. has his own blues-inflected band fronted by uillean pipes and low whistle. Ile also makes his own pipes! Support from Bad Ilaggis.

I New Voices: Corrina Hewat & David Milligan l.ansdovvne (‘htirch Ilall. (ireat Western Road. 337 23l 1. 8pm. £8. David .Vlilligan's' composition for two pianos. Lifting The Ltd is reprised here (Andy Thorhurn supplies the other ten digits) as is his partner‘s r harp player (‘orrina Hewat whose commission is titled Making The Connection.

I Duncan Chisholm 8: Ivan Drever The Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 287 55I I. 8pm. £7. I-‘iddler and singer/songwriter t'rom Wolt'stoiie in a more intimate. acoustic setting.

I Big Sky The Old l’ruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 3554. 9pm. £I2. (‘eltic dance and pop music come together in Capercaillie liddler Charlie .‘vcherron's innovative project and album ~- with vocals by Laura McKerron and a line-up of top mUsos. Support from wind-driven Flookl

20 THE llST 20 Jan—3 Feb 2000

I Festival Club Quality Central Hotel. (iordon Street. 22I 9680. l lpm. l‘ree. \Vith ‘Hotise ol' Soitg~ guest Maureen Jc‘lks.



I Music Development Day Stain Auditorium. 287 55I I. I0am. l’ree btit ticketed.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd Iishibition Hall. 287 55I I. 5pm. Free. See Thu 20.

I The Cast The Piping ('enti'e. McPhatei' Street. 287 55l 1. 8pm. £7. (itiitarist l)av‘e l'leIL‘IS. and singer/titldlei‘ .\lairi ('ampbell with their distinctive take on Scots traditional aitd sell—penned songs. Support l'rom singer lillen Mitchell.

I Swap Tron 'I‘heati'e. 'l‘t‘ongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. I‘ii'st rate music lTUlIl two totally iii-tune duos lrom Iingland and Sweden. Mttsician's musicians all ol them - on accordion. liddles and guitar. Support from e.\-\\'ollstone sitiger/songwriter Ivan l)rev er.

I Savourna Stevenson 8: Friends Strathcly‘de Suite. 287 55] l. 8pm. l; I0. Virtuoso small harp play er and composer. Stevenson draws from Scots and Irish l'olk. jazz/rock aitd ethnic influences from the Caribbean and Al'rica. Her pals include Aly Haiti and June Tabor.

I Blazin’ Fiddles The Old l‘i'uitmarket. Albion Street. 287 3554. 0pm. 9; I 2. You‘re guaranteed at least six six/ling liddlers in this Scots line-up. dedicated to having a good time. Support lrom Bad Haggis.

I Festival Club Quality (‘entral Hotel. (iordon Street. 22] 9680. I lpiii. l; l .50. With ‘House ot‘ Song' guest Maureen Ielks.



I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd Iisliibition Hall. 287 55] I. 5pm. Free. See Thu 20.

I Phil Cunningham's 40th Birthday Celebration Main Auditorium. 287 551 I. 7.30pm. USO—£21.50. Scottish Opera Orchestra and My Bain tsoloisti

reprise Phil's big llig/i/uiu/v .‘Im/ lv/tim/v Suite. ('hoii‘. liddle orchestra. pipes. harps. lolk bands and Phil on phlute actually it's a tin whistle.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside ('ltib. l‘ov Street. 248 .il44. 7.30pm. £6. .\ltisic lTUtII l.ast Tram to Aucheiishtiggle.

I Beware Of The Dog Ti‘on 't‘tieatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. .\lanic bodhran player and singer (iiiio I.tipai'i teslottr Men And A l)ogi leads a new batid including l'S. Alasdair I’i‘asei'- sc‘lttitilc‘tl litltllc‘t' :\lltL‘tt;t Ilillt'g‘ts. Sttpptit'l I'i'oiii l)ave (iibb.

I The Guitar Concert Strattielytte Suite. 287 55I I. 8pm. U0. Algerian» born l'i'eiich picker l’iei'i'e liensusan leads si\ guitarists. including Tony .\Ic.\laiitis and (‘Ullll Reid. titttl ltl‘ittgs Scots. Irish. and Breton stylists together lot' this Ii‘etltil concert. See preview.

I Brian McNeill The l’iping ('enti‘e. .\lcl’hater Street. 287 55I l. 8pm. £7. liv- Battletield Bandsman. songwriter. Iiddler. guitarist and concertina play er. delves into his t‘c‘pc‘t'ltiit‘c‘. He‘ll be supported by Archie's big sister Ray I'ishei‘.

I Sharon Shannon Band The Old I"i'tiitiii;ii‘kc‘t. Albion Street. 287 3554. I0pm. U2. Ireland's darling accordionist. an e.\-\\'aterboy. takes her quicksilver squeeze box oit a musical adventure. Support from Scots trough) equivalent Buraeh. atid their clieei't'til accordion star Sandy Brechin.

I Festival Club Quality ('enti‘al Ilotel. Gordon Street. 221 0680. I lpiii. £2.50. \Vith ‘llotise of Song' guest Ray l‘ishei‘.



I TMSA National Championships The Piping Centre. McPhater Street. 287

55] I. lpiii. liree btit ticketed. l)iddling. singing an a' that. Organised by the 'l'i'aditional .\ltisic and Song Association ot' Scotland.

