9 I saw you first time for ages, dark-haired James-the-drummer, on 1 Jan 2000 at the Fruitmarket Gallery chilling with twin babies. We spoke. Me, blonde dancer in black hat. My New Year’s resolution is to take more risks - this is one of them. I have always wanted to turn our chance meetings into arranged ones. Box No U/378/1.

Q I saw you Level 2, Strathclyde Uni library, just before Christmas. Gorgeous Marketing/business student with your long blonde hair, tanned complexion, Rangers top on, as we passed each other by photo- c0piers (Dec 22) and then again 7 Jan with light grey hooded top sitting beside your pals. Bashful bloke that I am, didn’t say any- thing, but wished I had. Luv and lust from the ‘Shirt and Tie’ man. PS Best luck for the exam! Box No U/378/2.

Q I saw you wearing a white

T-shirt at Traverse Club Zero Zero on 1 Jan. You made the place a whole lot more interest- ing too. You thought my name was Rob. Let’s stay in one room next time. Fancy a drink before the next millennium? Box No U/378/3.

O I saw you Alan M at Mingin on New Years Eve then at Rhona’s. I want to see you again, K. Box No U/378/4.

O I saw you in the Barony Bar, 28/12 with your black bob and lovely face, sitting with friends. I was in the comer getting drunk with old friends, but looking at you! Box No U/378/5.

O I saw you top of 14 bus, Leith Walk, Mon 20 Dec, ll-ish, looking repeatedly at posties, then at me as I got off at Junction Street. You: greyish hat and bodywanner(?), blondish hair; me: short dark hair, glass- es, dufflecoat. What were you looking for? Should I know you? Box No U/378/6.

Q I saw you G, almost every day for six months. Now illicit has become impossible, but I miss the conversation as well as the sex. Hxxx. Box No U/378/7. . I saw you at Delmonicas! quiz night, Thu 23 Dec. You cute girl/short dark hair, sitting near to the DJ, think you were drinking Smirnoff Ices. We had loads of eye contact all night; the girl you were with kept leav- ing you on your own she was wearing cream coloured dress. Me, girl over on seat near booths you kept turning around to look. I was the one with very short dark hair and I think you’re very nice just a shame you left before we could chat! Please get in touch and let me take you out for a drink. Box No U/378/8.


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83 THE UST 20 Jan—3 Feb 2000

O I saw you Cameron in Biddy Mulligans on 28/ 12/99. We drank vodka in Bar Kohl, but lost each other! Box No U/378/9.

O I saw you MacBeth, Lyceum, 11/99 looking up from stage to box, exchanging glances with me; blonde-haired, brown-eyed girl. Screw your courage to the sticking place and get to know this lady, MacBeth. Box No U/378/ 10.

v I saw you first in a lecture hall, maybe Wittgenstein helped us to fall, greek cartoons & strawberries in bed, still can’t get you out of my head. I will not say Tom Waits was true, that ‘l’m saving all my love for you’, only that I miss the way things were (and sort of wish you weren’t with her) Rachel & Lisa call me a fool - I’m still your gulbi sundar puul. Box No U/378/11.

O I saw you in glow, Aberdeen on New Years Eve. You had angel wings and divine eyes that made this cowboy’s heart go all a flutter. Come fly with me. Box No U/378/12.

9 I saw you Laura of the lucre, in the Cathouse 9 Jan. Your cud- dly curves are voluptuous - let me circumnavigate them with tender but fiery passion and take you to the heights of the plea- sure dome! Love Adrian. Box No U/378/13.

U I saw you dark-haired skin- head DAVID at holy tackno. I asked your name then disap- peared - would like to ask more. Box No U/378/14.

. I saw you in Cafe Graffiti on Hogmanay. You grey top, work with computers, from Cumbria. Me short, dark hair, black top and trousers. We shared a bottle of champagne but, then I stupidly let you leave without me or my number. Give me another chance? Box No U/378/15.

O I saw you Olivia, very cold Greenpeace canvasser on Princes Street, 8 Jan. You were too cold to write, I was bad at sums and keen to flatten GM crops with you. Box No

U/378/ 16.

