Having played th chaste Mary in


New York paramedic thriller, Bringing am The Dead, Patricia Arquette has now gone the full Christian monty; donning a crown of thorns and striking a crucifixion pose for the supernatural chiller Stigmata. Arquette's career has spanned whores as well as

Madonnas; she was A!

a young prostitute in True Romance

and a voluptuous femme fatale in

Lost Highway. Lest this career overview? seems too black and“ white, don't forget her performances in

the worthy Beyond .' 3!!

Rangoon, the oddball Ed Wood, and the hilarious Flirting With Disaster.

Stigmata opens on Fri 21 Jan. See review, page 26.


4 THE lIST 20 la" 3 Fez) .73.,“

Man Or Astro-Man

Man Or Astro-Man are on a mission to save the world from boy bands, tight trousered r‘()( k and cheesy house musit Havmg (rash—landed their spateship In Alabama some years ago, the dapper guartet have set about showing the world their wrongs through the power of interplanetary pop-punk-suri magic. They are as good as guitar-meldtng .savnours from outer spate get and when they (all Il’tOltlSQh/OS Bir'tlsttiif, Bla/ar The Probe Handler, Coco The Elettronic Monkey Wl/ard and Trace Reading, yOu know they mean business.

Man Or Astro-Man play g2, Glasgow, Tue 25 Jan, The L/gtr/d Room, Edinburgh, Wed 26 Jan

An Eye For Music

\\h:‘. > the sounds are the man totus 0t Celtm Connections, a real etfort has been made to int lease the usual stlmuli during this year's testna: Heme an exh:but;on ot work by Edinburgh ph()t()t_;rapl‘.er Matt l\larn:e, a man who has snapped nigh on thotisands ot’ the world's musit stars over the years Nl( k Cave rubs shoulders With Chuck Berry and NICO, while Liam Gallagher stands side by side With James Brown and Evelyn Glennie A wealth of stars, shot in stark black and white, have never been so close An Eye For Mus/t rs exhibited until Mon 37 jan, The Island Bar; Glasgow Royal Concert Hall