I The Bumblebees Sit-attielytte Suite. 287 55l I. 2pm. £6. I-‘our happy young women t'rom Ireland play happy music from everywhere and include in l.aoise Kelly. the best small harp play er you're likely to hear. A tonic. Support lrom the piano/harp and vocal dtio Bachtie. See preview.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd l‘.\ltll‘lllt\|I Hall. 28" 55l I. 5pm l‘ree. See Thu 20.

I The Poozie Party .\lain .-\uttitorium. 287 55I I, 7 30pm. L’III.50 t£8.50i. The very popular all women liiic»tip keeps evolv ing. (‘oi'c iiteiiibers Patsy and Mary ot Scotland's Sileas. and accordion star Kate” l‘\\ c‘t‘tl .tt’c‘ It‘lttc‘tl l‘_\ Past and tuttire iiieiiibei's including Kate Rtisby and Sally Barker lot a night ot ltiii and eclectic music

I Flash Company the t’tpuig ('entre. \lcl’hatei Street. 287 55I l. Spin. {7. A conceit tot those who love Scottish traditional song. with si\ ot its stioiigest L‘\]‘ttltt‘ttl\. and .t ltttg‘c‘ t‘t‘t‘t‘t'ltittt‘ Hl~ l‘;tt'L‘ songs and ballads. and tastettil. simple acctiiiipaniiiicnt on iiioothie. whistle. tiddle .iitd bo\ Support lTUttI doy en ot' botliy ballad stngcis. septtiagenai'tan .lock l)tincan.

I Barrage Tion l'heatie. 63 'l‘i‘ongatc. 552-1267.8pm. L“) An c\plosiv e llII\ ol' ('aiun. (‘eltic. Ititils and Tevas svv ing born this e\plosive yotitig ('aiiadiaii t'lc‘\ c‘tI plc‘c‘t'. lt'titttt'tl lty seven litltllc‘s. I Ceolas Sti‘atliclyde Suite. 287‘ 55l l. 8pm. (Ill. l‘ied \Ioi’iisoii‘s pipes lead the recently toiitied Ilighlaiid music band w itlt (iaelic vocals by \lasdaii' (‘odona New rvvave (iaelic singei Alth

.\lc( ‘oi'iiiack prov ides the support.

I The Tartan Amoebas the Old l'rtiitiiiai'ket. Albion Street. 287 3554. ‘Ipiii. {l2 latin/(cltic iooisy pop dance g‘I'tHH c‘\.

I Celtic Connections Ceilidh livhibitioii Ilall. 287 55I l. I0pm. l'ree. .‘yltisic li'oiii (iaelik Iii'eid.

I Festival Club Quality (‘eiitrat Hotel. (iordoii Street. 22I 0680. llpiii. £250 With ‘llotise ot Song' guest Ray l-‘ishei'.


I New Voices: Phamie Gow Sti'athclyde Suite. 287 55l l. lpiii. £6. Already known as a singer. harpist and pianist. student l’haiiiie (iow 's compositional skills are on show in a new cotiiiiiissioii. Musicians include Alasdair l'i'asei' on liddle.

I Bothy Ballads The l’iping ('ettti‘e. Mel’hatei‘ Street. 287 55| I. 2pm. £5. .lock l)tincaii draws on his rich lolk heritage iii rural Aberdeenshire.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage With Gibb Todd Iivhibition Hall. 287 551 I. 5pm. l‘i'ee. See Thu 20.

I John McCusker Stiattietyde Suite. 287 551 I. 7.30pm. £10. l’iddlei' with the liattlelicld Hand. .loliii AlL'Cltskt'l'lUllIS local country music boys Radio Sweethearts and t'i'iends tor some lun. I Eric Bogle, Archie Fisher, Dick Gaughan, Brian McNeill 8: Tom Paxton .\Iaiii Auditorium. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £13 til I i. An all-star vocal linale tor ('eltic (‘oniiections all accompany themselves oit guitar as ait earlier generation show how it‘s still done.

I Dhais Tron 'l‘heati'e. 'l‘i‘ongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. l’owei'ltil young (ialician band lively. tiiictiiiipromisiiig. lull ol inspiration and limited by two dilit'erently -pitched bagpipes playing against each other. Support comes l'rom Rattler's Bite.

I Sileas The Piping ('enli'e. .‘vlcl’hater Street. 287 551 l. 8pm. £7. l’atsy Seddoit and Mary .\lac.\lastei‘. aka harp-and- vocal duo Sileas and are one hall of lemale lotirsotne The I’oo/ies. Support troin singer-tii~the-Scottish Parliament. Sheena Wellington.

I Sin E The Arches. 30 Midland Street. 22l 400I. ()pin. £8. li‘ish roots take oll round the world. mingle with jam and a trip into dance-world ltision. With [)1 Paul t'roin Iiden. See preview.

I Wolfstone The Old Iii'tiitmarket. Albion Street. 287 3554. 0pm. i l 2. The tamed sestet limit the Highlands giving traditional music the rock treatment. with support lTUtII (iino I.upari's energetic Irish i'oots in Beware ()l‘ The Dog.

I Festival Club Farewell Quality (‘entral Hotel. (iordon Street. 221 9680. lem. £5. With Home ol Song' gtiest Ray I-‘isher.