O I saw you sexy guy walking down towards Playhouse, Sun 9 Jan, 4.30pm. Our eyes locked. Me, guy with longish leather jacket. If you felt that electricity flowing, please get in touch. Box No U/378/17.

O I saw you Milky Bar Kid. 1 love the way you moved me! Yes, this is for you polo neck boy. Fancy a hot date sweetie? Box No U/378/18.

V I saw you Robert you young sex kitten. Me, Destiny Angel. Looking forward to another year of mystery and magic. See you in New York, love M. xxx. Happy Anniversary. xxx. Box No U/378/l9.

Q I saw you in Negociants, Wed 5 Jan. You, gorgeous guy, dark hair with two friends. Me, girl, bright hair, all in black. You smiled at me on way out. I want to see that smile again. Box No U/378/20.

O I saw you in the Candy Bar a week before Christmas. Me, dancing, you joining in, you off to Babaza, me not getting in! I wanna dance with you again. Box No U/378/21.

O I saw you James, in the Waterloo, Sun 9/1/00. Me: tall, slim, glasses, black jacket. Our eyes met, several times. Don’t tell me I was wrong. Let’s meet up sometime soon. Box No U/378/22.

Q I saw you in the Clachan in Drymen on 9/1/00. You, a siren with big eyes and smile. Me, without any special fish. I couldn’t find your club but if we had dinner together we could ignore everyone else in bliss but . . . Box No U/378/23.

O I saw you Kirsty, singing in Delmonicas, think you are gor- geous. You stole my heart when you sang. Make my Millennium and give me a call. Box No U/378/24.

O I saw you movie magic, 8 Jan. You: gorgeous girl, shortish hair, worked at the Bond part. Me: girl with Fozzie Bear bag. I held your guns but declined the Aston Martin, want to meet for a Martini? Box No U/378/25. O I saw you sexy Australian with dreadlocks, stacking shelves in Sainsburys, Edinburgh. I checked you out over our crates of beer. You made my day much more enjoy- able. Box No U/378/26.

O I saw you Edinburgh Waverly Station, Sat 8 Jan. You were struggling with luggage and a little lost. We travelled on the same train to Dunblane, but I never asked you name —- darn. Box No U/378/27.

O I saw you Cate, serving in a love frenzy behind the bar at blue. Serve me a night cop to remember. Paul Box No U/378/28.

O I saw you Polly, Polly, Polly. You look like a girl that could handle something heavy. See you at Divas in Feb. ‘0’ baby. Box No U/378/29.

O I saw you Robin. Your sleep programme does wonders for your girls like us. A dart to the heart. Box No U/378/30.

v I saw you Norrie at CC Blooms. Your love snake is always welcome in my house! Still an admirer. Box No U/378/32.

O I saw you Nellie, tripping the light fandango doing cart- wheels on the floor. You‘re looking kinda fantastic. I‘m ery- ing out for more? Love the girls. Box No U/378/33.

O I saw you manning the guns! You were firing on all cylinders. I want you hot shot. Let me be your target. Ilot love. Box No U/378/34.

O I saw you Jason, Mercado on Rapture TV. Calm doon on the clinique bronzer and stick to the slim fast and maybe, just maybe . . . CJD. Box No U/378/35.

U I saw you Lavinia hot (SA) chick at Cafe llub. Later we became physically engaged at 28 Palmerston Place. Would love to do it again and again! Yes, it was fantastic admirer . . . Box No U/378/36.


0 I saw you Traverse chef (John). You big boy, big. big boy. Can I surf your waves and see your captains log, lead me home and treat me like a dog. Babs. Box No U/378/37.

V I saw you Steve, you're gor- geous, how I wish you could be mine, a lover for all time. Box No U/378/38.


U I saw you sexy wee blonde bird! In the Trav with two young students. Be my Port Seton baby! Box No U/378/39.

O I saw you John Going Places - Austin Powers intrigued? l was. St Helens. Tune my radio. Box No U/378/40.

O I saw you at Iguana, 8/1/00. Beautiful black woman sitting by door in glow in dark T- shirt. Will you marry me? Me Zenna Princes? Box No U/378/41.